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What does FTF mean?

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What is FTF?

FTF is "First To Find"

FTF Definition / FTF Means

The definition of FTF is "First To Find"

The Meaning of FTF

FTF means "First To Find"
So now you know - FTF means "First To Find" - don't thank us. YW!
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Other terms relating to 'first':
FCFS First Come First Served
FFTL From First To Last (band)
FHE First Hand Experience
FIFO First In First Out
FILO First In, Last out
FISH First In Still Here
FLOTUS First Lady Of The United States
FOA First Of All
FPS First-Person Shooter (video game term)
FTFT For The First Time
LAFS Love At First Sight
LIFO Last In First Out
MMOFPS Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter
PFC Private First Class
Q1 First Quarter
Quake 1 (Game)
RFT Right First Time
S/ Substitute first word with second
Other terms relating to 'find':
FMTKFYTFO For Me To Know, For You To Find Out
ITYF I Think You'll Find
PFA Please Find Attached
PFB Please Find Below
SPOILER Something you would've prefered to find out yourself
TFM2KAU2FO That's For Me to Know And You To Find Out


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