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What does PWEASE mean?

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What is PWEASE?

PWEASE is "Babyish form of Please"

PWEASE Definition / PWEASE Means

The definition of PWEASE is "Babyish form of Please"

The Meaning of PWEASE

PWEASE means "Babyish form of Please"
So now you know - PWEASE means "Babyish form of Please" - don't thank us. YW!
What does PWEASE mean? PWEASE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the PWEASE definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'form':
· AVIAudio Video Interleaved (media format)
· BLUEBERRYForm of marijuana
· BMPImage file format (bitmap)
· CRACKA form of cocaine
· DIVXVideo format
· EXFormer girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc
· F1Formula One
· FKAFormerly Known As
· GIFGraphics Interchange Format - Picture Format
· JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
Image file format
· JPGImage file format
· MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
Audio/visual file format
· P45Employment severance form (UK)
· PDFPortable Document Format
· PNGImage file format
· SKANKINForm of dancing
· WKWKWKWimitating laughing sounds in Indonesia, it is shortened form of 'wakakakaka' whi
· XVIDVideo format
Other terms relating to 'please':
· CDPCalm Down Please
· HMPHelp Me, Please
· LMAPLeave Me Alone Please
· NBNot Bad
Nota Bene (Latin for please note)
· PBPPlease Be Patient
· PBQPlease Be Quiet
· PCMPlease Call Me
· PDBAZPlease Don't Be A Zombie
· PFAPlease Find Attached
· PFBPlease Find Below
· PKITPlease Keep In Touch
· PL0XPlease
· PLIXPlease
· PLMAPlease Leave Me Alone
· PLMKPlease Let Me Know
· PLOXPlease
· PLRNPlease Leave Right Now
· PLSPlease
· PLXPlease
· PLZPlease
· PPUPlease Pick Up
· PSA.Please See Attached - Used in company Emails, much like PSB
· PSBPlease See Below
· PSTPlease Send Tell
Pacific Standard Time
· PTMPlease Tell Me
· RSVPRepondez s'il vous plait (Please reply)
· SVPS'il Vous Plait (please in French)
· YPYour Problem
Yes, Please


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