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What does STM mean?

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What is STM?

STM is "Short Term Memory"

STM Definition / STM Means

The definition of STM is "Short Term Memory"

The Meaning of STM

STM means "Short Term Memory"
So now you know - STM means "Short Term Memory" - don't thank us. YW!
What does STM mean? STM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the STM definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'short':
FAUX HAWK Smaller, Shorter Version of a Mohawk Hairstyle
JIFFY Short period of time
JORTS Jean shorts
LITS Life Is Too Short
MMO Short for MMORPG
PSM Personal Short Message
SHORTY Girlfriend, attractive girl
SMS Short Message Service
STML Short Term Memory Loss
WKWKWKW imitating laughing sounds in Indonesia, it is shortened form of 'wakakakaka' whi
Other terms relating to 'term':
CHINK Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person
CHUG Drink
Offensive term for a Native American
COW Offensive term for a woman
CRACKA Offensive term for a white person
DAGO Offensive term for an Italian
FPS First-Person Shooter (video game term)
GOOK Offensive term for a Korean
ITO In Terms Of
JOHN DOE General term for a man
KIKE Offensive term for a Jew
LTR Long term relationship
MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships
MPREG Male Pregnancy, A Term Used In Fan Fiction
NIP Derogatory term for a Japanese person
OFAY Offensive term for a white person
PADDY Offensive term for an Irishman
PAKI Offensive term for a Pakistani
PIKEY Offensive term for a Gypsy/traveller
SPIC Offensive term for a Hispanic person
STML Short Term Memory Loss
STR Strength
Short Term Relationship
SUSS OR SUS You have Suss mixed up with SUS. SUS is a slang term for suspicious, but suss is
TACO A Mexican Food Dish
Derogatory Term For Spanish Person
TACOS terms and conditions of service
TELNET Network Virtual Terminal Protocol
TOS Terms Of Service
WOG Offensive term for a black person
A foreigner
WOP Offensive term for an Italian
Other terms relating to 'memory':
CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module
IFM In Fond Memory
ILMO In Loving Memory Of
IMSMR If Memory Serves Me Right
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
RAM Random Access Memory
ROM Read-Only Memory
SD Sweet Dreams
Secure Digital (memory card)
So Drunk
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SENIOR MOMENT Lapse of memory, logic or mental function
STML Short Term Memory Loss


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