Web Abbreviations beginning M

MTFBWU May The Force Be With You
MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
MTG Magic: The Gathering (game)
MTH Month
MTL Montreal, Canada
MTLBWY May The Lord Be With You
MTO Media Take Out (gossip website)
MTUK More Than You Know
MTV Music Television
MTW Mum's the Word
MTYK More Than You Know
MU Multi User
MUA Make-Up Alley (website)
MUAH The sound of giving a kiss
MUAHA An evil laugh
MUAHZ Kisses
MUAK same as MUAH
MUB major joyous being
MUCHO Much, very
MUD Multi-User Dungeon, MMORPG
MUD DUCK Ugly woman
MUDKIP Water Pokemon
MUDSHARK White woman dating black men
MUFC Manchester United Football Club
MUFFIN TOP Fat spilling out over the top of pants
MUG Rob someboby
MUGSHOT Head and shoulders picture
MULA Money
MULE Person who carries something for someone else

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