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Top 50 Trending Slang Terms - Live - 23rd July 2019

1. PFF Expression of disagreement
2. TWOT Total Waste Of Time
3. SOS Save Our Souls (Help!)
4. DOS Disk Operating System
Denial Of Service (attack)
Dad Over Shoulder
5. JFF Just For Fun
6. OMDS same as OMD
7. (YN) Fingers crossed (MSN)
8. BESTIE Best Friend
9. HIT ME UP Call me later
10. NW No Way
11. TY Thank You
12. STG Swear To God
13. BAFO Best And Final Offer
14. UWU Happy Anime Face
15. H1B US employment visa
16. RCH A very small unit of measurement
17. DA The
District Attorney
18. TIGHT Close
19. PTO Paid Time Off
20. STY Same To You
21. IDK I Don't Know
22. DLV Demonstration of Lower Value
23. FWD Foward (Email)
24. PONR Point Of No Return
25. XYZ Examine Your Zipper
26. GYPO Gypsy
27. LS Lovesick
Life Story
28. BRUDDA Brother
29. :Q Smoking
30. BVM Blessed Virgin Mary
31. IYL If You're Lucky
It's Your Life
32. RHINO Older man looking for a younger woman
33. FOI Freedom Of Information
34. DOL Dying Of Laughter
35. BEST Best Regards
36. DEEZ These
37. BAH Bored As Hell
38. FYP Fixed Your Post
39. NARF Random interjection
40. DLS Dirty Little Secret
41. SW So What?
Star Wars
Street Worker
42. NM Never Mind
Nothing Much
No Message
43. SMACKED High on marijuana
44. MOOK Idiot, JERK
45. NUH No
46. SLOL Seriously Laughing Out Loud
47. IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
48. :DD Very happy
49. AMIRITE Am I Right?
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