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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 20th September 2019

1. WUUP2 What are You Up To?
2. CLARET Blood
3. IED Improvised Explosive Device
4. TTLY Totally
5. MLYP Much Like Your Post
6. WUG What You Got?
Where You Going?
7. LYLT Love You Long Time
8. IDEKY I Don't Even Know You
9. NAWM Know What I Mean?
10. ANY1 Anyone
11. AYO Hey, You
12. TWOT Total Waste Of Time
13. LUB Love
14. WFM Works For Me
15. WBY What (A)bout You?
16. WBU What About You?
17. SCRAM Go away
18. GBML Good Bye My Love
19. SPRUNG Obsessed with someone, in love
20. YHU You
21. WDTM What Does That Mean?
22. DANK Very potent marijuana
Incredibly good, awesome
23. IJWTK I Just Want To Know
24. MPV Multi-Purpose Vehicle
25. BTWITIAILWY By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
26. IDKWTD I Don't Know What To Do
27. WYLASOMWTC Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
28. NTBCW Not To Be Confused With
29. BUBZ Pet name for BF or GF
30. SOUND Cool, awesome, good
31. FRESH Very good, cool
32. HH Ha-Ha
33. HH Holding Hands
34. RU Are You?
35. IDKY I Don't Know Why
36. IRDK I Really Don't Know
37. BET Black Entertainment Television
38. WDYWTTA What Do You Want To Talk About?
39. DK Don't Know
40. WYLABOCTGWTR Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
41. GN Good Night
42. ATI Array Technology Inc. (graphics card maker)
43. 88888888 Clapping
44. /S Sarcasm
45. XO Hugs & Kisses
46. WTHIT What The Hell Is That?
47. DNDC Don't Know, Don't Care
48. SAMEFAG Person with multiple aliases on forums
49. YUH Yes
50. WTHIGO What The Hell Is Going On?
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