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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 21st March 2018

1. .COM Top level domain for commerce
2. WWWY What's Wrong With You?
3. =F Vampire
4. RASTA Rastafarian
5. PROBS Probably
6. SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
7. TIF That Is Funny
8. PENG Good looking person
9. .ORG Top level domain for non-profit organizations
10. GOB Mouth
11. GLOCK Semi-automatic pistol
12. WYWTA What You Wanna Talk About
13. L8R Later
14. ICK same as UGH
15. PV Promotional Video
16. OTD On The Dot
Out The Door
17. R5 Region 5 (DVD region)
18. WUS Wimp
19. OOM Out Of Mana (MMORPG)
20. CS Counter-Strike
21. KKK Ku Klux Klan
22. XYZ Examine Your Zipper
23. DH Darling Husband
24. TKS Thanks
25. YEY same as YAY
26. MONROE Piercing between nose and upper lip
27. STS Smirk To Self
28. ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
29. UNDIES Underwear
30. STAHP Stop
31. ATX Austin, Texas
32. VDU Visual Display Unit
33. HOF Hall Of Fame
Heavy on Flag
34. WBW White Boy Wasted
35. DY same as DWAI
36. FOC Free Of Charge
37. PIC Picture
Partner In Crime
38. MOC Marriage Of Convenience
My Own Creation
39. MUCK Ugly
40. TATO Alright, OK
41. GWS Get Well Soon
42. CONVO Conversation
43. BFF Best Friends Forever
Big Fat Friend/Female
44. WAGWAN What's Going On?
45. SUM1 Someone
46. WIIFM What's In It For Me
47. IDL I Don't Like ...
48. BSNS Business
49. AMA Ask Me Anything
Against Medical Advice
50. NONY Anonymous person
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