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Computer Slang beginning with the letter E

On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists these acronyms beginning with E.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other
· E Ecstasy
· E> Heart like <3
· E&OE Errors and omissions excluded
· E-CIG Electronic Cigarette
· E-DATING Online dating
· E-VITE Electronic Invitation
· E1 Everyone
· E2EG Ear To Ear Grin
· EA Electronic Arts
· EAS End of Active Service
· EB Eyeball
· EBCAK Error Between Chair And Keyboard
· EBD End of Business Day
· EBM Electronic Body Music
· EBONY Dark skin tone
· EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer
· ECG Electrocardiogram
· ECO Ecological
· ECT Misspelling of 'etc'
· ECU Electronic Control Unit
· ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling
· EDC Every Day Carry
· EDD Estimated Delivery Date
· EDDRESS Email address
· EDGY Cutting edge
· EDITH Even Dead, I'm The Hero
· EDJ Energy Drink Junkie
· EDM Electronic Dance Music
· EDT Eastern Daylight Time
Estimated Delivery Time
· EEC European Economic Community
· EEE Expression of excitement
· EEG Extremely Evil Grin
· EEK Expression of surprise, distress
· EFA Edited For Accuracy
· EFG Epic Fail Guy
· EFL English as a Foreign Language
· EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
· EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
· EG For example (exempli gratia)
Evil Grin
· EGL Elegant Gothic Lolita
· EH What? Huh?
· EI Eat It
· EIE Enough Is Enough
· EL Chicago's elevated rail system
· ELBOW A pound of marijuana
· ELE Everybody Love Everybody
· ELF Every Lady's Fantasy
· ELH Every Little Helps
· ELI5 Explain Like I'm 5
· ELITE Skillful, quality, professional
· ELLO Hello
· ELNS Eller noe s
· ELO Electric Light Orchestra (band)
· ELOL Evil Laugh Out Loud
· ELP Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (band)
· EM E-Mail
· EMA E-mail Address
· EMAIL Electronic Mail
· EMAW Every Man a Wildcat
· EMCEE MC, Master of Ceremonies
· EMO Emotional
· EMOJI Tiny Pictures Used In Texts To Communicate A Feeling Or A Concept
· EMOTICON Sequence of characters representing an emotion eg :)
· EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
· EMS Emergency Medical Service
· EMT Emergency Medical Technician
· ENC Enclosure
· ENDZ Area where you live
· ENE Northerner
· ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
· ENNIT Expression of agreement
· ENO Awesome, cool
· ENT Isn't
· EOB End Of Business
· EOC End Of Conversion
· EOD End Of Discussion
· EOE Equal Opportunity Employer
· EOF End Of File
· EOG End Of Grade
· EOL End Of Lecture
· EOM End Of Message
· EOR End Of Rant
· EOS End Of Show
· EOT End Of Thread (i.e. end of discussion)
· EOTD End Of The Day
· EOTW End Of The World
· EOTWAWKI End Of The World As We Know It
· EOW End Of Watch
· EP Extended Play
· EPIC Extremely awesome
· EPIC FAIL Total failure
· EPIN Epic Win
· EPL English Premier League
· EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale
· EPROM Electronically Programmable ROM
· EQ EverQuest (game)
· EQE Easy Quick Efficient
· ER Emergency Room
Indicating hesitation
· ERB Herb, Marijuana
· ERK Irk, annoy
· ERM Awkward conversation filler
· ERO Erotic
· ERP Erotic Role-Play
· ESA European Space Agency
· ESB Empire Stikes Back (Star Wars)
· ESC Escape key
· ESD Electro-Static Discharge
· ESE Friend, homeboy (Hispanic)
· ESH Donkey (Armenian)
· ESKI Type of urban music
· ESL English as Second Language
· ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
· ESP Extra Sensory Perception
· ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
· ESQ Esquire
· ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board
· EST Eastern Standard Time
· ESTD Easier Said Than Done
· ET Extra Terrestrial
· ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
Edited to Add
· ETC Et Cetera (and so on)
· ETD Estimated Time of Departure
· ETF Escape The Fate (band)
· ETHERNET same as LAN
· ETID EveryTime I Die (band)
· ETW Enjoy The Weekend
· EU European Union
· EUA End User Agreement
· EUC Excellent Used Condition
· EULA End User License Agreement
· EV Expected Value
· EVA Ever
· EVL Evil Laugh
· EVS Whatever
· EVT Ei Voi Tiet
· EVVK Couldn't Care Less (Finnish)
· EW Exclamation of disgust
· EWBA Everything Will Be Alright
· EWE Epilogue, What Epilogue? (Harry Potter)
· EWW Expression of disgust
· EX Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc
· EXE Windows program file
· EXP Experience points in games
· EXPO Exposition, large-scale public exhibition
· EXT Extension
· EXTRA Over the top, excessive
· EY Hey
· EYEBALL Look at
Estimate measurement by looking
· EYO Hey, yo(u)
· EZ Easy
· EZPZ Easy peasy, very easy
· E_E Tired, exhausted
TUVWXYZ0123456789 Other

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