Web Abbreviations beginning G

GNITE Good Night
GNK Glitch No Kill (gaming)
GNO Girls/Guys Night Out
GNP Gross National Product
GNR Guns 'N Roses
GNSD Good Night, Sweet Dreams
GNSTDLTBBB Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
GNU GNU's Not Unix, Linux OS
GOAT Greatest Of All Time
GOB Mouth
GOBLIN Gangster
GOD SPEED Good luck
GOG Person from north Wales
GOH get outta here
GOI Get Over It
GOK God Only Knows
GOKIL Crazy (Indonesian)
GOL Giggle Out Loud
GOLD DIGGER Person who loves someone just for their money
GOM Idiot, fool
GOMB Get Off My Back
GOMD Guy/Girl Of My Dreams
GOMER Get Out of My Emergency Room, unwelcome patient
GOMF Get Outta My Face
GOML Get On My Level
GON Go on
Going to
GONNA Going to
GOOG Ecstasy pill
GOOGLE An Internet Search Engine
To Seek An Answer Using The Search Engine Google
GOOH Get Out Of Here

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