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On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists all these acronyms.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
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# Twitter hashtag
#1 Number one
$ Dollar, money
$_$ Has money
%) Drunk, giddy
& Ampersand
Represents The Word 'And'
'S Wrongly displayed 's
>< Frustration
>,< Angry, annoyed
>.> Suspicious, wary
>.< Frustrated, angry, upset, in pain
>//< Embarrassed, blushing
>3 Evil but happy
Hate (opposite of <3)
>:( Angry
>:) Evil Grin
>:D Scheming
>:D< Hug
>:O Angry
>O< Yelling
>_> Looking left, shifty look
>_< Frustrated
&HEARTS; HTML code for a heart
<# Misspelling of <3
<> Not equal
No comment
<>< Fish
<.< Shifty look
</3 Broken Hearted
<2 Not quite love (<3)
<3 Love (heart shape)
<333 Multiple hearts
<3U Love You
<4 More than love (<3)
<B Hate
<G> Grin
<_< Sarcasm, look left
'98 1998
'EM Them
(!) Sarcasm
('_') Emoticon Representing Boredom
(.)(.) Female Breasts
(8) Musical note (MSN)
(: Happy
(A) Angel (MSN)
(H) Cool dude emoticon (MSN)
(K) Kiss (MSN)
(L) Love heart (MSN)
(N) Thumbs down (MSN)
(S) Seriously
(U) Heartbroken
(Y) Thumbs up (MSN)
(YN) Fingers crossed (MSN)
(^^^) Shark
(_8^(I) Homer Simpson
({)(}) Two People Hugging
* Indicating a spelling correction
*$ Starbucks
*$$ Starbucks
*<:-) Clown
*.* Every file on a computer
*G* Grin
*HUG* A Cyberhug
*O* Confused, surprised, shocked
*S* Salute
*\O/* Cheerleader
*_* In love, dazed
+1 Partner
Me too
+REP Boost reputation on XBox Live
+_+ Dead man
-.- Annoyance
-_- Annoyed, tired
.-. Sad, unhappy
... Speechless
A Trailing Thought
.BIZ Top level domain for business
.CO Alternative to .COM
.COM Top level domain for commerce
.EDU Top level domain for education
.GOV Top level domain for governments
.MIL Top level domain for the military
.NET Top level domain originally for network providers
.ORG Top level domain for non-profit organizations
._. Emoticon Representing Apathy
/.\ Shy
// Love, I love you
/:) Sign Of Flirtation
Sign Of Suspicion
/AC Anti-Capitalist. Used to preface the posting of a comment or article that is im
/B/ 4chan's random image board
/O/ Happy, arms in the air
/O\ Frustrated, hands on head
/R/ Requesting
/S Sarcasm
/THREAD End of a thread on a forum
/W Whisper
0.0 Surprise
0.O Raised eyebrow, WTF
0/ Waving
012 Forever
0_0 Shocked
10 Perfect looking woman
10-1 Radio code for 'Receiving poorly'
10-2 Radio code for 'Receiving well'
10-4 Understood, OK
101 Basic introduction
10CHAR Padding where at least 10 characters are required
10Q Thank you
10X Thanks
11 One louder than 10
111 Excited
112 European emergency number
12 The police
120 LOL! (101! = 5! = 120)
121 MESSAGES One-Two-One as in having a(One To One) personal conversation
123 I agree
1234 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You)
1314 Forever (Chinese)
1337 Elite
133T Elite
143 I Love You (letters in each word)
14344 I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
1437 I Love You Forever
153 I Adore You (letters in each word)
153 FISH '153 Fish' was a metaphor used by John (21:11) to symbolize wisdom.
180 Turn around, 180 degrees
187 Police code for murder or death
1AAT One At A Time
1D One Direction (band)
1UP Extra life in a game
2 To
21 Quit
211 Police code for robbery
212 Speak with someone
22 A .22 caliber handgun
220 Second To None
224 Today, tomorrow, forever
24/7 Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
241 Two For One
250 Stupid person (Chinese)
2B To Be
2BH To Be Honest
2DAY Today
2EZ Too Easy
2G Too Good
2G2BT Too Good To Be True
2K10 2010
2K15 Year 2015
2K4U To Cool For You
2K9 2009
2L8 Too late
2M Tomorrow
2MI Too Much Information
2MM Tomorrow
2MORO Tomorrow
2MOZ Tomorrow
2MRO Tomorrow
2MRW Tomorrow
2NITE Tonight
2NYT Tonight
2U To You
2U2 To You Too
3 The letter E
3 WHEELIN Driving with one wheel off the ground
3> Hate (opposite of <3)
30STM 30 Seconds To Mars (band)
313 Area code for Detroit
333 Half evil
3436 I'll Love You Always (number of letters in each word)
360 XBox 360
Complete circle
381 I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning)
39 Thank You
3DG Three Days Grace (band)
3G Third Generation mobile phone network
3Q Thank You
4 For
4/20 April 20th, WEED smoking day
401 Area Code for Rhode Island
401K Retirement investment plan
403 Deny Access To
404 Page not found error
411 Information
419 Nigerian Email Scam
42 The answer to life, the universe and everything
420 WEED, Pot
Time to get high, smoke marijuana
420 FRIENDLY Person who likes smoking pot
4221 4ever 2gether 2love 1another
4377 Hell in LEET
44 .44 Magnum
459 I Love You (phone digits for ILY)
4CHAN Internet message/image board
4COL For Crying Out Loud
4E4 Forever
4EVA Forever
4EVER Forever
4G 4th Generation
4GET Forget
4GM Forgive me
4M Forum
4RL? For Real?
4SHO For Sure
4SRS For Serious?
4TW For The Win
4U For You
4WD Four-Wheel Drive
4X4 Four wheel drive vehicle
4YEO For Your Eyes Only
5 LOL (5=101 in binary)
5 BY 5 Loud and clear, fine
5 HOLE Gap between goalie's legs in hockey
5! LOL! see 120
50 Police (from Hawaii Five-O)
5150 Police code for crazy person on the loose
520 I Love You (Chinese)
555 Thai for HaHaHa
5EVER Because Forever Isn't Long Enough
Longer Than 4ever
5N Fine
5X5 Loud and Clear
637 Always and Forever (letters in each word)
66 Spooning
666 The Number of the Beast
6_6 Looking down
72 72 hours, 3 days
721 Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning)
73 Best regards (Amateur Radio)
730 Crazy
7DAW Seven Days A Week
8) Cool
8* Kiss
8-) Cool (sunglasses)
8-| Nerdy (wearing glasses)
808 Police code for disturbing the peace
80S The Eighties, 1980s
81 Hells Angels (HA 8th and 1st letter)
823 Thinking Of You
831 I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)
86 Get rid of something
88 Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)
881 Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation)
886 Bye Bye (Hong Kong Cantonese)
888 Ate, ate, ate
88888888 Clapping
8====D Penis
8===D A Penis
8BALL 1/8 ounce of cocaine
8D Manic
8| Balls To The Wall
9 Parent watching
911 US emergency number
93 Rough suburb of Paris
99 Parent stopped watching
999 UK emergency number
9JA Nigeria
9_9 Rolling the eyes
:$ Embarrassed
:& Tongue tied, speechless
:> Mischievous smile
:< Sad, frowning
:'( Crying
:') Crying with joy
:( Unhappy, sad
:(:) Pig
:(|) Monkey
:) Happy
:* Kiss
:-( Sad
:-) Smile
:-* Kiss
:-D Laughing
Big Smile
:-P Emoticon Of Someone Sticking Their Tongue Out
:/ Sarcasm
:0 Surprised, shocked
:3 Cute/goofy face
:9 Yum, licking
:? Confused
:@ Angry
:B Buck teeth
:C Very Sad
:D Happy
:DD Very happy
:F Drooling
:J Smirk
:K Vampire teeth
Snake's tongue
:L Laughing
:O Surprised
:O) Clown nose smiley face
:P Sticking tongue out
:Q Smoking
:S Confused
:T Side smile
:X Zipped lips
:[ Sad
:\ Emoticon Meaning Confusion
:] Happy
:{) Happy with a moustache
:| Disgust, disapproval, not funny
;( Crying
;) Wink
;-) Wink
;; Sad
;D Wink
;O Joking
;P Winking and sticking tongue out
;P; Misspelling of LOL
= Equals
Complete Transformation
=) Happy
=* Kiss
=.= Tired
=/= Not equal to
=0 Surprised, shocked
=3 Cute/goofy face
=D :D
=F Vampire
=I Indifference
=P Sticking tongue out
=S Confused
=W= Weezer (band)
=X No Comment
=[ Sad
=] Happy
? What?
?4U Question For You
?? What?
?_? Confused, lost
@ At
@.@ Confused, surprised
@@@ Warning of parents nearby
@_@ Hypnotized, dazed
@}--->---- A rose
A&E Accident & Emergency (department of a hospital)
A&F Always And Forever
Abercrombie & Fitch

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