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What does SHAG mean?

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What is SHAG?

SHAG is "Have sex" or "Tire (out)" or "Rough tobacco"

SHAG Definition / SHAG Means

The definition of SHAG is "Have sex" or "Tire (out)" or "Rough tobacco"

The Meaning of SHAG

SHAG means "Have sex" or "Tire (out)" or "Rough tobacco"
So now you know - SHAG means "Have sex" or "Tire (out)" or "Rough tobacco" - don't thank us. YW!
What does SHAG mean? SHAG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SHAG definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'have':
ALIHAL At Least I Have A Life
BANG Have sex
BEAT Have sex
BONE Have sex with
BONK Have sex
DHAFC <-- Click To View
DO Have sex with
GASSED Have a high opinion of yourself
GET LAID To Have Sexual Intercourse
GET ON Have sex
GJWHF Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
GL HF Good Luck, Have Fun
GLHF Good luck, have fun. Used in CS matches
HAGD Have A Good Day
HAGE Have A Good Evening
HAGL Have A Good Life
HAGN Have A Good Night
HAGO Have A Good One
HAGS Have A Great Summer
HAGT Have A Great Time
HAKAS Have A Kick Ass Summer
HAND Have A Nice Day
HANL Have A Nice Life
HF Have Fun
HF Have Fun
HFGL Have Fun, Good Luck
HIT Have sex
Smoke (marijuana)
HOOK UP Have sex
HUMP Have sex with
HYH Have You Heard
Hold Your Horses
HYS Have Your Say
IDHAC I Don't Have A Clue
IDHTT I Don't Have The Time
IHAC I Have A Customer...
IHNC I Have No Clue
IHNFC <-- Click To View
IHNI I Have No Idea
IITYWIMIWHTKY If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You
ISHK I Should Have Known
JODER Have sex
LHM Lord Have Mercy
Lord Help Me
LHS Let's Have Sex
MASH Have sex
NAIL Have Sex
PIPE Have sex
PMYMHMMFSWGAD Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
POKE Have sex with
Contact in Facebook
PORK Have sex
ROGER Have sex
OK, understood
Someone you want to have sex with
SHK Should Have Known
SHOULDA Should have
SMASH Have sex
SMDHE Some Mothers Do Have Em
SMUSH Have sex
TAP Have sex
WHYB Where Have You Been?
WHYD What Have You Done?
WUBU2 What Have You Been Up To?
YHBT You Have Been Trolled
YHBW You Have Been Warned
YHGASP You Have Got A Serious Problem
YHL You Have Lost
YHM You Have Mail
YHNI You Have No Idea
Other terms relating to 'tire':
-_- Annoyed, tired
=.= Tired
E_E Tired, exhausted
NACKERED Tired, worn out
ZONKED Very tired or inebriated
ZZZ Sleepy, bored or tired
Other terms relating to 'rough':
93 Rough suburb of Paris
GULLY Rough, raw, unpolished
POUND TOWN Rough sex
RAF <-- Click To View
Other terms relating to 'tobacco':
CHAW Chewing tobacco
LSMFT Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
SPLIF A cigarette of tobacco and cannibis


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