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What does DBT mean?

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What is DBT?

DBT is "Doing Big Things"

DBT Definition / DBT Means

The definition of DBT is "Doing Big Things"

The Meaning of DBT

DBT means "Doing Big Things"
So now you know - DBT means "Doing Big Things" - don't thank us. YW!
What does DBT mean? DBT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the DBT definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'doing':
BDN Busy Doing Nothing
DN Doing Nothing
DTM Doing Too Much
Dead To Me
HAYD How Are You Doing?
HYD How Ya Doing?
LBDN Look Busy Doing Nothing
OD Overdose
Over Doing it
OOPS Word said after doing something wrong
WAUD What Are You Doing?
WAYD What Are You Doing
WAYDRN What Are You Doing Right Now?
WCD What Chu Doing?
WMJ Wat maak jy? (Afrikaans - what are you doing?)
WRUD What Are You Doing?
WRYD What Are You Doing?
WTHAYDWMM What the hell are you doing with my man
WUD What You Doing?
WYBD What've You Been Doing?
WYD What You Doing?
WYDN What You Doing Now?
Other terms relating to 'things':
AOT As Opposed To
Among Other Things
DBGD Death By Google Doc (putting things into a Google Doc thinking that gets things done)
GTD Getting Things Done
TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up
TOTT Think on These Things
TTTT These Things Take Time


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