Web Abbreviations beginning H

HICKY Love bite
HIG How's It Going?
HIIK Hell If I Know
HIMYM How I Met Your Mother (TV show)
HINKEY Strange, unusual
HIP Cool, stylish, contemporary
HIPSTER Person who is HIP
HIR Gender neutral possessive pronoun (his/her)
HIT A LICK Get a lot of money very quickly
HIT ME UP Call me later
HIT YOU UP Call you later
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HIWTH Hate It When That Happens
HIYA Hello
HJNTIY He's Just Not That Into You
HK Hong Kong
Hostile Kids
HL Half Life (game)
HLAS Hook, Line And Sinker
HLV Hasta La Vista
HM Thinking
HMB Hit Me Back (reply)
HMF same as HMPH
HMI Human Machine Interface
HMIHY How May I Help You?
HML Hate My Life
HMP Help Me, Please
HMPF Sound made when irritated
HMPH Expression of apathy or disagreement
HMS Her Majesty's Ship (UK)
HMU Hit Me Up
HMUL Hit Me Up Later

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