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PILLOW TALK is "Converstaion in bed, usually after sex"


The definition of PILLOW TALK is "Converstaion in bed, usually after sex"

The Meaning of PILLOW TALK

PILLOW TALK means "Converstaion in bed, usually after sex"
So now you know - PILLOW TALK means "Converstaion in bed, usually after sex" - don't thank us. YW!
What does PILLOW TALK mean? PILLOW TALK is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the PILLOW TALK definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'pillow':
AOYP Angel on Your Pillow
PILLOW PRINCESS Sexually selfish woman
Other terms relating to 'talk':
BOGSAT Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
CTN Can't Talk Now
CTRN Cant Talk Right now
DEGT Don't Even Go There (i.e. I don't want to talk about it)
DTTM Don't Talk To Me
DWTTAI Don't Want To Talk About It
F2T Free To Talk
IDWTAI I Don't Wanna Talk About It
LTMA Less Talk, More Action
LTNT Long Time No Talk
LWT Look Who's Talking
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
No Action Talk Only
NPNT No Picture, No Talk
NTTU Not Talking To You
POTS Parents Over The Shoulder (parents watching, I can't really talk)
QTF <-- Click To View
T2M Talk To Me
T2T Time To Talk
T2UL Talk To You Later
T2YL Talk To You Later
TABOO Forbidden, not talked about
TDTM Talk Dirty To Me
TL Talk Later
True Love
Team Leader
TLK Talk
TOMBOUT Talking About
TTM Talk To Me
TTML Talk To Me Later
TTTH Talk To The Hand
TTTTY Time To Talk To You
TTUL Talk To You Later
TTUS Talk To You Soon.
TTUT Talk To You Tomorrow
TTY Talk To You
TTYF Talk To You Forever
TTYIAB Talk To You In A Bit
TTYITM Talk To You In The Morning
TTYL Talk To You Later
TTYM Talk to You Ma
TTYN Talk To You Never
TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon
TTYS Talk To You Soon
TTYT Talk To You Tomorrow
TTYVS Talk To You Very Soon
TWITA That's What I'm Talking About
TWYL Talk With You Later
WAFFLE Pointless talk
WAYTA What Are You Talking About
WDYWTTA What Do You Want To Talk About?
WNTT We Need To Talk
WRUTA What Are You Talking About?
WRYTA What Are You Talking About?
WSWTA What Shall We Talk About?
WTFAYTA <-- Click To View
WTL Will Talk Later
WUWTA What You Wanna Talk About?
WUWTB What You Wanna Talk 'Bout?
WYTA What You Talking About?
WYWTA What You Wanna Talk About
YTTM You Talk Too Much
You Talking To Me?
Other terms relating to 'usually':
BIMBO Stupid girl, usually pretty
BOOTY Backside (usually female)
CODEC Coder-Decoder (usually for audio/video data)
CUPPA Cup of (usually) tea
KTHXBI Okay, Thanks, Bye (usually used dismissively)
OUNCE 28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana)
SELFIE Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself
SLUT Sexually promiscuous person, usually female
Other terms relating to 'after':
ARVO Afternoon
AVO Afternooon
BBAM Be Back After Meal
CRICKETS Said after a lame joke to break the silence
DADS <-- Click To View
F&A <-- Click To View
GATA Get After That Ass
HEA Happily Ever After
NAFTA <-- Click To View
NO HOMO Used to indicate you're not gay after saying something that sounds gay
OOPS Word said after doing something wrong
PM Private Message
Post Meridiem (afternoon)
SKEET Ejaculate after withdrawal


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