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What is ^?

^ is "Refer To The Above Posted In The Chat"

^ Definition / ^ Means

The definition of ^ is "Refer To The Above Posted In The Chat"

The Meaning of ^

^ means "Refer To The Above Posted In The Chat"
So now you know - ^ means "Refer To The Above Posted In The Chat" - don't thank us. YW!
What does ^ mean? ^ is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the ^ definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'refer':
· FFRFlash Flash Revolution (game)
For Future Reference
· PAPER BAG SYNDRWhen someone is ugly then they're refered to as someone who has ' Paper Bag Synd
· VVVRefering to comment below
· ^^^Reference to line above
Other terms relating to 'above':
· AOTAAll Of The Above
· NOTANone Of The Above
· TPAMThe Person Above Me
· UBER Ultimate, best (German for above)
· ^^^Reference to line above
Other terms relating to 'posted':
· ABPAlready Been Posted
· IKYPI'll Keep You Posted
· KMPKeep Me Posted
· KYPKeep You Posted
· SIAPSorry If Already Posted
· WKYPWill Keep You Posted
Other terms relating to 'chat':
· BANTERPlayful, witty chat
· CWYLChat With You Later.
· FBCFaceBook Chat
· IRCInternet Relay Chat
· IRCOPInternet Relay Chat Operator
· KIKA mistyped version of LOL
Smartphone app for free chat
· LEETChat room language
· LTNCLong Time No Chat
· NMJCNot Much Just Chat
· RCRandom Chat
Radio Controlled
· RPCRole Playing Chat
· SARGEChat up
· VCVoice Chat
· VENTVentrilo (internet chat program)
· WHEELChat up, pick up (a girl)
· WUWCBWhat do You Want to Chat about?


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