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What does HMD mean?

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What is HMD?

HMD is "Hold My Dick"

HMD Definition / HMD Means

The definition of HMD is "Hold My Dick"

The Meaning of HMD

HMD means "Hold My Dick"
So now you know - HMD means "Hold My Dick" - don't thank us. YW!
What does HMD mean? HMD is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the HMD definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'hold':
BABYSITTING Holding the weed too long
BOGART To Hold Onto Something For Oneself When It Is Supposed To Be Shared
DHYB Don't Hold Your Breath
H/O Hold On
HH Holding Hands
HHWW Holding Hands While Walking
HO Hold On
Head Office
HOAS Hold On A Second
HOLD Borrow (money)
HOLD UP Wait a minute
NHB No Holding Back
No Holds Barred
Other terms relating to 'dick':
BBD Bigger, Better Deal
Big Black Dick
CWD Comment When Done
Cringe, Wither, Die
Chronic Wasting Disease
Chicks With Dicks
D Dick
DICK Penis
DIH Dick In Hand
DIYM Dick In Your Mouth
DSLS Dick Sucking Lips
EABOD Eat A Bag Of Dicks
EAD Eat A Dick
GSAD Go Suck A Dick
LMD Lick My Dick
LMDO Laugh My Dick Off
SDS Small Dick Syndrome
SMD Suck My Dick
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SOMD <-- Click To View
SYD Suck Your Dick
WAD Ejaculate, semen
What A Dick


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