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What does SAHW mean?

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What is SAHW?

SAHW is "Stay At Home Wife"

SAHW Definition / SAHW Means

The definition of SAHW is "Stay At Home Wife"

The Meaning of SAHW

SAHW means "Stay At Home Wife"
So now you know - SAHW means "Stay At Home Wife" - don't thank us. YW!
What does SAHW mean? SAHW is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SAHW definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'stay':
ALL- NIGHTER Stay Up All Night
ICSTAY I Can't Stop Thinking About You
SAFM Stay Away From Me
SAHD Stay At Home Dad
SAHM Stay At Home Mom
SIT Stay In Touch
STMF Stay Thirsty My Friends
Other terms relating to 'home':
(_8^(I) Homer Simpson
BHL8 Be Home Late
BHS Be Home Soon
DHS Department of Homeland Security
Department of Health Services
DIGS Home, lodgings
DYMHW Do your math homework
ESE Friend, homeboy (Hispanic)
HBO Home Box Office
HGTV Home and Garden Television
HMWK Homework
HNOS Home Network Operating System
HOA Home Owners Association
HOMEBOY Closest friend
HOMEGIRL Closest female friend
HOMES Homeboy
HOMEY Homeboy
HOMIE Homeboy
HSH Home Sweet Home
HW Homework
HWK Homework
JGH Just Got Home
LBH Let's Be Honest
Loser Back Home
MHIF Math homework is fun
OFH Old Folks' Home
OMWH On My Way Home
PHP Personal Home Page
SAHD Stay At Home Dad
SAHM Stay At Home Mom
SHANK Homemade knife
SHIV Home made knife
VHS Video Home System
WAH Working At Home
WAHM Work At Home Mom
WFH Working From Home
Other terms relating to 'wife':
EX Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc
NFSW Not For Showing Wife
SWANK Cool, classy
Single Woman And No Kids
Second Wife And No Kids
WA Wife Agro
WIFEY Serious girlfriend, wife material


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