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What does SWISHER mean?

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What is SWISHER?

SWISHER is "Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs"

SWISHER Definition / SWISHER Means

The definition of SWISHER is "Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs"

The Meaning of SWISHER

SWISHER means "Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs"
So now you know - SWISHER means "Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs" - don't thank us. YW!
What does SWISHER mean? SWISHER is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SWISHER definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'cheap':
CHEAP SKATE Mean/stingy person
CSA Cheap Shot Artist
PLONK Cheap wine
Other terms relating to 'cigar':
ATTY Atomizer from electronic cigarette
BLUNT Marijuana cigar
BOGIE Cigarette
CAMEL Brand of cigarettes
CIG Cigarette
CIGGIE Cigarette
CIGGY Cigarette
DOOBIE Marijuana cigarette, joint
DRAG Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint
Dressed as a woman
E-CIG Electronic Cigarette
FAG Cigarette
GPC Generic Pack of Cigarettes
Get/Post/Cookie (web pages)
JOINT Rolled marijuana cigarette
KOOLS Mentholated cigarettes
MENTHOL Mint flavored cigarette
NEWPORT Cigarette brand
PINNER Thin marijuana cigarette
PMC Post Meal Cigarette
SHERM Cigarette dipped in PCP
SKINS Cigarette papers
TV teen drama
SNOUT Cigarette
SPLIF A cigarette of tobacco and cannibis
SQUARE Cigarette
ZIG ZAG Cigarette paper
Other terms relating to 'used':
/AC Anti-Capitalist. Used to preface the posting of a comment or article that is im
153 FISH '153 Fish' was a metaphor used by John (21:11) to symbolize wisdom.
EMOJI Tiny Pictures Used In Texts To Communicate A Feeling Or A Concept
EUC Excellent Used Condition
GLHF Good luck, have fun. Used in CS matches
GUTI Get Used To It
HAGDAAEBWE Have a great day and an even better weekend (used on Fridays)
HOLLA Used by a man to express interest in a woman
KTHXBI Okay, Thanks, Bye (usually used dismissively)
MPREG Male Pregnancy, A Term Used In Fan Fiction
PHISHING Scamming method used to get personal information
PSA. Please See Attached - Used in company Emails, much like PSB
SPOOF Tube used to reduce smoking smells
Other terms relating to 'making':
JMS Just Making Sure
JOANING Putting someone down, making fun of
MOTORBOATING Nuzzling a woman's chest whilst making a noise


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