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What does BUTT mean?

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What is BUTT?

BUTT is "Backside, bottom"

BUTT Definition / BUTT Means

The definition of BUTT is "Backside, bottom"

The Meaning of BUTT

BUTT means "Backside, bottom"
So now you know - BUTT means "Backside, bottom" - don't thank us. YW!
What does BUTT mean? BUTT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BUTT definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'butt':
· BBFButt Buddy Forever
· BFGBBig Fat Greek Butt
· BFU<-- Click To View
· BIFButt In Front
· BNBBad News Bears
Bed 'N' Breakfast
Bread 'N' Butter
· BUFU<-- Click To View
· BUMA homeless person
Bottom, butt
· BUNSButtocks
· BUTT DIALAccidentally call from a phone in your pocket
· BUTT HURTOffended, upset
· BUTT PIRATEMan who likes anal sex with another man
· BUTTER FACEGirl who is good looking except for her face
· BUTTERFACEA Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
· GBSGay Butt Sex
· HBF<-- Click To View
· ICBINBI Can't Believe It's Not Butter
· IDB In Da Butt
· ITBIn The Butt
Is The Best
· KMBKiss My Butt/Balls
· KYBKick Your Butt
· LBMOLaughing My Butt Off
· LMBOLaughing My Butt Off
· MOONDisplay one's buttocks
· NALGASButtocks
· NBHNCNo Butt Hole, No Care
· PB&JPeanut Butter and Jelly
· PBJPeanut Butter and Jelly
· PIITBPut It In The Butt
· PITBPain In The Butt
· ROFLMBORolling On the Floor Laughing My Butt Off
· YACAABYour as cute as a button
Other terms relating to 'backside':
· BOOTYBackside (usually female)
Other terms relating to 'bottom':
· ARSEAss, bottom
· ASSBottom
Fool, idiot
· BA-DONKA-DONKPleasantly curvy woman's bottom
· BACKWoman's bottom
· BADONKLarge female bottom
· BLUFBottom Line Up Front
· BOTTOMSubmissive person in BDSM or gay sex
· BTTMBottom, receiver in gay sex
· CAKEYBig bottomed
· CLAPPASFat bottomed (girl)
· DONKLarge bottom
· FBGFat Bottomed Girl
· FTBOMHFrom The Bottom Of My Heart
· GANDAss, bottom
· GOOSEGrab someone's bottom
· POOPERAss, bottom
· TBWTiny Brained Wiper (of other people's bottoms)
· TUSHBottom, ass


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