Web Abbreviations beginning W

WUSS Wimp, coward
WUT What
WUU2 What are You Up To?
WUUP2 What are You Up To?
WUUT same as WUU2
WUV Love
WUW What You Want?
WUWCB What do You Want to Chat about?
WUWH Wish You Were Here
WUWT What's Up With That
WUWTA What You Wanna Talk About?
WUWTB What You Wanna Talk 'Bout?
WUWU What's Up With You?
WW White Widow (strong marijuana)
White Woman
WW1 World War One
WW2 World War Two
WWA Wiggers with attitude
WWBD What Would Batman Do?
WWCND What Would Chuck Norris Do?
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
WWF World Wildlife Fund
World Wrestling Federation (now WWE)
WWIC Why Would I Care?
WWIT What Was I Thinking?
WWJBD What Would Jason Bourne Do?
WWJD What Would Jesus Do?
WWJP What Would Jesus Post?
WWOTW Wicked Witch Of The West
WWTBAM Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
WWU Where Were You?
WWW World Wide Web

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