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What is DGMTS?

DGMTS is "Don't Give Me That S**t"

DGMTS Definition / DGMTS Means

The definition of DGMTS is "Don't Give Me That S**t"

The Meaning of DGMTS

DGMTS means "Don't Give Me That S**t"
So now you know - DGMTS means "Don't Give Me That S**t" - don't thank us. YW!
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Other terms relating to 'don't':
· AUOI don't know
· CAREI don't care
· DADTDon't Ask, Don't Tell
· DAMDon't Ask Me
· DAMHIKDon't Ask Me How I Know
· DAMHIKTDon't Ask Me How I Know That/This
· DAQDon't Ask Questions
· DBADon't Bother Asking
· DBAADon't Be An Asshole
· DBABDon't Be A Bitch
· DBDDon't Be Dumb
Death Before Dishonor
· DBEYRDon't Believe Everything You Read
· DBIDouche Bag Index
Don't Beg It
· DBJDon't Be Jealous
· DBLDon't Be Late
· DBMDon't Bother Me
· DBNTDon't Bother Next Time
· DBSDon't Be Stupid
Don't Be Sad
Don't Be Scared
· DCDon't Care
· DCOIDon't Count On It
· DDIDon't Do It
· DDTDon't Do That
· DEBDon't Even Bother
· DEGTDon't Even Go There (i.e. I don't want to talk about it)
· DETDon't Even Trip
· DETAIDon't Even Think About It
· DFC<-- Click To View
· DFFDon't Forget to Flush
· DFIDon't Force It
· DFKDFC<-- Click To View
· DFKM<-- Click To View
· DFLIDon't Feel Like It
· DFTBADon't Forget To Be Awesome
· DFTSDon't Forget to Smile
· DFTSYPDon't Forget To Say Your Prayers
· DFTTDon't Feed The Troll
· DFWM<-- Click To View
· DGDon't Go
· DGAF<-- Click To View
· DGAS<-- Click To View
· DGF<-- Click To View
· DGIDon't Get Involved
Don't Get It
· DGOTDon't Go Over There
· DGTDon't Go There
· DGTWMDon't Go There With Me
· DHAFC<-- Click To View
· DHMUDon't Hit Me Up
· DHYBDon't Hold Your Breath
· DJMDon't Judge Me
· DKDon't Know
· DKDCDon't Know, Don't Care
· DKFSDon't Know For Sure
· DKMDon't Kill Me
· DKYDon't Know Yet
Don't Kid Yourself
· DLAMDon't Laugh At Me
· DLBDon't Look Back
· DLNDon't Look Now
· DLTBBBDon't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
· DLTBGYDDon't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
· DLTMDon't Lie To Me
· DMDon't Mind
Doesn't Matter
Direct Message
· DMAFDon't Make A Fuss
· DMIDon't Mention It
· DMIIDDon't Mind If I Do
· DMMDon't Mind Me
· DMMLDon't Make Me Laugh
· DMYDon't Mess Yourself
· DNDCDon't Know, Don't Care
· DNODon't Know
· DNTDon't
· DNTKDon't Need To Know
· DONNOI don't know
· DPIDots Per Inch
Don't Push It
· DPMODon't Piss Me Off
· DPYNDon't Pick Your Nose
· DQMOTDon't Quote Me On This
· DQYDJDon't Quit Your Day Job
· DTADon't Trust Anyone
· DTBDon't Text Back
· DTMWTDDon't Tell Me What To Do
· DTTDon't Touch That
· DTTCDon't Text The Cell
· DTTMDon't Talk To Me
· DTUdon't thank us
· DTYTDon't Take Your Time
· DUNNODon't Know
· DWDon't Worry
· DWAIDon't Worry About It
· DWBHDon't Worry, Be Happy
· DWBIDon't Worry 'Bout It
· DWDHDon't Worry Don't Hurry
· DWMTDon't Waste My Time
· DWTHDon't Work Too Hard
· DWTTAIDon't Want To Talk About It
· DWUDon't Wait Up
· DYDDon't You Dare
· DYJHIWDon't You Just Hate It When...
· DYTDon't You Think?
· FMDIDGADFrankly My Dear , I Don't Give A Damn
· GNSTDLTBBBGood Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
· IDBII Don't Believe It
· IDBYI Don't Believe You
· IDCI Don't Care
· IDECI Don't Even Care
· IDEKI Don't Even Know
· IDEKYI Don't Even Know You
· IDEWTKI Don't Even Want To Know
· IDFC<-- Click To View
· IDFGI Don't Feel Good
· IDFGAS<-- Click To View
· IDFK<-- Click To View
· IDFLII Don't Feel Like It
· IDGACI Don't Give A Crap
· IDGADI Don't Give A Damn
· IDGAF<-- Click To View
· IDGAFF<-- Click To View
· IDGARA<-- Click To View
· IDGAS<-- Click To View
· IDGHPI Don't Get Hashtag Phrases
I Don't Get His/Her Point
I Don't Generally Hate People
· IDGII Don't Get It
· IDHACI Don't Have A Clue
· IDHTTI Don't Have The Time
· IDJI Don't Judge
· IDKI Don't Know
· IDKEI Don't Know Either
· IDKWI Don't Know Why
· IDKWTDI Don't Know What To Do
· IDKWYMI Don't Know What You Mean
· IDKYI Don't Know Why
· IDLI Don't Like ...
· IDLII Don't Like It
· IDLTI Don't Like That
· IDLTWI don't like this website.
· IDLYI Don't Love/Like You
· IDMWUi don't mess with you
· IDNI Don't kNow
· IDRI Don't Remember
· IDRCI Don't Really Care
· IDRGAF<-- Click To View
· IDRKI Don't Really Know
· IDTI Don't Think
· IDTSI Don't Think So
· IDUI Don't Understand
· IDUNNOI Don't Know
· IDWI Don't Want
· IDWKI Don't Wanna Know
· IDWTI Don't Want To
· IDWTAII Don't Wanna Talk About It
· IDWTKI Don't Want to Know
· IHDKI Honestly Don't Know
· IHYDMI Hope You Don't Mind
· IJDGAF<-- Click To View
· IJDKI Just Don't Know
· IONOI Don't Know
· IRDCI Really Don't Care
· IRDGAF<-- Click To View
· IRDKI Really Don't Know
· ISDKI Simply Don't Know
· IYDMIf You Don't Mind
· LOW ITAllow It, don't worry
· LOW KEYQuiet
Don't tell anyone
· LOWEDon't bother, forget it
· MERPMeaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
· PDBAZPlease Don't Be A Zombie
· RDCReally Don't Care
· TKTDon't worry (French)
· TMSIDKTell Me Something I Don't Know
· U.O.E.N.OYou Don't Even Know
· UDKYou Don't Know
· UDWKYou Don't Wanna Know
· UOENOYou Don't Even Know
· WDFA<-- Click To View
· WDYWhy Don't You?
· WORDSResponse to something you don't care about
· YDEKYou Don't Even Know
· YDKYou Don't Know
· YDKS<-- Click To View
· YDMSYou Don't Make Sense
· YDMTYou Don't Mean That
· YDSYou Don't Say
· YDUYou Don't Understand
· YDWTKYou Don't Want to Know
Other terms relating to 'give':
· BOPGive head
· CAVEGive up, give in
· DERBGive head, blow job
· DGAF<-- Click To View
· DGAS<-- Click To View
· DGF<-- Click To View
· DILLIGADDo I Look Like I Give A Darn?
· DILLIGAF<-- Click To View
· DILLIGAS<-- Click To View
· FMDIDGADFrankly My Dear , I Don't Give A Damn
· GAF<-- Click To View
· GIEFGive
· GIMMEGive me
· GMABGive Me A Break
· GMAFB<-- Click To View
· GMHGives Me Hope
· IDFGAS<-- Click To View
· IDGACI Don't Give A Crap
· IDGADI Don't Give A Damn
· IDGAF<-- Click To View
· IDGAFF<-- Click To View
· IDGARA<-- Click To View
· IDGAS<-- Click To View
· IDRGAF<-- Click To View
· IGUI Give Up
· IJDGAF<-- Click To View
· IRDGAF<-- Click To View
· LGMHLove Gives Me Hope
· LIGAF<-- Click To View
· LIGAS<-- Click To View
· NEGUNever Ever Give Up
· NGUNever Give Up
· NGUNSNever Give Up, Never Surrender
· NOTGASNobody out there gives a shit
· PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
· TITTThrow In The Towel, give up
· TSWGAF<-- Click To View
· WGAF<-- Click To View
· WGAFF<-- Click To View
· WGARAWho Gives A Rat's Ass?
· WGAS<-- Click To View
· WGAT?Who Gives A Toss?
Other terms relating to 'that':
· /ACAnti-Capitalist. Used to preface the posting of a comment or article that is im
· ACMEA Company that Makes Everything
· ADEROLDrug that helps you focus
· ASATAs Simple As That
· ATTTAin't That The Truth
· BEASTPerson/thing that is good, awesome
· BOOMERAn old person that knows nothing about the internet
· BTAIMBe That As It May
· BTDTBeen There Done That
· BTDTGTTSBeen There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
· BURNERtemporary mobile phone that you can throw away so it doesn't get tracked
· BYKTBut You Know That
· C1Affirmative, Roger that
· COALBURNERWhite woman that dates black men
· COPY THATI understand
· COPYPASTAPost that has been copied and pasted
· CTSO<-- Click To View
· CUTESomeone/thing that is attrative in an innocent way
· DAMHIKTDon't Ask Me How I Know That/This
· DATThat
· DBGDDeath By Google Doc (putting things into a Google Doc thinking that gets things done)
· DDTDon't Do That
· DOWNERSomeone or something that brings the mood down
· DTMSDoes That Make Sense?
· DTTDon't Touch That
· DYKTDid You Know That?
· FBTWFine, Be That Way
· FT<-- Click To View
· FTFYFixed That For You
· GATAGet After That Ass
· GIWISTGee, I Wish I'd Said That.
· GLWTGood Luck With That
· GTNGet That Nut
· HBTHow 'Bout That
· HCITHow Cool Is That?
· HDTHHow Did That Happen?
· HDYDTHow Did You Do That?
· HIWTHHate It When That Happens
· HJNTIYHe's Just Not That Into You
· HSITHow Sad Is That
· HTHHope That Helps
How The Hell
· IALTOI Always Love That One
· IARKTi already know that
· IAWTCI Agree With That/This Comment
· ICBSSTI Can't Believe She Said That
· IDLTI Don't Like That
· IEId Est (that is)
Internet Explorer
· IKTI Knew That
· IKTRI Know That's Right
· ILTI Like That
· ITCIn This Channel
In That Case
· ITMAIt's That Man Again
· ITWYMIs That What You Mean?
· IYBTYBAIf You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything
· IYTTIf You Think That
· JLTJust like that
· LMGTFYLet Me Google That For You
· MEMEAn idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc
· MOTWYWMake Of That What You Will
· NAFTA<-- Click To View
· NALOPKTNot A Lot Of People Know That.
· NHFTNot Here For That
· NHTBNever Heard That Before
· NITWNot In That Way
· NNITONot Necessarily In That Order
· NO HOMOUsed to indicate you're not gay after saying something that sounds gay
· NO-BRAINERSomething that requires no thought before deciding
· NQATNo Question About That
· NTBNot That Bothered
Not Too Bad
· NTTName That Tune
Not Touching That!
· NTTAWWTNot That There's Anything Wrong With That
· OFT<-- Click To View
· OSLTOr Something Like That
· OTNOn That Note
· OWTTEOr Words To That Effect
· PHWOARAcknowledgement that a person is fit, sexy,hot
· PTBPowers That Be
Pass The Buck
Please Text Back
· ROGER THATI Understand, OK
· SBTSorry 'Bout That
· SMFTSo Much For That
· SOKThat's OK
· TAFNThat's All For Now
· TAHTThat
· TAMWThat Awkward Moment When ...
· TBTPThat's Beside The Point
· TFBS<-- Click To View
· TFFS<-- Click To View
· TFFT<-- Click To View
· TFM2KAU2FOThat's For Me to Know And You To Find Out
· TFMTKThat's For Me To Know
· TGFTThank God For That
· THT That
· TIFThat Is Funny
· TIFNThat's It For Now
· TIMOthat is my opinion
· TINWISThat Is Not What I Said
· TIRFThat/This Is Really Funny
· TISAThat Is So Awesome
· TISNFThat is so not fair
· TMLOThat Means Lay Off
· TMMSThat Made Me Smile
· TNFThat's Not Funny
· TNOTTake Note Of That
· TNTMThat's News To Me
· TOTGAThe One That Got Away
· TPTBThe Powers That Be
· TRMThat Reminds Me
· TRU DATThat is True, I agree
· TSFThat's So Funny
· TTATap That Ass
· TTF<-- Click To View
· TTOTMThat Time Of The Month
· TWFThat Was Funny
· TWFAFThat's What Friends Are For
· TWGThat Was Gay
· TWHSThat's What He Said
· TWIDThat's What I Do
· TWIHThat's Why I'm Here
· TWITAThat's What I'm Talking About
· TWSSThat's What She Said
· TWUThat's What's Up
· TWYMSThat's What Your Mom Said
· UKTYou Know That
· WDITOTWhy Didn't I Think Of That
· WDTMWhat Does That Mean?
· WDYDTWhy Did You Do That?
What Did You Do Today?
· WDYMBTWhat Do You Mean By That?
· WFT<-- Click To View
· WTBSWith That Being Said
· WTDTAWhere They Do That At?
· WTFITSTM<-- Click To View
· WTFIUWT<-- Click To View
· WTFWT<-- Click To View
· WTHDTMWhat The Hell Does That Mean?
· WTHITWhat The Hell Is That?
· WUWTWhat's Up With That
· WWYDTWhy Would You Do That?
· WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
· WYLASOMWTCWould You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
· WYLSCWTWWould You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
· YDMTYou Don't Mean That
· YGTRYou Got That Right
· YSMTUYou So Made That Up
Other terms relating to 's**t':
· APOS<-- Click To View
· BAQ<-- Click To View
· BFS<-- Click To View
· BLS<-- Click To View
· BS<-- Click To View
· BTSOM<-- Click To View
· BULL<-- Click To View
· CACA<-- Click To View
· CACK<-- Click To View
· CHALES<-- Click To View
· CRAP<-- Click To View
· CRS<-- Click To View
· CRUD<-- Click To View
· CTSO<-- Click To View
· DADS<-- Click To View
· DDSOS<-- Click To View
· DDSS<-- Click To View
· DEUCE<-- Click To View
· DGAS<-- Click To View
· DILLIGAS<-- Click To View
· DREK<-- Click To View
· DUMP<-- Click To View
· ESAD<-- Click To View
· ESADMF<-- Click To View
· FAS<-- Click To View
· FATS<-- Click To View
· FDS<-- Click To View
· FOS<-- Click To View
· GEESH<-- Click To View
· GOMES<-- Click To View
· GSO<-- Click To View
· HFS<-- Click To View
· HSMF<-- Click To View
· IDFGAS<-- Click To View
· IDGAS<-- Click To View
· ISHT<-- Click To View
· JETS<-- Click To View
· JOBBIE<-- Click To View
· JSMP<-- Click To View
· KUSO<-- Click To View
· LIGAS<-- Click To View
· LLS<-- Click To View
· NBS<-- Click To View
· NBSP<-- Click To View
· NDSOS<-- Click To View
· NO DIP<-- Click To View
· NS<-- Click To View
· NSS<-- Click To View
· NUMBER 2<-- Click To View
· OSH<-- Click To View
· OSN<-- Click To View
· POO<-- Click To View
· POOP<-- Click To View
· POS<-- Click To View
· RNS<-- Click To View
· SCAT<-- Click To View
· SFD<-- Click To View
· SHART<-- Click To View
· SHID<-- Click To View
· SHINFO<-- Click To View
· SHITE<-- Click To View
· SHIZ<-- Click To View
· SHIZZ<-- Click To View
· SHTF<-- Click To View
· SHYT<-- Click To View
· SMP<-- Click To View
· SOL<-- Click To View
· SOSDD<-- Click To View
· SSS<-- Click To View
· STSU<-- Click To View
· TAS<-- Click To View
· TFBS<-- Click To View
· TIBS<-- Click To View
· TISH<-- Click To View
· TSFY<-- Click To View
· TSHTF<-- Click To View
· TSS<-- Click To View
· UAS<-- Click To View
· WGAS<-- Click To View
· WSD<-- Click To View
· WTFS<-- Click To View
· WTS<-- Click To View
· WTSHTF<-- Click To View
· YDKS<-- Click To View
· YFOS<-- Click To View
· YGBSM<-- Click To View
· YGTBSM<-- Click To View


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