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What does TWERK mean?

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What is TWERK?

TWERK is "Work hips in a sexual way"

TWERK Definition / TWERK Means

The definition of TWERK is "Work hips in a sexual way"

The Meaning of TWERK

TWERK means "Work hips in a sexual way"
So now you know - TWERK means "Work hips in a sexual way" - don't thank us. YW!
What does TWERK mean? TWERK is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the TWERK definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'work':
AWNP All Work, No Play
B2W Back To Work
BMW Bavarian Motor Works (car manufacturer)
DAW Digital Audio Workstation
DWTH Don't Work Too Hard
GBTW Get Back To Work
GRULE Hard work, nuisance
GTW Got To Work
GW Good Work
HOBO Itinerant worker
HWITR Hardest worker in the room
KUTGW Keep Up The Good Work
LFW Looking For Work
LG2W Let's Get To Work
NBTW Now Back To Work
NETWORK Two or more connected computers
NSFW Not Safe For Work
NWS Not Work Safe - for messages/sites containing adult content
P90X Type of workout schedule
RED COAT British soldier
Holiday camp worker
SFW Safe For Work
SW So What?
Star Wars
Street Worker
TAFW Time Away From Work
TEMP Temporary (worker, file, etc.)
WAH Working At Home
WAHM Work At Home Mom
WAYWO What Are You Working On?
WFH Working From Home
WFM Works For Me
WG Working Girl, prostitute
WHPH Work Hard, Play Hard
WIP Work In Progress
WMAO Work My Ass Off
Other terms relating to 'hips':
CBH Child Bearing Hips
Weak, corny
HIPSTER Person who is HIP
Other terms relating to 'sexual':
COCKBLOCK Someone who stops another's sexual advances
FLING Short-term sexual relationship
GET LAID To Have Sexual Intercourse
GUSH Woman's sexual secretion
HOME BASE Full sexual intercourse
HPV Human Papillomavirus (sexually transmitted disease)
KINKY Unusual in sexual behaviour
KLPD Kahre Land Pe Dhokha (Hindi/Urdu) sexual frustration, rejection
KY Sexual lubricant
LEMON Sexual anime
MOIST Sexually aroused (female)
NURU Sexual massage
PANSEXUAL Attracted to all and any sexuality
PILLOW PRINCESS Sexually selfish woman
SCAT <-- Click To View
SEF Sexually Empowered Female
SEXTING Sending sexually explicit texts
SFS Sexual Frustration Syndrome
SLUT Sexually promiscuous person, usually female
SMUT Sexual fiction, art etc
SMV Sexual Market Value
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection
UST Unresolved Sexual Tension
WATER SPORTS Sexual activity involving urine


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