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FFTTAFFAY is "Feel Free To Take A Flying Fuck At Yourself"


The definition of FFTTAFFAY is "Feel Free To Take A Flying Fuck At Yourself"

The Meaning of FFTTAFFAY

FFTTAFFAY means "Feel Free To Take A Flying Fuck At Yourself"
So now you know - FFTTAFFAY means "Feel Free To Take A Flying Fuck At Yourself" - don't thank us. YW!
What does FFTTAFFAY mean? FFTTAFFAY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the FFTTAFFAY definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'feel':
· ASDFGHJKL;'When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
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· CLOUD 9Feeling of euphoria, high
· DFLIDon't Feel Like It
· EMOJITiny Pictures Used In Texts To Communicate A Feeling Or A Concept
· FEELSFeelings
· HYFBHope You Feel Better
· IDFGI Don't Feel Good
· IDFLII Don't Feel Like It
· IKHYFI Know How You Feel
· IKTFI Know The Feeling
· IRIEFeeling good, alright
· KHUFKnow How You Feel
· KHYFKnow How You Feel
· NHFNo Hard Feelings
· OFOCOverwhelming Feelings of Concern
Other terms relating to 'free':
· AYFTAre You Free Today?
· BOGOFBuy One Get One Free
· DD FREEDisease And Drug Free
· DDFDrug and Disease Free
· F2PFree To Play
Files To Peers
· F2TFree To Talk
· FFAFree For All
· FLAFFFoot Loose And Fancy Free
· FMAOFreezing My Ass Off
· FNEFree And Easy
· FOCFree Of Charge
· FOIFreedom Of Information
· FOIAFreedom of Information Act
· FOSSFree and Open Source Software
· FREEBIEItem or service one gets for free
· FREEBSDFree Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS)
· FROOBFree Noob. Non-paying player
· FSFFree Software Foundation
· FYMFree Your Mind
· GFAGrenade Free America
· GFFGrenade Free Foundation
· KIKA mistyped version of LOL
Smartphone app for free chat
· NAFTA<-- Click To View
· PHR33Free
· TANSTAAFLThere Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
· TINSTAFLThere Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch
· TNSTAAFLThere's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Other terms relating to 'take':
· CUFFEDTaken, has a BF or GF
· DTYTDon't Take Your Time
· FUTABFeet Up, Take A Break
· FYVMFuck You Very Much. A sarcastic take on 'Thank you very much'
· LMTALLet Me Take A Look
· MTOMedia Take Out (gossip website)
· SELFIEPicture of yourself, usually taken by yourself
· TACPTake A Chill Pill
· TCTake Care
· TCCICTake Care 'Cause I Care
· TCFNTake Care For Now
· TCGBTake Care, God Bless
· TCOYTake Care Of Yourself
· TIDTake It Down
· TIETake It Easy
· TIOLITake It Or Leave It
· TITFTake It Too Far
· TMATake My Advice
· TNOTTake Note Of That
· TOFTTake One For the Team
· TOFTTTake One For The Team
· TTJASITake This Job And Shove It
· TTTTThese Things Take Time
· TUWTake up with
· TWOCTaken Without Owner's Consent
· TYTTake Your Time
· TYTOTake Your Top Off
· WTAWinner Takes All
Other terms relating to 'flying':
· FWTFlying With Turban
· IDGAFF<-- Click To View
· KTBFFHKeep The Blue Flag Flying High! (Chelsea FC Moto)
· OMFSMOh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
· UFOUnidentified Flying Object
· WGAFF<-- Click To View
Other terms relating to 'fuck':
· ASAFas sexy as fuck
· B.F.GBig fucking gun
· BGTFOBitch Get The Fuck Out
· ERFEminently & Repeatably Fuckable
· FYVMFuck You Very Much. A sarcastic take on 'Thank you very much'
· LMMFAOlaugh my mother fucking ass off
· YTFBYeah The Fuckin Boys
Other terms relating to 'yourself':
· COCKYThinking too highly of yourself
· DIYDo It Yourself
· DKYDon't Know Yet
Don't Kid Yourself
· DMYDon't Mess Yourself
· GASSEDHave a high opinion of yourself
· GFUS<-- Click To View
· GFYS<-- Click To View
· GIYGoogle It Yourself
· GKYGo Kill Yourself
· GMYGood Man Yourself
· GPOYGratuitous Picture Of Yourself
· GPOYWGratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
· GSYGo Screw Yourself
· GYTGet Yourself Tested
· JBYJust Be Yourself
· KYOKnock Yourself Out
· KYSKill Yourself
· KYSOKnock Yourself Out
· LQTYLaughing Quietly To Yourself
· LTYLaugh To Yourself
· SELFIEPicture of yourself, usually taken by yourself
· SPOILERSomething you would've prefered to find out yourself
· TCOYTake Care Of Yourself
· VSF<-- Click To View


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