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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 1st October 2022

1. WTHIWWY What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
2. DMML Don't Make Me Laugh
3. MERP Meaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
4. WIWWY What Is Wrong With You?
5. WYLABOCTGWTR Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
6. VG Video Game
Very Good
7. HBU How About You?
8. G2K Good To Know
9. GLWT Good Luck With That
10. NTTAWWT Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
11. HOOT Good time
Funny person
12. GTK Good To Know
13. GLWS Good Luck With Sale
14. FRESH Very good, cool
15. SKUX A guy who's good with women
16. GLIRL Good Luck In Real Life
17. IDFG I Don't Feel Good
18. WUWU What's Up With You?
19. DANK Very potent marijuana
Incredibly good, awesome
20. IJDK I Just Don't Know
21. WTHAY Who The Hell Are You?
22. HRU How Are You?
23. PENG Good looking person
24. WTHRU Who The Hell Are You?
25. IDEWTK I Don't Even Want To Know
26. JSMN Just Shoot Me Now
27. HOT Very good looking, sexy
28. BEAST Person/thing that is good, awesome
29. GBML Good Bye My Love
30. NMU Not Much, You?
31. HOAY How Old Are You?
32. RU Are You?
33. PRAWN Girl who is good looking except for her face
34. CIHY Can I Help You?
35. WWU Where Were You?
36. WDYMBT What Do You Mean By That?
37. WNWY What's New With You?
38. WBY What (A)bout You?
39. WYDN What You Doing Now?
40. IDRK I Don't Really Know
41. LUWAMH Love You with All My Heart
42. HMU Hit Me Up
43. WEEE Exclamation of excitement
44. GOSH Exclamation of suprise or shock
45. WRU Where Are You?
46. WBU What About You?
47. DONNO I don't know
48. WWY Where Were You?
49. STUNNER Good looking person
50. 14344 I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
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