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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 27th January 2020

1. NBM Nil By Mouth
Not Before Midnight
2. MERP Meaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
3. WIWWY What Is Wrong With You?
4. YKWIM You Know What I Mean
5. DIKU Do I Know You?
6. IDWTK I Don't Want to Know
7. WUWU What's Up With You?
8. NAHMEAN You know what I mean
9. YKWIS You Know What I'm Saying?
10. DANK Very potent marijuana
Incredibly good, awesome
11. TYFYT Thank You For Your Time
12. WYLSCWTW Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
13. POLY Polyamory, loving more than one person at a time
14. LYLT Love You Long Time
15. IDRK I Don't Really Know
16. GLWS Good Luck With Sale
17. SMT Sucking My Teeth
18. BLAST Damn
Good time
19. VGG Very Good Game
20. MTUK More Than You Know
21. WAYDRN What Are You Doing Right Now?
22. WAFWOT What A F***ing Waste Of Time
23. // Love, I love you
24. WDYWFM What Do You Want From Me?
25. WTII What time Is It?
26. ILYLT I Love You Long Time
27. IDHTT I Don't Have The Time
28. IDKY I Don't Know Why
29. PFT An exlamation of disbelief
30. OLDFAG Long established member of an online community
31. CW Clockwise
Continuous Wave
32. AHT Out
33. RIPPED Well defined muscles
34. KRO Keep Right On
35. NGL Not Gonna Lie
36. SWEAT Like, love
37. HRU How Are You?
38. DIKY Do I Know You?
39. GROM Grommet, young surfer
40. YUTE Youth
41. KWIM Know What I Mean?
42. DUS Does
43. YRG You Are Good!
44. ADORBS Adorable
45. WTD What The Deuce?
46. SA Sibling Alert
47. L2PK Learn To Player Kill
48. LML Love My Life
49. BUBZ Pet name for BF or GF
50. HMU Hit Me Up
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