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What does BILY mean?

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What is BILY?

BILY is "Because I Love You"

BILY Definition / BILY Means

The definition of BILY is "Because I Love You"

The Meaning of BILY

BILY means "Because I Love You"
So now you know - BILY means "Because I Love You" - don't thank us. YW!
What does BILY mean? BILY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BILY definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'because':
· 5EVER Because Forever Isn't Long Enough
Longer Than 4ever
· B/C Because
· BCOS Because
· BIMB Because it's my Birthday
· BISS Because I Said So
· CAUSE Because
· COS Because
· COZ Because
· CUZ Because
· SWALBAKWS Sealed with a lick because a kiss wouldn’t stick
Other terms relating to 'love':
· <2 Not quite love (<3)
· <3 Love (heart shape)
· <3U Love You
· <4 More than love (<3)
· (L) Love heart (MSN)
· *_* In love, dazed
· // Love, I love you
· 1234 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You)
· 143 I Love You (letters in each word)
· 14344 I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
· 1437 I Love You Forever
· 3436 I'll Love You Always (number of letters in each word)
· 381 I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning)
· 459 I Love You (phone digits for ILY)
· 520 I Love You (Chinese)
· 721 Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning)
· 831 I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)
· AML All My Love
· BISLY But I Still Love You
· BLIND In love
· BTWITIAILWU By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
· BTWITIAILWY By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
· DULM Do You Love Me?
· DYLM Do You Love/Like Me?
· ELE Everybody Love Everybody
· FTLOG For The Love Of God
· GBML Good Bye My Love
· GOLD DIGGER Person who loves someone just for their money
· HDL Hab Dich Lieb (I love you in German)
· HICKEY Love bite
· HICKY Love bite
· HOLLAND Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
· I<3U I Love You
· IALTO I Always Love That One
· IDLUAM i dont love u any more
· IDLY I Don't Love/Like You
· IIL I'm In Love
· IL In Love
· ILD Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)
· ILH I Love Him/Her
· ILI I Love It
· ILML I Love My Life
· ILNY I Love New York
· ILU I Love You
· ILU2 I Love You Too
· ILUG I love you guys
· ILUM I Love You More
· ILUSM I Love You So Much
· ILUT I Love You Too
· ILY I Love You
· ILY2 I Love You Too
· ILYA I Love You All
· ILYAAF I Love You As A Friend
· ILYAM I Love You As a Mate
· ILYB I Love You Both
· ILYF I'll Love You Forever
· ILYG I Love You Guys/Girls
· ILYL I Love You Lots
· ILYLAS I Love You Like A Sister
· ILYLT I Love You Long Time
· ILYM I Love You More
· ILYSDM I Love You So Damn Much
· ILYSM I Love You So Much
· ILYSMB I Love You So Much Baby
· ILYSMM I Love You So Much More
· ILYT I Love You Too
· ILYTB I Love You To Bits
· ILYVM I Love You Very Much
· ILYWAMH I Love You With All My Heart
· ISLY I Still Love You
· ITALY I Trust And Love You
· ITIAILWY I Think I Am In Love With You
· ITILU I Think I Love You
· ITILY I Think I Love You
· IWALU I Will Always Love You
· IWALY I Will Always Love You
· JLY Jesus Loves You
· JTM Je t'aime (I love you)
· K3U I Love You (I <3 U)
· KOI Koibito (Japenese for lover)
· KWAN Love and Respect
· LAFS Love At First Sight
· LAK Love And Kisses
· LDL Long Distance Lover
· LGMH Love Gives Me Hope
· LHK Love, Hugs and Kisses
· LIITA Love Is In The Air
· LML Love My Life
· LNK Love And Kisses
· LOLAK Lots Of Love And Kisses
· LOLV Lots Of Love
· LOML Love Of My Life
· LS Lovesick
Life Story
· LSP Love Sick Puppy
· LTA Love To All
· LTH Love Truth Honor
· LU Love You
· LUA Love You Always
· LUB Love
· LUBB Love
· LUFF Friendly Love
· LUH Love
· LULAB Love You Like A Brother
· LULAS Love You Like A Sister
· LUMI Love You, Mean It
· LUMU Love You Miss You
· LURV Love
· LURVE Love
· LUSM Love You So Much
· LUV Love
· LUWAMH Love You with All My Heart
· LY Love You
· LY2 Love You Too
· LY4E Love You Forever
· LYA Love You Always
· LYAAF Love You As A Friend
Love You Always And Forever
· LYB Love You, Bye
· LYF Love You Forever
· LYL Love You Lots
· LYLAB Love You Like A Brother
· LYLAF Love You Like A Friend
· LYLAS Love You Like A Sister
· LYLC Love You Like Crazy
· LYLMB Love You Like My Brother
· LYLT Love You Long Time
· LYM Love You More
· LYMI Love You, Mean It
· LYMY Love You, Miss You
· LYMYWY Love You, Miss You, Want You
· LYR Love You Really
· LYSM Love You So Much
· LYT Love You Too
· LYTD Love You To Death
· MCL Much Clown Love
· ML Much Love
· MULU Miss You, Love You
· NAMBLA North American Man/Boy Love Association
· ONE One Love, goodbye
· P&L Profit And Loss
Peace And Love
· PLH Peace, Love and Happiness
· PLI Potential Love Interest
· PLUR Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
· PNL Peace And Love
· S2 Love (heart shape)
· SHMILY See How Much I Love You
· SLY Still Love You
· SPRUNG Obsessed with someone, in love
· SWEAT Like, love
· TE AMO I love you (Spanish)
· TI AMO I Love You (Italian)
· TKM Te Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)
· TL Talk Later
True Love
Team Leader
· TLND True Love Never Dies
· TWLOHA To Write Love On Her Arms
· ULM You Love me
· ULOFA you love to fart
· WAML With All My Love
· WLYB Who Loves You Baby
· WUB Love
· WUV Love
· YATLOML You Are The Love Of My Life
· YGLT You're Gonna Love This
· YKYLM You Know You Love Me
· YLI You Love It
· YLM You Love Me?


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