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What does SIT mean?

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What is SIT?

SIT is "Stay In Touch"

SIT Definition / SIT Means

The definition of SIT is "Stay In Touch"

The Meaning of SIT

SIT means "Stay In Touch"
So now you know - SIT means "Stay In Touch" - don't thank us. YW!
What does SIT mean? SIT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SIT definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'stay':
ALL- NIGHTER Stay Up All Night
ICSTAY I Can't Stop Thinking About You
SAFM Stay Away From Me
SAHD Stay At Home Dad
SAHM Stay At Home Mom
SAHW Stay At Home Wife
STMF Stay Thirsty My Friends
Other terms relating to 'touch':
BOOP Touching nose
DAP Touching of fists greeting
DTT Don't Touch That
KINO Physical flirting, touching
KIT Keep In Touch
NTT Name That Tune
Not Touching That!
PKIT Please Keep In Touch
TD Touchdown
TMH Touch My Hand
TMN Touch Me Not
TOUCH Beat, kill, rob
TOUCHE Said when admitting opponent has made a good point


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