Web Abbreviations

WALLA Voila (French for 'here it is')
WALLAH I swear to God in Arabic
WALLHAX Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls)
WALLY Stupid person
WAM Wait A Minute
What A Mess
WAMH With All My Heart
WAMHAS With All My Heart And Soul
WAML With All My Love
WAN What A Newb
WANNA Want to
WANNABE Someone who wants to be what they are not
WAP Wireless Access Point
WAPCE Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil
WAREZ Cracked/pirate software
WAS Wait And See
WASH Waste of time
WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
WASTE MAN Someone who is a waste of time and space
WASTED Drunk, stoned
WASTEMAN Worthless person, waste of space
WAT What
WATP We Are The People
WAU What About You?
WAUD What Are You Doing?
WAVEY Drunk, high
WAVY Well dressed
Very nice
WAW What A Wanker
What A Waste
WAWA Convenience store
WAX Without Any Experience
WAY Where Are You?
WAYD What Are You Doing
WAYDRN What Are You Doing Right Now?
WAYLT What Are You Listening To?
WAYOA What Are You On About?
WAYTA What Are You Talking About
WAYWO What Are You Working On?
WAZ UP What's Up?
WB Welcome Back
Write Back
WBB Will Be Back
WBM Wanna-Be Moderator
WBN Would Be Nice
WBR With Best Regards
WBS Write Back Soon
WBT Will Be There
WBU What About You?
WBW White Boy Wasted
WBY What (A)bout You?
WC Welcome
Water Closet, toilet
WCB  Will Call Back
WCD What Chu Doing?
WCG World Cyber Games
WCIS What Can I Say
WCS Worst Case Scenario
WCW World Championship Wrestling
WCYD What Can You Do?
WD Well Done
WD40 Multi-purpose lubricant
WDC What's Da Craic?
WDE Worst Day Ever
WDFD Whoop Dee F***ing Doo
WDH What Da Hell
WDIB Why Do I Bother?
WDIC What Do I Care?
WDIM What Does It Mean?
WDITOT Why Didn't I Think Of That
WDMB Will Do My Best
WDOML Worst Day Of My Life
WDTM What Does That Mean?
WDUD What Do You Do?
WDUM What Do You Mean?
WDUT What Do You Think?
WDW Who Dares Wins
WDY Why Don't You?
WDYD What Did You Do?
WDYDT Why Did You Do That?
What Did You Do Today?
WDYE What Did You Expect?
WDYG Where Did You Go?
WDYM What Do You Mean?
WDYMBT What Do You Mean By That?
WDYS What Did You Say?
WDYT What Do You Think?
WDYW What Do You Want?
WDYWFM What Do You Want From Me?
WDYWT What Did You Wear Today?
WDYWTTA What Do You Want To Talk About?
WE Whatever
WEB World wide web, internet
WEBA Welcome Back
WEBINAR Web based seminar
WEE Small
WEED Marijuana
WEEE Exclamation of excitement
WEF With Effect From
WEG Wicked Evil Grin
Wide Evil Grin
WEHT What Ever Happened To?
WEIN What Else Is New?
WEL Whatever, Loser
WELC You're Welcome
WELL Very, so
WEML Whatever Major Loser
WENG Good looking
WEP Wireless Encryption Protocol
WEPA All right, cool, yeah!
WERD Expression of agreement
WERK Expression of approval, praise
WET BACK Illegal immigrant
WEV Whatever
WEVA Whatever
WEWT Alternative spelling of WOOT
WEY Dude, buddy
WFH Working From Home
WFI Wait For It
WFM Works For Me
WFYB Whatever Floats Your Boat
WGAT Misspelling of 'what'
WGC Wild Goose Chase
WGO What's Going On?
WGWG White Guy With Guitar
WH Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls)
WH40K Warhammer Forty-Thousand (game)
WHA What
WHALE Punch, beat
WHATCHA What are/do you ...
WHEEL Chat up, pick up (a girl)
WHEELING Picking up women
WHEW Expression of relief or amazement
WHIP Expensive car
WHIPPED Controlled by girlfriend/wife
WHITEWASH Act like a white person
WHIZ Talented person
WHO World Health Organization
WHOA Expression of surprise
Slow down
WHPH Work Hard, Play Hard
WHS What He Said
WHT What
WHYB Where Have You Been?
WHYD What Have You Done?
WIA Wounded In Action
WIBNI Wouldn't It Be Nice If
WIC Women, Infants and Children
World in Conflict (game)
WICKED Very, extremely
Cool, great
WID With
WIDOW same as WW
WIF With
WIFEY Serious girlfriend, wife material
WIFI Wireless Fidelity, wireless internet
WIGGER White person pretending to be black
WIGO What Is Going On?
WII Nintendo Game Console
WIIFM What's In It For Me
WIKI Collaborative web site
WIKTT When I Kissed the Teacher
WILCO Will Comply
WILTW What I Learned This Week
WIMP Weak, cowardly person
WING MAN Person who looks out for you
WIP Work In Progress
WIR When It's Ready
WIRED High on stimulants
WIT With
WITH Where In The Hell
WITW What In The World
WIUWY What Is Up With You?
WIV With
WIWT What I Wore Today
Wish I Was There
WIWWU Wish I Was With You
WIWWY What Is Wrong With You?
WIX same as WICKED
WIYP What Is Your Problem?
WJD What Jesus Did
WK White Knight
WKD Wicked
WKND Weekend
WKS Well Kept Secret
WKYP Will Keep You Posted
WLAN Wireless LAN
WLD Would
WLM Windows Live Messenger
WLTM Would Like To Meet
WLYB Who Loves You Baby
WLYK Will Let You Know
WM Woman Marine
WMA Windows Media Audio
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMF Wagging My Finger
WMG Warner Music Group
WMJ Wat maak jy? (Afrikaans - what are you doing?)
WML Wish Me Luck
WMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!
WMP Windows Media Player
With Much Pleasure
WMV Windows Media Video
WMYB What Makes You Beautiful
WN Why Not?
What's New?
WNDITWB We Never Did It This Way Before
WNL Within Normal Limits
WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before
WNTT We Need To Talk
WNWY What's New With You?
WOAH misspelling of WHOA
WOAT Worst Of All Time
WOB Waste Of Bandwith
WOC Women of Color
WOE What On Earth
WOF While On Fire
WOG Offensive term for a black person
A foreigner
WOM Women Over Mates
WOMBAT Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time
WOMP Low bass sound
WONK Expert
WONKY Weird, not right
WOO HOO Expression of excitement
WOOK Dirty hippy
WOOSE same as WUSS
WOOT Hurrah (Wow, Loot!)
Want One Of Those
WOP Offensive term for an Italian
WORD Ok, I agree, hey
WORD UP OK, I agree
WORDS Response to something you don't care about
WORM Malicious computer program
WOS Waste Of Space
Wife Over Shoulder
WOT What
WOTAM Waste of Time and Money
WOTCHER What are you up to? WU?
WOTD Word Of The Day
WOTLK Wrath Of The Lich King (WOW)
WOTS Word On The Street
WOW World Of Warcraft
WOWZER Exaggerated Wow
WP Wrong Person
Well Played
WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access
WPM Words Per Minute
WPW Misspelling of 'wow'
WPWW White Pride World Wide
WR Warm Regards
WRT With Regard To
WRU Where Are You?
WRUD What Are You Doing?
WRUTA What Are You Talking About?
WRYD What Are You Doing?
WRYTA What Are You Talking About?
WSA Wow, Strong Arms
WSIC Why Should I Care?
WSM Woman Seeking Man
WSP What's up?
WSS Why So Serious?
WST We're Still Friends
WSUL Will See You Later
WSWTA What Shall We Talk About?
WT What
WT? What The ...? or Who the ...?
WTA Winner Takes All
WTB Want To Buy
WTBS With That Being Said
WTC World Trade Center
What The Crap
WTD What The Deuce?
WTDT What To Do Today
WTDTA Where They Do That At?
WTFT What The French Toast (polite WTF)
WTG Way To Go
WTGP Way To Go, Partner
WTGP? Want To Go Private?
WTH What/Where/Who The Hell
WTHAY Who The Hell Are You?
WTHC Who The Hell Cares?
WTHIGO What The Hell Is Going On?
WTHIT What The Hell Is That?
WTHIWWY What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
WTHN Why The Heck Not?
WTHRU Who The Hell Are You?
WTII What time Is It?
WTK Want To Know
WTL Will Talk Later
WTLW Welcome To Last Week
WTM What's The Matter?
WTMI Way Too Much Information
WTML Welcome To My Life
WTMW Welcome To My World
WTO World Trade Organization
WTP What's The Point?
WTT Want To Trade
WTTC Welcome To The club
WTTIR When The Time Is Right
WTTJ Welcome To The Jungle
WTTM Without Thinking Too Much
WTV Whatever
WTW Walk Through Walls (gaming)
Walk this Way
WTY Why, Thank You
WTYO Whatever Turns You On
WU What's Up
WUA What You At?
WUB Love
WUBU What You Been Up to?
WUBU2 What Have You Been Up To?
WUCIWUG What You See Is What You Get
WUD What You Doing?
WUF Where are you from?
WUG What You Got?
Where You Going?
WUGOWM Will You Go Out With Me?
WUH What?
WUL Watched User List
WULA What're you Looking At?
WULLNP Wishing You Long Life And Prosperity
WUM Woman
Wind-Up Merchant
WUP What
WUS Wimp
WUSS Wimp, coward
WUT What
WUU2 What are You Up To?
WUUP2 What are You Up To?
WUUT same as WUU2
WUV Love
WUW What You Want?

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