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What does A LEVEL mean?

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What is A LEVEL?

A LEVEL is "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex"

A LEVEL Definition / A LEVEL Means

The definition of A LEVEL is "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex"

The Meaning of A LEVEL

A LEVEL means "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex"
So now you know - A LEVEL means "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex" - don't thank us. YW!
What does A LEVEL mean? A LEVEL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the A LEVEL definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'level':
.BIZ Top level domain for business
.COM Top level domain for commerce
.EDU Top level domain for education
.GOV Top level domain for governments
.MIL Top level domain for the military
.NET Top level domain originally for network providers
.ORG Top level domain for non-profit organizations
CHOOB High level player who acts like a noob
DING Just hit new level in RPG
GOML Get On My Level
L1 Level 1 (HJ)
LVL Level
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLD Second Level Domain
TLD Top Level Domain
TNL To Next Level
Other terms relating to 'school':
HSM High School Musical
LSAT Law School Admission Test
LSE London School of Economics
Low Self-Esteem
SCH School
SKEWL School
SKL School
SKOOL School
TCFS Too Cool For School
TTT Third Tier Toilet (bad school)
Other terms relating to 'exam':
EG For example (exempli gratia)
Evil Grin
GRE Graduate Record Examination
XYZ Examine Your Zipper
Other terms relating to '(uk)':
CRB Criminal Records Bureau (UK)
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
HMS Her Majesty's Ship (UK)
ITV Independent TV (UK)
P45 Employment severance form (UK)
Other terms relating to 'anal':
3< Anal sex
34 Anal sex
BUTT PIRATE Man who likes anal sex with another man
DVDA Double Vaginal, Double Anal
GREEK Anal sex
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)


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