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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 19th September 2019

1. CLARET Blood
2. MOJO Sex appeal
Charm, spell
3. MCM Man Crush Monday
4. WWWY What's Wrong With You?
5. TWOT Total Waste Of Time
6. SOUR Strong WEED
7. TTLY Totally
8. UTI Urinary Tract Infection
9. NAMEAN Do you know what I mean?
10. WTHRU Who The Hell Are You?
11. SUCKS Is bad, is rubbish
12. SKUX A guy who's good with women
13. OFC Of Course
14. ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
15. ROGER THAT I Understand, OK
16. CK CRIP Killa
17. STR8 Straight
18. SCH School
19. LUB Love
20. R&R Rest and Relaxation
21. GTK Good To Know
22. V/R Very Respectfully
23. 2U2 To You Too
24. HMIHY How May I Help You?
25. YHU You
26. HBU How About You?
27. HRU How Are You?
28. HMPF Sound made when irritated
29. GIEF Give
30. CPT Colored People's Time
31. CL Chain Letter
Craig's List
32. MIA Missing In Action
33. WBY What (A)bout You?
34. RAP Music genre
35. TEKKERS Technique (in sport)
36. DUB SACK A $20 bag of marijuana
37. VG Video Game
Very Good
38. REM Rapid Eye Movement
Rock band
39. CPM Cost Per Thousand
40. IDD Indeed
41. IKWUM I Know What You Mean
42. BOH Gunshot sound
43. JIP Rob, rip-off
44. ROLF Rolling On Laughing Floor
45. HOAY How Old Are You?
46. CMS Content Management System
47. BAU Business As Usual
48. WWY Where Were You?
49. MM Married Man
50. UV Unpleasant Visual
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