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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 24th May 2018

1. NMWH No Matter What Happens
2. XXX Kisses
3. IMK In My Knowledge
4. GPOY Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself
5. WEBINAR Web based seminar
6. YUCKY Disgusting, gross
7. LDL Long Distance Lover
8. KIR Keepin' It Real
9. NUG High quality bud of marijuana
10. ATF All Time Favorite
11. BANJAX Break, destroy
12. BOGSAT Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
13. NEWB Newbie
14. PATT Party All The Time
15. EOL End Of Lecture
16. CMC Casi Me Cago (Spanish LOL)
17. ISB I'm So Bored
18. SOUND Cool, awesome, good
19. DJ Disc Jockey
Dow Jones
Dinner Jacket
20. FTR For The Record
21. HOMIES Group Of Close Friends
22. YA You
Young Adult
23. ATV All Terrain Vehicle
24. DY same as DWAI
25. YVW You're Very Welcome
26. UHM same as UH or UM
27. LOLAK Lots Of Love And Kisses
28. KOD Kiss Of Death
29. CEEBS same as CBB
30. FYI For Your Information
31. LMT Let Me Think
32. WNTT We Need To Talk
33. HMPF Sound made when irritated
34. DNO Don't Know
35. GN8 Good Night
36. RWL Roaring With Laughter
37. THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana
38. AMIGO Friend
39. DA The
District Attorney
40. GOS Girlfriend Over Shoulder
Game Of Soldiers
41. HOA Home Owners Association
42. MGO Metal Gear Online (game)
43. SAGE Word added to a post to stop it getting bumped
44. SEKC Sexy
45. TOM Time Of Month
46. TVM Thanks Very Much
47. WE Whatever
48. CACHE Store for temporary computer files
49. TNBM True Norwegian Black Metal
50. SQL Structured Query Language (for databases)
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