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What does SPINNER mean?

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What is SPINNER?

SPINNER is "Small woman who can spin on a penis"

SPINNER Definition / SPINNER Means

The definition of SPINNER is "Small woman who can spin on a penis"

The Meaning of SPINNER

SPINNER means "Small woman who can spin on a penis"
So now you know - SPINNER means "Small woman who can spin on a penis" - don't thank us. YW!
What does SPINNER mean? SPINNER is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SPINNER definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'small':
· ACORNSmall penis
· BLIMSmall piece of HASH
· COOKIESmall file relating to a website
· DINKYTiny, small
Dual Income No Kids Yuppie
· FAUX HAWKSmaller, Shorter Version of a Mohawk Hairstyle
· KIWIA person from New Zealand
A small brown bird from New Zealand
· M&MSmall chocolate candy
· RCHA very small unit of measurement
· SCSISmall Computer System Interface
· SDSSmall Dick Syndrome
· SMALLSUnderwear
· SMESmall/Medium Enterprises
· SPHSmall Penis Humiliation
· STUBSmall penis
· TADSmall amount
· THUMBNAILSmall version of a picture
· TITCHSmall person
· TOTSmall child
· WEESmall
· XSExcess
Extra Small
Other terms relating to 'woman':
· 10Perfect looking woman
· BA-DONKA-DONKPleasantly curvy woman's bottom
· BACKWoman's bottom
· BBBWBig Beautiful Black Woman
· BBWBig Beautiful Woman
· BEARDMan or woman used as cover for a gay person
· BEWBA woman's breast
· BIDDYGirl, woman
· BIRDCocaine
Young woman
· BOILERUgly woman
· BOMBSHELLVery attractive woman
· BOOBWoman's breast
· BROADWoman
· BUREGirl, woman
· BUTTERFACEA Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
· BW Beautiful Woman
Black and White
· COALBURNERWhite woman that dates black men
· COUGAROlder woman looking for a younger man
· COUGEROlder woman looking for a younger man
· COWOffensive term for a woman
· DOGGYMan behind woman sex position
· DRAGInhale smoke from cigarette or joint
Dressed as a woman
· FOXSexy, attractive woman
· GUSHWoman's sexual secretion
· HAGUnattractive old woman
· HOLLAUsed by a man to express interest in a woman
· HOOCHIEOver made up woman with trashy dress sense
· KITTENWoman who dates older men
· M4WMan looking for a woman
· MBWMarried Black Woman
· MOTORBOATINGNuzzling a woman's chest whilst making a noise
· MUD DUCKUgly woman
· MUDSHARKWhite woman dating black men
· MUNTERUgly woman
· MW4MWMan and Woman looking for another Man and Woman
· MW4WMan and Woman looking for another Woman
· NWNCNo Woman, No Cry
· NYMPHONymphomaniac, woman addicted to sex
· OLD BAGGrumpy old woman
· OWOuch
Other Woman
Oh, Well
· PANTHERWoman who likes older men
· PEGWoman with a strap-on dildo buggering a man
· PIGEONWoman using a man for personal gain
· PILLOW PRINCESSSexually selfish woman
· PUMAWoman who dates younger men
· RATCHETUndesirable, coarse woman
· RHINOOlder man looking for a younger woman
· RUNNERLoose woman
· RUSSIANSex between a woman's breasts
· SHEMALEWoman with a penis
· SKETA slut, promiscuous woman
· SLAGA promiscuous woman
To put down (Slag off)
· SQUIRTERA woman who ejaculates
· SSBBWSuper Sized Big Beautiful Woman
· SWANKCool, classy
Single Woman And No Kids
Second Wife And No Kids
· TGIRLMan living as a woman
· TITWoman's breast
Stupid person
· TITSWoman's breasts
· TRAMPSlut, promiscuous woman
Homeless person
· TRAMP STAMPSTatoos on a woman's lower back
· TROUTOlder man looking for a younger woman
· TWSTypical Woman Syndrome
· VIXENAttractive woman
· W4MWoman looking for a man
· W4TWoman looking for a transvestite
· W4WWoman looking for another woman
· WMWoman Marine
· WSMWoman Seeking Man
· WSWWoman Seeking Woman
· WUMWoman
Wind-Up Merchant
· WWWhite Widow (strong marijuana)
White Woman
· YATGril, woman
Where You At?
· YELLOW BONELight-skinned black woman
Other terms relating to 'spin':
· SPINSEffect of drinking too much
Other terms relating to 'penis':
· 8====DPenis
· 8===DA Penis
· ACORNSmall penis
· BELLENDHead of the penis
· BUTOPenis
· CHODEShort, fat penis
· CHUBSemi erect penis
· CHUBBYPartially erect penis
· COCKPenis
· DICKPenis
Stupid person
· EPEENElectronic Penis
· HUJPenis
· HUNGHaving a big penis
· JIMMYPenis
· LODAPenis
· LOGPenis
Large turd
· LUNPenis
· LUNDPenis (Hindi)
· MEATPenis
· NUNUPenis
· PEENPenis
· PEN15Penis
· PINGAPenis
· PIVPenis In Vagina
· PNSPenis
· PPPenis
· PRICKPenis
· PULAPenis
· PURPLE CRAYONBlack penis
· RODPenis, erection
· SHEMALEWoman with a penis
· SHLORTShort penis
· SPHSmall Penis Humiliation
· STUBSmall penis
· TARPFemale with a penis
· TUNKPenis and testicles area
· WANGPenis
· WILLYPenis
· WOODAn erect penis


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