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What does JEEZ mean?

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What is JEEZ?

JEEZ is "Expression of annoyance" or "Jesus"

JEEZ Definition / JEEZ Means

The definition of JEEZ is "Expression of annoyance" or "Jesus"

The Meaning of JEEZ

JEEZ means "Expression of annoyance" or "Jesus"
So now you know - JEEZ means "Expression of annoyance" or "Jesus" - don't thank us. YW!
What does JEEZ mean? JEEZ is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the JEEZ definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'expression':
AHA Expression of discovery or realization
AIYA Cantonese expression of exasperation
ALAS Expression of regret, sorrow
ARGH Expression of frustration or anger
ASDFGHJKL An Expression Of Excitement
An Expression Of Frustration
An Expression Of Boredom
BEH Expression of disinterest, IDC
BIG UP Expression of respect
BLAR Expression of boredom, BLAH
BLARG Expression of boredom
BLEH Expression of boredom
BLIMEY Expression of surprise, OMG
BUH Expression of dismay, disgust
DOH Expression of frustration, realization
EEE Expression of excitement
EEK Expression of surprise, distress
ENNIT Expression of agreement
EWW Expression of disgust
FEH Expression of dismissal, disgust
GAH Expression of frustration
GRRR Expression Of Anger
Expression Of Frustration
Expression Of Intimacy
HMPH Expression of apathy or disagreement
HUZZAH Expression of triumph, joy
MER Expression of boredom, nonchalance
MMM Expression of pleasure or contentment
MY FOOT Expression of disbelief
NKT Expression of annoyance
ORO Expression of confusion
PFF Expression of disagreement
PFFT Expression of dismissal
PHEW Expression of relief
PHOAR Expression of lust, physical attraction
POKER FACE Expressionless face
PSH Dismissive expression
PSHAW Expression of disbelief, scepticism
SHIOK Expression of happiness, pleasure
SHUCKS Expression of modesty or disappointment
SHUX Shucks, expression of modesty
SNAP Expression of dismay, surprise, joy etc
UFF Expression of annoyance
UGH Expression of disappointment or disgust
UH Expression of hesitation
UM Expression of hesitation
URGH Expression of annoyance, displeasure
WERD Expression of agreement
WERK Expression of approval, praise
WHEW Expression of relief or amazement
WHOA Expression of surprise
Slow down
WOO HOO Expression of excitement
WORALEZ Spanish expression to denotate impressive stuff
YALDI Expression of excitement
YIKES Expression of shock or surprise
YUCK Expression of disgust
Other terms relating to 'annoyance':
-.- Annoyance
NKT Expression of annoyance
TSK Sound of annoyance
UFF Expression of annoyance
URGH Expression of annoyance, displeasure
Other terms relating to 'jesus':
GEEZ Jesus
INRI Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews)
JC Jesus Christ
Just Curious
Just Chilling
JHC Jesus H Christ
JLY Jesus Loves You
OMJC Oh My Jesus Christ
OMSJ Oh My Sweet Jesus!
SBJ Sweet Baby Jesus
SJ Society of Jesus
San Jose
TYJ Thank You Jesus
TYLJ Thank You Lord Jesus
WJD What Jesus Did
WWJD What Would Jesus Do?
WWJP What Would Jesus Post?


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