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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 7th June 2020

1. DYKT Did You Know That?
2. TQM Te Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
3. DIKU Do I Know You?
4. WELP Well
5. MCW Man Crush Wednesday
6. S2U Same To You
7. HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
8. HDY How Dare You
9. UNI University
10. WDY Why Don't You?
11. OHK Oh,Ok
12. MTB Mountain Bike
13. NSF Not Sufficient Funds
Not So Fast
14. DWU Don't Wait Up
15. MTH Month
16. MBFAM  My Brother From Another Mother
17. CU See You
18. LOML Love Of My Life
19. HOOT Good time
Funny person
20. HMF same as HMPH
21. YUP Yes
22. TINWIS That Is Not What I Said
23. NPS No Problems
24. DEN Then
Private room
25. CPP C Plus Plus, C++ (programming language)
26. WSP What's up?
27. STH Something
28. WUN Bye
29. STAHP Stop
30. KLK Que lo que? (Spanish for What's Up?)
31. NEWBIE New Person
32. MBN Must Be Nice
33. YHU You
34. HGL Happy Go Lucky
35. CAVE Give up, give in
36. R5 Region 5 (DVD region)
37. WBY What (A)bout You?
38. WTHIWWY What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
39. MYGGWY May Your God Go With You
40. YEP Yes
41. NMU Not Much, You?
42. <3 Love (heart shape)
43. ONYD Oh No You Didn't
44. ATOY Always Thinking of you
45. SPST Same Place, Same Time
46. COS Because
47. >:( Angry
48. HMPF Sound made when irritated
49. WWWY What's Wrong With You?
50. TBE To be Edited
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