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What does IDM mean?

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What is IDM?

IDM is "It Doesn't Matter" or "Intelligent Dance Music"

IDM Definition / IDM Means

The definition of IDM is "It Doesn't Matter" or "Intelligent Dance Music"

The Meaning of IDM

IDM means "It Doesn't Matter" or "Intelligent Dance Music"
So now you know - IDM means "It Doesn't Matter" or "Intelligent Dance Music" - don't thank us. YW!
What does IDM mean? IDM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the IDM definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'doesn't':
BURNER temporary mobile phone that you can throw away so it doesn't get tracked
CREEPER Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
DM Don't Mind
Doesn't Matter
Direct Message
JDLR Just Doesn't Look Right
Other terms relating to 'matter':
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
AMOF As a Matter of Fact
DM Don't Mind
Doesn't Matter
Direct Message
DNM Does Not Matter
Deep and Meaningful
MOO Matter of Opinion
My Own Opinion
NLM No Laughing Matter
NMW No Matter What
NMWH No Matter What Happens
SMOP Simple Matter Of Programming
WTM What's The Matter?
Other terms relating to 'intelligent':
NERD Intelligent but socially inept person
Other terms relating to 'dance':
ABDC America's Best Dance Crew (TV show)
BOTDF Blood On The Dance Floor (band)
DDR Dance Dance Revolution (Game)
DFM Dance Floor Makeout
EDM Electronic Dance Music
GET DOWN Party, dance
POPPING Dance style
RAVE A Large Dance Party
SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance
Other terms relating to 'music':
(8) Musical note (MSN)
ACAPELLA Vocal music without instruments
AMV Anime Music Video
AVPM A Very Potter Musical
BGM Background Music
BUSKING Playing music in public for money
BYO Meat
DISTRO Distribution (software, music, etc)
DUBSTEP Music genre
DXC Deathcore (music style)
EBM Electronic Body Music
EDM Electronic Dance Music
ESKI Type of urban music
HSM High School Musical
HXC Hardcore (music)
INDIE Independent music
JPOP Japanese pop music
KPOP Korean popular music
L2M Listening To Music
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MP3 Music file (MPEG Layer 3)
MP4 Music/video file (MPEG Layer 4)
MPA Music Publishers' Association
MTV Music Television
MV Music Video
NEDM Not Even Doom Music
NME New Musical Express (magazine)
OMFUG Other Music Found UnderGround
POP Popular (music)
PROG Progressive rock music
PUNK Music genre
RAP Music genre
RIP Convert music/video on CD to MP3s
Rest In Peace
ROCKBAND Music video game
ROOTS Type of Reggae music
THRASH Thrash metal (music style)
UNCE Sound of club music
VGM Video Game Music
VMA Video Music Awards
WMG Warner Music Group


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