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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 27th November 2021

1. WAY Where Are You?
2. TXT SMS message
3. UTT Under The Table
4. ASAP As Soon As Possible
5. RNG Random Number Generator
6. AKS Ask
7. NYOB Not Your Own Business
8. ROLL Experience the effects of Ecstasy
9. FSR For Some Reason
10. YOLO You Only Live Once
11. WDY Why Don't You?
12. WBU What About You?
13. LOLO Lowrider
14. DPYN Don't Pick Your Nose
15. LLC Limited Liability Company
Laughing Like Crazy
16. GWARN Go On
17. DHV Demonstration of Higher Value
18. FBW Fly by wire
19. (Y) Thumbs up (MSN)
20. SHUX Shucks, expression of modesty
21. SPLIF A cigarette of tobacco and cannibis
22. NTK Need To Know
23. LIEING Misspelling of 'lying'
24. HRU How Are You?
25. UKWIM You Know What I Mean
26. OPK Other People's Kids
27. NAHMEAN You know what I mean
28. NSW New South Wales
29. DYKT Did You Know That?
30. OFC Of Course
31. WY Why
Would You
32. DTYT Don't Take Your Time
33. // Love, I love you
34. OOFT Sound made when impressed by something
35. :X Zipped lips
36. ICYMI In Case You Missed It
37. TPE Total Power Exchange
38. GRX Gracias
39. AFAP As Far As Possible
40. FITY Fifty
41. AUO I don't know
42. YANO You Know
43. GBU God Bless You
44. :3 Cute/goofy face
45. IMU I Miss You
46. INVU I Envy You
47. SPM South Park Mexican (rapper)
48. HYD How Ya Doing?
49. JD Jack Daniel's
50. BREH Brethren, brothers
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