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What is S/?

S/ is "Substitute first word with second"

S/ Definition / S/ Means

The definition of S/ is "Substitute first word with second"

The Meaning of S/

S/ means "Substitute first word with second"
So now you know - S/ means "Substitute first word with second" - don't thank us. YW!
What does S/ mean? S/ is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the S/ definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'first':
· FCFS First Come First Served
· FFTL From First To Last (band)
· FHE First Hand Experience
· FIFO First In First Out
· FILO First In, Last out
· FISH First In Still Here
· FLOTUS First Lady Of The United States
· FOA First Of All
· FPS First-Person Shooter (video game term)
· FTF First To Find
· FTFT For The First Time
· LAFS Love At First Sight
· LIFO Last In First Out
· MMOFPS Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter
· PFC Private First Class
· Q1 First Quarter
Quake 1 (Game)
· RFT Right First Time
Other terms relating to 'word':
· & Ampersand
Represents The Word 'And'
· 1234 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You)
· 143 I Love You (letters in each word)
· 14344 I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
· 153 I Adore You (letters in each word)
· 3436 I'll Love You Always (number of letters in each word)
· 381 I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning)
· 637 Always and Forever (letters in each word)
· 721 Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning)
· 831 I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)
· ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
· ASDFGHJKL;' When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
Home Keys On Standard Keyboard
· BOBBA Replacement swear word
· CRAB Derogatory word for a CRIP
· FLW Famous Last Words
· FRAK Swear word from Battlestar Galactica
· FROG Offensive word for a French person
· IOW In Other Words
· MEME An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc
· MERP Meaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
· MTW Mum's the Word
· NAFF Poor quality, uncool
Substitute swear word
· NSAW Not Saying A Word
· OOPS Word said after doing something wrong
· OWTTE Or Words To That Effect
· SAGE Word added to a post to stop it getting bumped
· SMEG All purpose swear word
· TEH The
Used to emphasise the next word
· TFFW Too Funny For Words
· TTFW Too Tacky For Words
· WORD Ok, I agree, hey
· WORD UP OK, I agree
· WORDS Response to something you don't care about
· WOTD Word Of The Day
· WOTS Word On The Street
· WPM Words Per Minute
· ~ Denotes Sarcasm
Put At The End Of A Word To Make It Longer
Other terms relating to 'with':
· 212 Speak with someone
· 3 WHEELIN Driving with one wheel off the ground
· :') Crying with joy
· :{) Happy with a moustache
· AAWY And Also With You
· ACAPELLA Vocal music without instruments
· AWOL Absent Without Leave
· B) Smiley with sunglasses
· BEAR Large man with body hair
· BFFWB Best Friend Forever With Benefits
· BFWB Best Friend With Benefits
· BNWOT Brand New Without Tags
· BNWT Brand New With Tags
· BTWITIAILWU By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
· BTWITIAILWY By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
· BUTTERFACE A Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
· BWL Bursting With Laughter
· BWM Bisexual White Male
Bear With Me
· CLWY Can't Live Without You
· COMMANDO Without underwear
· CUWYL Catch Up With You Later
· CWD Comment When Done
Cringe, Wither, Die
Chronic Wasting Disease
Chicks With Dicks
· CWYL Chat With You Later.
· DGTWM Don't Go There With Me
· DWI Deal with it
· DWL Dying With Laughter
· DWTS Dancing With The Stars
· FACE PALM Slap forehead with the palm of your hand
· FAFWOA For A Friend Without Access (when about to ask a silly question)
· FFWF Fight Fire With Fire
· FWP Friend With Privileges
· FWT Flying With Turban
· FWU <-- Click To View
· GAL PAL Man who hangs around with girls
· GBWY God Be With You
· GCWOK Gay Couple Without Kids
· GINGE Person with red hair
· GINGER Person with red hair
· GLWS Good Luck With Sale
· GLWT Good Luck With That
· GOWI Get on with it
· GOWM Go Out With Me
· GWC Guy With Camera
· GWG Girl With Glasses
· GWI Get With It
· GWP Gift With Purchase
· GWTF Go With The Flow
· GWTP Get With The Program
· HANG Hang out, spend time with
· HOOCHIE Over made up woman with trashy dress sense
· HOOK ME UP Share with me
· HUMU set me up with a girl
· HWB Hottie With Body
· IAW In Accordance With
I Agree With
· IAWTC I Agree With That/This Comment
· IAWTCSM I Agree With This Comment So Much
· IAWTP I Agree With This Post
· IBUWU I'm Breaking Up With You
· ICW In Connection With
I Can't Wait
· IDMWU i don't mess with you
· ILYWAMH I Love You With All My Heart
· ITIAILWY I Think I Am In Love With You
· LACKING without a weapon, specifically a gun
· LOLCAT Cat picture with silly caption
· LOLZ Laugh Out Loud (with sarcasm)
· LOWRIDER Vehicle with modified suspension often hydraulically controlled
· LUWAMH Love You with All My Heart
· LWM Laugh With Me
· LWP Laughing With Passion
· MTFBWU May The Force Be With You
· MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
· MTLBWY May The Lord Be With You
· MULTI Player with multiple online accounts
· MWC Married With Children
· MWI Mad With It (drunk)
· MYGGWY May Your God Go With You
· NTBCW Not To Be Confused With
· NTTAWWT Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
· NUKE To attack with a nuclear weapon
· NWOT New Without Tags (eBay)
· NWT New With Tags
· PARTY POOPER A person who ruins the mood with their attitude
· PBWU Peace Be With You
· PBWY Peace Be With You
· PEER TO PEER Computer network without a central server
· PEWS Post Election Withdrawal Syndrome
· POCKET DIAL Accidentally make a call with the phone in your pocket
· PULL Make out with
· PWOR Proceeding With Orders Recieved
· QAQ teary eyes with mouth open
· RICK ROLL Trick someone with a link to Rick Astley video
· RWL Roaring With Laughter
· SAMEFAG Person with multiple aliases on forums
· SANS Without (French)
· SKUX A guy who's good with women
· SMIZE Smile with your eyes
· SPEXY Sexy with glasses
· SPRUNG Obsessed with someone, in love
· STANDARD Of course, goes without saying
· STEEZ Style with ease
· STEEZE Style with ease
· STEEZY Style With Ease
· SUSS OR SUS You have Suss mixed up with SUS. SUS is a slang term for suspicious, but suss is
· SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
· SWALBAKWS Sealed with a lick because a kiss wouldn’t stick
· SWALK Sealed With A Loving Kiss
· TEN Person with a perfect body
· THWU To Hell With You
· TTIUWP This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
· TTIWWP This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures
· TUW Take up with
· TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name
· TWOC Taken Without Owner's Consent
· TWOP Television Without Pity
· TWYL Talk With You Later
· VJ Video Jockey (like DJ with lights and video)
· W/ With
· W/O Without
· WADR With All Due Respect
· WAMH With All My Heart
· WAMHAS With All My Heart And Soul
· WAML With All My Love
· WAX Without Any Experience
· WBR With Best Regards
· WEF With Effect From
· WGWG White Guy With Guitar
· WID With
· WIF With
· WIFF With
· WIT With
· WITH Where In The Hell
· WIUWY What Is Up With You?
· WIV With
· WIWWU Wish I Was With You
· WIWWY What Is Wrong With You?
· WMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!
· WNL Within Normal Limits
· WNWY What's New With You?
· WRT With Regard To
· WTBS With That Being Said
· WTHAYDWMM What the hell are you doing with my man
· WTHIWWY What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
· WTTM Without Thinking Too Much
· WUGOWM Will You Go Out With Me?
· WUWT What's Up With That
· WUWU What's Up With You?
· WWA Wiggers with attitude
· WWWY What's Wrong With You?
· WYGOWM Will You Go Out With Me?
· WYLABOCTGWTR Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
· WYLASOMWTC Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
· WYLSCWTW Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
· YBWM You Belong With Me
· ZONG BONG with a Z shaped tube
Other terms relating to 'second':
· 220 Second To None
· 30STM 30 Seconds To Mars (band)
· ASN Any Second Now
· BPS Bits/Bytes Per Second
· DPS Damage Per Second (MMORPG)
· ESL English as Second Language
· GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
· HOAS Hold On A Second
· IAS In A Second
· JAS Just A Second
· KBPS KiloBytes per second
· MBPS MegaBits/Bytes Per Second
· MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
· SEC Second
· SLD Second Level Domain


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