Web Abbreviations beginning W

WAG1 What's Going On?
WAGS Wives And Girlfriends
WAGWAN What's Going On?
WAGWARN What's Going On?
WAGWUN What's Going On?
WAH Working At Home
WAHM Work At Home Mom
WAJ What A Joke
WAK Weird, awful
WAL What A Loser
WALAHI I swear to God
WALE Rapper
WALLA Voila (French for 'here it is')
WALLAH I swear to God in Arabic
WALLHAX Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls)
WALLY Stupid person
WAM Wait A Minute
What A Mess
WAMH With All My Heart
WAMHAS With All My Heart And Soul
WAML With All My Love
WAN What A Newb
WANNA Want to
WANNABE Someone who wants to be what they are not
WAP Wireless Access Point
WAPCE Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil
WAREZ Cracked/pirate software
WAS Wait And See
WASH Waste of time
WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

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