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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 7th April 2020

1. HBO Home Box Office
2. TWYMS That's What Your Mom Said
3. MYL Miss You Loads
4. TOFTT Take One For The Team
5. BTWITIAILWU By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
6. PK Player Kill (MMORPG)
7. 10X Thanks
8. LPL Misspelling of LOL
9. MOTWYW Make Of That What You Will
10. CYDM Check Your Direct Messages
11. INRS It's Not Rocket Science
12. WMJ Wat maak jy? (Afrikaans - what are you doing?)
13. OOTD Offer Of The Day
Outfit Of The Day
14. FGS For God's Sake
15. YEAP Yes
16. OM Old Man
17. :) Happy
18. IHAC I Have A Customer...
19. PENG A LENG Really sexy, very fit
20. GLEAK Spit
21. O-O Shock
22. IHT I Hate This
23. SKOOL School
24. CEWL Cool
25. IM Instant Message
26. LATERZ See you later, goodbye
27. MLB Major League Baseball
28. BURD Bird, girlfriend
29. IYWW If You Were Wondering
30. WBU What About You?
31. KO Knock Out
32. LOP Stupid person
33. HG Holy Grail
34. LMS Like My Status
Last Man Standing
35. ISTG I Swear To God
36. SOI Statement of Intent
37. SUS Suspect, suspicious
38. HBU How About You?
39. BAU Business As Usual
40. TLTR Too Long To Read
41. CONVO Conversation
42. LYLT Love You Long Time
43. NDP New Democratic Party
44. PA Personal Assistant
45. TY Thank You
46. NEL No (Spanish)
47. B7 Banned (B7=B&=Band)
48. FAM Family
49. POV Point Of View
50. GTG Got To Go
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