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What does P/X mean?

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What is P/X?

P/X is "Part exchange"

P/X Definition / P/X Means

The definition of P/X is "Part exchange"

The Meaning of P/X

P/X means "Part exchange"
So now you know - P/X means "Part exchange" - don't thank us. YW!
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Other terms relating to 'part':
+1 Partner
Me too
BANGER Great party
Old car
BFFLTDDUP Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
BNP British National Party
BOWL Part of a marijuana pipe
CARTY Party in a car
GET DOWN Party, dance
GOP Grand Old Party
INPO In No Particular Order
KPG Keep the Party Going
LFP Looking For Party (in MMORPG)
NDP New Democratic Party
P&P Party And Play
Postage And Packaging
P.I.C. Partner In Crime
PARTY POOPER A person who ruins the mood with their attitude
PATT Party All The Time
PNP Party and Play
PPB Parts Per Billion
PPM Parts Per Million
PQ Party Quest (game)
RAGE Party very hard, get wasted
RAVE A Large Dance Party
SFP Sorry for Partying
SHUBZ House party, rave
TDDUP Til Death Do Us Part
TDDWP Til Death Do We Part
TPK Total Party Kill
TURF Area, part of the neighborhood
WTGP Way To Go, Partner
Other terms relating to 'exchange':
LEC Local Exchange Carrier
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PX Post Exchange
Part Exchange
TPE Total Power Exchange


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