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What is NBL?

NBL is "Never Been Laid"

NBL Definition / NBL Means

The definition of NBL is "Never Been Laid"

The Meaning of NBL

NBL means "Never Been Laid"
So now you know - NBL means "Never Been Laid" - don't thank us. YW!
What does NBL mean? NBL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the NBL definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'never':
ˇ BBN Be Back Never
ˇ BLTN Better Late Than Never
ˇ FANTA <-- Click To View
ˇ HOLLAND Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
ˇ INK I Never Knew
ˇ INWLY I Never Wanna Lose You
ˇ LURK Read a forum but never post
ˇ LURKER Forum follower who never posts
ˇ NBB Never Been Better
ˇ NCB Never Coming Back
ˇ NEGU Never Ever Give Up
ˇ NGU Never Give Up
ˇ NGUNS Never Give Up, Never Surrender
ˇ NHOI Never Heard Of It
ˇ NHTB Never Heard That Before
ˇ NIAMY Never In A Million Years
ˇ NID Never In Doubt
ˇ NIML Never In My Life
Not In My Lifetime
ˇ NLYG Never Let You Go
ˇ NM Never Mind
Nothing Much
No Message
ˇ NON Now Or Never
ˇ NPO Never Pull Out
ˇ NRFB Never Removed From Box
ˇ NSD Never Say Die
ˇ NTL NeverTheLess
ˇ NV Never
ˇ NVFM <-- Click To View
ˇ NVM Nevermind
ˇ NVMD Never Mind
ˇ NVRM Never Mind
ˇ NWLY Never Wanna Lose You
ˇ ONM Oh, Never Mind
ˇ OWNM Oh Well, Never Mind
ˇ TLND True Love Never Dies
ˇ TTYN Talk To You Never
ˇ WNDITWB We Never Did It This Way Before
ˇ YNK You Never Know
ˇ YNWA You'll Never Walk Alone
Other terms relating to 'been':
ˇ ABD Already Been Done
ˇ ABP Already Been Posted
ˇ BOON Someone who has been a NOOB for ages
ˇ BTDT Been There Done That
ˇ BTDTGTTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
ˇ BU2M Been Up To Much?
ˇ COPYPASTA Post that has been copied and pasted
ˇ HYB How You Been?
ˇ IBMTS I've Been Meaning To Say
ˇ JBF <-- Click To View
ˇ NBB Never Been Better
ˇ NBK Natural Born Killers
Never Been Kissed
ˇ QED Quod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved)
ˇ WHYB Where Have You Been?
ˇ WUBU What You Been Up to?
ˇ WUBU2 What Have You Been Up To?
ˇ WYBD What've You Been Doing?
ˇ YBW You've Been Warned
ˇ YHBT You Have Been Trolled
ˇ YHBW You Have Been Warned
Other terms relating to 'laid':
ˇ CGL Can't Get Laid
ˇ GET LAID To Have Sexual Intercourse
ˇ SCORE Get laid


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