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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 19th November 2019

1. YOLF You Only Live Forever
2. YIKES Expression of shock or surprise
3. WAFWOT What A F***ing Waste Of Time
4. YOKED Well built, muscular, ripped
5. YARDIE Jamaican (gang member)
6. YOMB You Owe Me Big
7. PAKI Offensive term for a Pakistani
8. TAGL There's a good lad
9. BMW Bavarian Motor Works (car manufacturer)
10. WDYWTTA What Do You Want To Talk About?
11. PADDY Offensive term for an Irishman
12. MAGGOT Fan of the band Slipknot
13. UAK You Already Know
14. TI AMO I Love You (Italian)
15. LADYBRO A Female Friend
16. USPS United States Postal Service
17. FCOL For Crying Out Loud
18. UB3R Uber, very
19. YAR Yes
20. NFI No Freakin Idea
21. DAMHIK Don't Ask Me How I Know
22. OFC Of Course
23. LAFS Love At First Sight
24. FOUO For Official Use Only
25. NACKERED Tired, worn out
26. USA United States of America
27. RTA Road Traffic Accident
28. UA4I You Asked For It
29. (.)(.) Female Breasts
30. GAFM Get Away From Me
31. VTL Visible Thong Line
32. TAHT That
33. FOTR Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
34. FCS For Christ's Sake
35. P911 Parent Alert
36. UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
37. FEAT Featuring
38. GAFIA Get Away From It All
39. H8R Hater
40. JPA Just Playing Around
41. JSP Java Server Pages
42. PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
43. U2U Up To You
44. UAC User Account Control
45. UAN Universal Access Number
46. UB2 You Be Too
47. VAIR Very
48. VTPR View To Permanent Relationship
49. YDK You Don't Know
50. FEAE For Ever And Ever
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