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WGARA Definition / WGARA Means

The definition of WGARA is "Who Gives A Rat's Ass?"
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Other terms relating to 'gives':
· GMHGives Me Hope
· LGMHLove Gives Me Hope
· PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
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Other terms relating to 'rat's':
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Other terms relating to 'ass?':
· (_!_)Ass
· 1*One Ass to Risk (1 asterisk)
· AAAlcoholics Anonymous
Automobile Association
· AAAAmerican Automobile Association
Battery size
· AARPAmerican Association of Retired Persons
· ABNAsshole By Nature
· AHAsshole
· AISAss In Seat
· AKAK-47 Assault Rifle
· AK47Assault rifle
· APAssociated Press
· ARAssault Rifle
· ARSEAss, bottom
· ASMAssembly computer language
· ASSBottom
Fool, idiot
· ASSHATOne with their head up their ass
· ATGAss To Grass (weight lifting squat)
· BABad Ass
· BABBad Ass Bitch
· BADASSCool, confident person
· BAMF<-- Click To View
· BIOYABlow It Out Your Ass
· BMABite My Ass
· BOOTILICIOUSHaving a very tasty ass
· BUNGAnus, asshole
· CCNACisco Certified Network Associate
· CHOPPERAK-47 assault rifle
· CLASSCool, excellent
· CMACover My Ass
· CNACertified Nursing Assistant
· CPACertified Piece of Ass
· CULOAss (Spanish)
· CYASee Ya
Cover Your Ass
· CYOACover Your Own Ass
· DAMFDumb Ass MF
· DAUDumb Ass User
· DBAADon't Be An Asshole
· DEAD ASSSerious
· DONKEYGirl with a fat ass
· DOUCHE BAGIdiot, asshole
· EMAOEat My Ass Out
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Vagina (UK,AUS,NZ)
· FAS<-- Click To View
· FDAUFace Down, Ass Up
· FIFAFederation International de Football Association
· FMAOFreezing My Ass Off
· FMITA<-- Click To View
· FPAFine Piece of Ass
· FUAH<-- Click To View
· GANDAss, bottom
· GASSEDHave a high opinion of yourself
· GASSINGTalking
· GATAGet After That Ass
· GMAOGiggling My Ass Off
· GRASSMarijuana
· GYHOOYAGet Your Head Out Of Your Ass
· HAKASHave A Kick Ass Summer
· HOAHome Owners Association
· HOLEAsshole
· HPOAHot Piece Of Ass
· HUTAHead Up The Ass
· ICBAI Can't Be Assed
· IMFA<-- Click To View
· JACKASSStupid person, idiot
· JAMFJive Ass MF
· KATSKick Ass This Summer
· KMAKiss My Ass
· KMAGKiss My Ass Goodbye
· KMFA<-- Click To View
· KMSMAKiss My Shiny Metal Ass
· KYAGKiss Your Ass Goodbye
· LHAOLaughing His/Her Ass Off
· LMAOLaughing My Ass Off
· LMBAOLaughing My Black Ass Off
· LMFAO<-- Click To View
· LOMALaughing Out My Ass
· LYAOLaughing Your Ass Off
· MBAMasters of Business Association
Married But Available
· MPAMusic Publishers' Association
· MPAAMotion Picture Assosciation of America
· MYFAMove Your Fat Ass
· NAACPNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People
· NAFTA<-- Click To View
· NAMBLANorth American Man/Boy Love Association
· NASCARNational Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
· NASDAQNational Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
· NBANational Basketball Association
· NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association
· NEANational Education Association
· NRANational Rifle Association
· PAPersonal Assistant
· PABPunk Ass Bitch
· PALParents Are Listening
Personal Ass Licker
· PAWGPHAT Ass White Girl
· PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
· PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
· PGAProfessional Golfers' Association
· PIAPain In the Ass
· PIMAPain In My Ass
· PITAPain In The Ass
· POOPERAss, bottom
· PTAPits, Tits, Ass - quick wash
· QAQuality Assurance
Question and Answer
· RAResident Advisor
Resident Assistant
· RABRandom Ass Bitch
· RMAORolling My Ass Off
· ROFLMAORolling On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
· ROTFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
· ROTFLMFAO<-- Click To View
· SATScholastic Assessment Test
· SIUYAShove It Up Your Ass
· SMAOStudy My Ass Off
· SWAGScientific Wild Assed Guess
· SYAUShut Your Ass Up
· T&ATits and Ass
· TAKSTexas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
· TMAOText My Ass off
· TTATap That Ass
· TTTKATime To Totally Kick Ass
· TUMATongue Up My Ass
· TUSHBottom, ass
· UAVUrban Assault Vehicle
· UDAUlster Defence Association
· UEFAUnion of European Football Associations
· URNSYou Are An Ass
· UYAUp Your Ass
· WAGWild Ass Guess
· WMAOWork My Ass Off
· YBYAYou Bet Your Ass
· YBYSAYou Bet Your Sweet Ass
· YHAYouth Hostel Association
· YMCAYoung Mens Christian Association
· YWCAYoung Women's Christian Association

The Meaning of WGARA

WGARA means "Who Gives A Rat's Ass?"
So now you know - WGARA means "Who Gives A Rat's Ass?" - don't thank us. YW!
What does WGARA mean? WGARA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the WGARA definition is given.

What is WGARA?

WGARA is "Who Gives A Rat's Ass?"
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