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What does BUG mean?

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What is BUG?

BUG is "Bother, annoy"

BUG Definition / BUG Means

The definition of BUG is "Bother, annoy"

The Meaning of BUG

BUG means "Bother, annoy"
So now you know - BUG means "Bother, annoy" - don't thank us. YW!
What does BUG mean? BUG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BUG definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'bother':
CBB Can't Be Bothered
DBA Don't Bother Asking
DBM Don't Bother Me
DBNT Don't Bother Next Time
DEB Don't Even Bother
ICBB I Can't Be Bothered
INB I'm Not Bothered
LOWE Don't bother, forget it
NTB Not That Bothered
Not Too Bad
STBY Sucks To Be You
Sorry To Bother You
WDIB Why Do I Bother?
Other terms relating to 'annoy':
>,< Angry, annoyed
-.- Annoyance
-_- Annoyed, tired
AAAHHH In destress, or annoyed.
BEASTMODE annoyed, angry, furious
BRAT Annoying, spoilt child
ERK Irk, annoy
GUH Annoyed, angry
JARRIN Annoying
JEEZ Expression of annoyance
LAMER Annoying person
MAPOTI Most Annoying People On The Internet
MIFF Annoy
MOMO Annoying person, idiot
NKT Expression of annoyance
SALTY Upset, annoyed, embarrassed
SAM Stop Annoying Me
TAZE Annoy, irritate
TSK Sound of annoyance
UFF Expression of annoyance
URGH Expression of annoyance, displeasure
VEXED Angry, annoyed
X.X Exasperated, irritated, annoyed


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