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What does ALL- NIGHTER mean?

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ALL- NIGHTER is "Stay Up All Night"

ALL- NIGHTER Definition / ALL- NIGHTER Means

The definition of ALL- NIGHTER is "Stay Up All Night"

The Meaning of ALL- NIGHTER

ALL- NIGHTER means "Stay Up All Night"
So now you know - ALL- NIGHTER means "Stay Up All Night" - don't thank us. YW!
What does ALL- NIGHTER mean? ALL- NIGHTER is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the ALL- NIGHTER definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'nighter':
· VAMPA Femme Fatale
Pulling An All Nighter
Other terms relating to 'stay':
· ICSTAYI Can't Stop Thinking About You
· SAFMStay Away From Me
· SAHDStay At Home Dad
· SAHMStay At Home Mom
· SAHWStay At Home Wife
· SITStay In Touch
· STMFStay Thirsty My Friends
Other terms relating to 'night':
· CLUBBINGVisiting nightclubs
· G9Good Night
· GNGood Night
· GN8Good Night
· GNEGood Night and Everything
· GNFBGood Night Facebook
· GNITEGood Night
· GNOGirls/Guys Night Out
· GNSDGood Night, Sweet Dreams
· GNSTDLTBBBGood Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
· HAGNHave A Good Night
· JAPANJust Always Pray At Night
· MNFMonday Night Football
· N8Night
· NITEGood Night
· NNNight Night
No Need
Not Nice
· ONSOne Night Stand
· PJ'SPyjamas, night wear
· QNOQuiet Night Out
· STNSpend The Night
· STTNSleeping Through the Night
· TFLNTexts From Last Night
· VAMPA Femme Fatale
Pulling An All Nighter


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