Web Abbreviations beginning L

LTNS Long Time No See
LTNT Long Time No Talk
LTP Lost The Plot
LTR Long term relationship
LTS Laugh To Self
LTY Laugh To Yourself
LU Love You
LUA Love You Always
LUB Love
LUBE Lubricant
LUFF Friendly Love
LUH Love
LUI Living Under the Infuence
LUL Lame Uncomfortable Laugh
LULAB Love You Like A Brother
LULAS Love You Like A Sister
LULS same as LOL
LULZ same as LOL
LUMI Love You, Mean It
LUMU Love You Miss You
LUNCHBOX Bulge in a man's pants
LURK Read a forum but never post
LURKER Forum follower who never posts
LUSH Drunk person
Great, brilliant
LUSM Love You So Much
LUV Love
LUVVIE Stage actor
LUWAMH Love You with All My Heart

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