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On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and Internet forums - a complete dictionary of slang. This page lists all these acronyms.
Please note that a few of the words stand for phrases containing words that may be offensive to some people. In those cases we have substituted asterisks, or similar, for the words in question.
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· # Twitter hashtag
· #1 Number one
· $ Dollar, money
· $_$ Has money
· %) Drunk, giddy
· & Ampersand
Represents The Word 'And'
· 'S Wrongly displayed 's
· >< Frustration
· >,< Angry, annoyed
· >.> Suspicious, wary
· >.< Frustrated, angry, upset, in pain
· >//< Embarrassed, blushing
· >3 Evil but happy
Hate (opposite of <3)
· >:( Angry
· >:) Evil Grin
· >:D Scheming
· >:D< Hug
· >:O Angry
· >O< Yelling
· >_> Looking left, shifty look
· >_< Frustrated
· &HEARTS; HTML code for a heart
· <# Misspelling of <3
· <> Not equal
No comment
· <>< Fish
· <.< Shifty look
· </3 Broken Hearted
· <2 Not quite love (<3)
· <3 Love (heart shape)
· <333 Multiple hearts
· <3U Love You
· <4 More than love (<3)
· <B Hate
· <G> Grin
· <_< Sarcasm, look left
· 'EM Them
· (!) Sarcasm
· ('_') Emoticon Representing Boredom
· (.)(.) Female Breasts
· (8) Musical note (MSN)
· (: Happy
· (A) Angel (MSN)
· (H) Cool dude emoticon (MSN)
· (K) Kiss (MSN)
· (L) Love heart (MSN)
· (N) Thumbs down (MSN)
· (S) Seriously
· (U) Heartbroken
· (Y) Thumbs up (MSN)
· (YN) Fingers crossed (MSN)
· (^^^) Shark
· (_8^(I) Homer Simpson
· ({)(}) Two People Hugging
· * Indicating a spelling correction
· *$ Starbucks
· *$$ Starbucks
· *<:-) Clown
· *.* Every file on a computer
· *G* Grin
· *HUG* A Cyberhug
· *O* Confused, surprised, shocked
· *S* Salute
· *\O/* Cheerleader
· *_* In love, dazed
· +1 Partner
Me too
· +REP Boost reputation on XBox Live
· +_+ Dead man
· -.- Annoyance
· -_- Annoyed, tired
· .-. Sad, unhappy
· ... Speechless
A Trailing Thought
· .BIZ Top level domain for business
· .CO Alternative to .COM
· .COM Top level domain for commerce
· .EDU Top level domain for education
· .GOV Top level domain for governments
· .MIL Top level domain for the military
· .NET Top level domain originally for network providers
· .ORG Top level domain for non-profit organizations
· ._. Emoticon Representing Apathy
· /.\ Shy
· // Love, I love you
· /:) Sign Of Flirtation
Sign Of Suspicion
· /B/ 4chan's random image board
· /O/ Happy, arms in the air
· /O\ Frustrated, hands on head
· /R/ Requesting
· /S Sarcasm
· /THREAD End of a thread on a forum
· /W Whisper
· 0.0 Surprise
· 0.O Raised eyebrow, WTF
· 0/ Waving
· 012 Forever
· 0_0 Shocked
· 10 Perfect looking woman
· 10-1 Radio code for 'Receiving poorly'
· 10-2 Radio code for 'Receiving well'
· 10-4 Understood, OK
· 101 Basic introduction
· 10CHAR Padding where at least 10 characters are required
· 10Q Thank you
· 10X Thanks
· 11 One louder than 10
· 111 Excited
· 112 European emergency number
· 12 The police
· 120 LOL! (101! = 5! = 120)
· 123 I agree
· 1234 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You)
· 1314 Forever (Chinese)
· 1337 Elite
· 133T Elite
· 143 I Love You (letters in each word)
· 14344 I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
· 1437 I Love You Forever
· 153 I Adore You (letters in each word)
· 180 Turn around, 180 degrees
· 187 Police code for murder or death
· 1AAT One At A Time
· 1D One Direction (band)
· 1UP Extra life in a game
· 2 To
· 21 Quit
· 211 Police code for robbery
· 212 Speak with someone
· 22 A .22 caliber handgun
· 220 Second To None
· 224 Today, tomorrow, forever
· 24/7 Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
· 241 Two For One
· 250 Stupid person (Chinese)
· 2B To Be
· 2BH To Be Honest
· 2DAY Today
· 2EZ Too Easy
· 2G Too Good
· 2G2BT Too Good To Be True
· 2K10 2010
· 2K4U To Cool For You
· 2K9 2009
· 2L8 Too late
· 2M Tomorrow
· 2MI Too Much Information
· 2MM Tomorrow
· 2MORO Tomorrow
· 2MOZ Tomorrow
· 2MRO Tomorrow
· 2MRW Tomorrow
· 2NITE Tonight
· 2NYT Tonight
· 2U To You
· 2U2 To You Too
· 3 The letter E
· 3 WHEELIN Driving with one wheel off the ground
· 3> Hate (opposite of <3)
· 30STM 30 Seconds To Mars (band)
· 313 Area code for Detroit
· 333 Half evil
· 360 XBox 360
Complete circle
· 381 I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning)
· 39 Thank You
· 3DG Three Days Grace (band)
· 3G Third Generation mobile phone network
· 3Q Thank You
· 4 For
· 4/20 April 20th, WEED smoking day
· 401 Area Code for Rhode Island
· 401K Retirement investment plan
· 403 Deny Access To
· 404 Page not found error
· 411 Information
· 419 Nigerian Email Scam
· 42 The answer to life, the universe and everything
· 420 WEED, Pot
Time to get high, smoke marijuana
· 420 FRIENDLY Person who likes smoking pot
· 4221 4ever 2gether 2love 1another
· 4377 Hell in LEET
· 44 .44 Magnum
· 459 I Love You (phone digits for ILY)
· 4CHAN Internet message/image board
· 4COL For Crying Out Loud
· 4E4 Forever
· 4EVA Forever
· 4EVER Forever
· 4G 4th Generation
· 4GET Forget
· 4GM Forgive me
· 4M Forum
· 4RL? For Real?
· 4SHO For Sure
· 4SRS For Serious?
· 4TW For The Win
· 4U For You
· 4WD Four-Wheel Drive
· 4X4 Four wheel drive vehicle
· 4YEO For Your Eyes Only
· 5 LOL (5=101 in binary)
· 5 BY 5 Loud and clear, fine
· 5 HOLE Gap between goalie's legs in hockey
· 5! LOL! see 120
· 50 Police (from Hawaii Five-O)
· 5150 Police code for crazy person on the loose
· 520 I Love You (Chinese)
· 555 Thai for HaHaHa
· 5EVER Because Forever Isn't Long Enough
Longer Than 4ever
· 5N Fine
· 5X5 Loud and Clear
· 637 Always and Forever (letters in each word)
· 66 Spooning
· 666 The Number of the Beast
· 6_6 Looking down
· 72 72 hours, 3 days
· 721 Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning)
· 73 Best regards (Amateur Radio)
· 730 Crazy
· 7DAW Seven Days A Week
· 8) Cool
· 8* Kiss
· 8-) Cool (sunglasses)
· 8-| Nerdy (wearing glasses)
· 808 Police code for disturbing the peace
· 80S The Eighties, 1980s
· 81 Hells Angels (HA 8th and 1st letter)
· 823 Thinking Of You
· 831 I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)
· 86 Get rid of something
· 88 Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)
· 881 Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation)
· 886 Bye Bye (Hong Kong Cantonese)
· 888 Ate, ate, ate
· 88888888 Clapping
· 8====D Penis
· 8===D A Penis
· 8BALL 1/8 ounce of cocaine
· 8D Manic
· 8| Balls To The Wall
· 9 Parent watching
· 911 US emergency number
· 93 Rough suburb of Paris
· 99 Parent stopped watching
· 999 UK emergency number
· 9JA Nigeria
· 9_9 Rolling the eyes
· :$ Embarrassed
· :& Tongue tied, speechless
· :> Mischievous smile
· :< Sad, frowning
· :'( Crying
· :') Crying with joy
· :( Unhappy, sad
· :(:) Pig
· :(|) Monkey
· :) Happy
· :* Kiss
· :-( Sad
· :-) Smile
· :-* Kiss
· :-D Laughing
Big Smile
· :-P Emoticon Of Someone Sticking Their Tongue Out
· :/ Sarcasm
· :0 Surprised, shocked
· :3 Cute/goofy face
· :9 Yum, licking
· :? Confused
· :@ Angry
· :B Buck teeth
· :C Very Sad
· :D Happy
· :DD Very happy
· :F Drooling
· :J Smirk
· :K Vampire teeth
Snake's tongue
· :L Laughing
· :O Surprised
· :O) Clown nose smiley face
· :P Sticking tongue out
· :Q Smoking
· :S Confused
· :T Side smile
· :X Zipped lips
· :[ Sad
· :\ Emoticon Meaning Confusion
· :] Happy
· :{) Happy with a moustache
· :| Disgust, disapproval, not funny
· ;( Crying
· ;) Wink
· ;-) Wink
· ;; Sad
· ;D Wink
· ;O Joking
· ;P Winking and sticking tongue out
· ;P; Misspelling of LOL
· = Equals
Complete Transformation
· =) Happy
· =* Kiss
· =.= Tired
· =/= Not equal to
· =0 Surprised, shocked
· =3 Cute/goofy face
· =D :D
· =F Vampire
· =I Indifference
· =P Sticking tongue out
· =S Confused
· =W= Weezer (band)
· =X No Comment
· =[ Sad
· =] Happy
· ? What?
· ?4U Question For You
· ?? What?
· ?_? Confused, lost
· @ At
· @.@ Confused, surprised
· @@@ Warning of parents nearby
· @_@ Hypnotized, dazed
· @}--->---- A rose
· A&E Accident & Emergency (department of a hospital)
· A&F Always And Forever
Abercrombie & Fitch
· A&R Artists & Repertoire
· A/N Author's Note
· A/W Anyway
· A1 Top quality
· A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
· A3 Anywhere, Any time, Any place
· A7A Frusration, anger (Arabic)
· A7X Avenged Sevenfold (band)
· AA Alcoholics Anonymous
Automobile Association
· AAA American Automobile Association
Battery size
· AAB Average At Best
· AAC Apple Audio Compression
· AAF Always and Forever
· AAK Alive And Kicking
· AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
· AAP Always A Pleasure
· AAR At Any Rate
· AARP American Association of Retired Persons
· AAT And Another Thing
At All Times
· AAWY And Also With You
· AAYF As Always, Your Friend
· ABBR Abbreviation
· ABC American Born Chinese
· ABD Already Been Done
· ABDC America's Best Dance Crew (TV show)
· ABF All But Face
· ABFAB Absolutely Fabulous
· ABG Asian Baby Girl
· ABH Actual Bodily Harm
· ABO Aborigine
· ABP Already Been Posted
· ABS Absolutely
· ABT About
· ABT2 About To
· ABU Anyone but (Manchester) United
· AC Air Conditioning
Alternating Current
· AC/DC Rock Band
· ACAPELLA Vocal music without instruments
· ACC Actually
· ACCT Account
· ACE Excellent, great
· ACID same as LSD
· ACK Disgust, frustration
· ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
· ACME A Company that Makes Everything
· ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
· ACT SAT type test
· ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
· ACU Army Combat Uniform
· AD Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
· AD HOC For the specific purpose
Improvised, impromptu
· ADAD Another Day Another Dollar
· ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
· ADDY Address
· ADED All Day Every Day
· ADEROL Drug that helps you focus
· ADGTH All Dogs Go To Heaven
· ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
· ADL All Day Long
· ADM Ay Dios Mio (OMG inSpanish)
· ADMIN Administrator on forum, network etc
· ADN Any Day Now
· ADORBS Adorable
· ADR All Due Respect
· ADS Aim(ing) Down Sights
· ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
· ADTR A Day To Remember (band)
· AE American Eagle (clothing)
· AEAE And Ever And Ever
· AEAP As Early As Possible
· AFAIA As Far As I'm Aware
· AFAIAA As Far As I Am Aware
· AFAIAC As Far As I Am Concerned
· AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned
· AFAICS As Far As I Can See
· AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell
· AFAIK As Far As I Know
· AFAIR As Far As I Remember
· AFAP As Far As Possible
· AFC Away From Computer
· AFF Affirmative
· AFFA Angels Forever, Forever Angels
· AFI A Fire Inside (Band)
· AFK Away From Keyboard
· AFL Australian Football League
· AFN All For Now
· AFP Away From Phone
· AFRL Away From Real Life
· AFRO Hairstyle from Africa
· AFS Always, Forever and Seriously
· AG Aggressive
· AGC Automatic Gain Control
· AGG Cool
· AGGY Aggitated
· AGH Ain't Gonna Happen
· AGM Annual General Meeting
· AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
· AGRO Hostile, angry
Aggravation, trouble
· AGT America's Got Talent (TV show)
· AGW All Going Well
· AHA Expression of discovery or realization
· AHEM Throat clearing sound
· AHO Idiot (Japanese)
· AHT Out
· AI Artificial Intelligence
As If
· AIB Am I Boverd?
· AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
· AIGF All In Good Fun
· AIGHT All right
· AII Alright
· AIIC As If I Care
· AIIT Alright
· AIKRN All I know right now
· AIM AOL Instant Messanger
· AIMBOT Trageting script in games
· AIMH Always In My Heart
· AIMO Idiot
· AIN'T Am not/are not/is not
· AINEC And It's Not Even Close
· AINT Am not/are not/is not
· AIO All In One
· AIR Blanked, ignored
· AIRHEAD Stupid person
· AISB As I Said Before
· AISI As I See it
· AIT Alright
· AITE Alright
· AITR Adult In The Room
· AITYD And I Think You Do
· AIUI As I Understand it
· AIYA Cantonese expression of exasperation
· AIYC As If You Care
· AJ Apple Juice
· AK AK-47 Assault Rifle
· AK47 Assault rifle
· AKA Also Known As
· AKI Autumn, fall
· AKML Avada Kedavra My Life (Harry Potter)
· AKS Ask
· AKTF Always Keep the Faith
· AL Alcohol
· ALA In the style of (French)
· ALAP As Late/Long/Little As Possible
· ALAS Expression of regret, sorrow
· ALCHY Alcoholic
· ALCO Alcoholic
· ALF Animal Liberation Front
· ALG Ain't Life Grand
· ALI Best Friend
· ALIE Init
· ALIHAL At Least I Have A Life
· ALK Alcohol
· ALKQN Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
· ALL- NIGHTER Stay Up All Night
· ALLOW Let it be, forget it
· ALOL Actually Laughing Out Loud
· ALOTBSOL Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
· ALPHA Head person of a group
· ALRATO Later
· ALT Alternative character in RPG
· ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
· ALV Asta La Vista, goodbye
· ALWP Actual Laughter Was Produced
· AM Ante Meridiem (before midday)
Amplitude Modulation (radio signal)
· AMA Ask Me Anything
Against Medical Advice
· AMAA Ask Me Almost Anything
· AMAP As Much/Many As Possible
· AMC American Motors Corportation
· AMD Advanced Micro Devices
· AMEX American Express
· AMG Ah My God
· AMIGO Friend
· AMIRITE Am I Right?
· AML All My Love
· AMN Any Minute Now
· AMOF As a Matter of Fact
· AMOG Alpha Male Of Group
· AMP Amplifier
· AMPED Excited, fired up
· AMT Alpha-Methyltryptamine
· AMTRAK American passenger railroad corporation
· AMV Anime Music Video
· AMW America's Most Wanted (TV show)
· AMZ Amazing
· AN Author's Note
· ANC African National Congress
· ANF Abercrombie & Fitch
· ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
· ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different
· ANIME Japanese style animation
· ANO Anorexic
· ANON Unknown person
· ANS Answer
· ANSI American National Standards Institute
· ANTI Against
· ANTM America's Next Top Model
· ANY1 Anyone
· ANYWHO Anyhow
· ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
· AO Adults Only
· AOB Any Other Business
· AOD All Of Day
· AOE Area Of Effect
· AOK Age of Kings (game)
All OK
· AOL American Online
· AOM Age of Mythology (game)
· AON All Or Nothing
As Of Now
· AOS Ahead Of Schedule
· AOT As Opposed To
Among Other Things
· AOTA All Of The Above
· AOTS Attack of the Show (TV show)
· AOW All Out War
· AOYP Angel on Your Pillow
· AP Associated Press
· APB All Points Bulletin
· APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
· APE Mad, crazy
· API Application Programming Interface
· APM Actions Per Minute
· APN As Per Normal
· APO Authorized Personnel Only
· APP Application (computer program)
· APPROX Approximately
· APPS Applications (software)
· APR Annual Percentage Rate
· APT Apartment
· APU As Per Usual
· APYR As Per Your Request
· AQ Adventure Quest (game)
· AQAP As Quickly As Possible
· AQF Ay Que Funny, LOL
· AR Assault Rifle
· ARD Alright
· ARE Misspelling of 'our'
· AREA 51 Top secret military base in Nevada
· ARF Laugh
· ARG Alternate Reality Gaming
· ARGH Expression of frustration or anger
· ARIGATO Thank You (Japanese)
· ARK Act of Random Kindness
· ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency (made early internet)
· ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (early internet)
· ARPU Average Revenue Per User
· ART Alright
· ARVO Afternoon
· ASA And So On
· ASAIC As Soon As I Can
· ASAIK As Soon As I Know
· ASAP As Soon As Possible
· ASAS As Soon As Sensible
· ASAT As Simple As That
· ASAYC As Soon As You Can
· ASBO Anti Social Behaviour Order
· ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
· ASD Sequence of letters on many keyboards
· ASDFGHJKL An Expression Of Excitement
An Expression Of Frustration
An Expression Of Boredom
· ASDFGHJKL; I'm bored
· ASDFGHJKL;' When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
Home Keys On Standard Keyboard
· ASF And So Forth
· ASG Asgarv (Swedish for LOL)
· ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
· ASL Age, Sex, Location
· ASLP Age, Sex, Location, Picture?
· ASM Assembly computer language
· ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
· ASN Any Second Now
· ASO I see
· ASP At Some Point
· ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
· AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph
· ATA Ait To Air
Actual Time of Arrival
· ATAP Any Time, Any Place
· ATB All The Best
· ATC Air Traffic Control
· ATD Attention to Detail
· ATEOTD At The End Of The Day
· ATF All Time Favorite
· ATGATT All The Gear All The Time (motorcycling)
· ATH All Time High
· ATI Array Technology Inc. (graphics card maker)
· ATK Attack
· ATL Atlanta, Georgia
· ATM At The Moment
Automated Teller Machine (cash machine)
· ATMO According To My Opinion
· ATN Any Time Now
· ATOY Always Thinking of you
· ATQ Answer The Question
· ATST At The Same Time
· ATT At This Time
All The Time
· ATTN Attention
· ATTT Ain't That The Truth
· ATTY Atomizer from electronic cigarette
· ATV All Terrain Vehicle
· ATVB All The Very Best
· ATW All The Way
· ATWA Air, Trees, Water, Animals
All The Way Alive
· ATX Austin, Texas
· ATYS Anything You Say
· AU Alternate Universe
· AUD Australian Dollar
· AUO I don't know
· AUP Another Useless Post
Acceptable Use Policy
· AUS Are You Serious?
· AUSSIE A Person From Australia
· AV Anti-Virus
Adult Video
· AVA Angels and Airwaves (Band)
· AVG Average
· AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd
· AVI Audio Video Interleaved (media format)
· AVO Afternooon
· AVPM A Very Potter Musical
· AWA As Well As
· AWD All Wheel Drive
· AWESOME Amazing, wonderful, cool
· AWHFY Are We Having Fun Yet
· AWK Awkward
· AWKS Awkward
· AWKY Awkward
· AWNP All Work, No Play
· AWOL Absent Without Leave
· AWP Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle
· AWS As We Speak
· AWSM Awesome
· AWW Any Which Way
· AX Ask
· AYB All Your Base
· AYBABTU All Your Base Are Belong To Us
· AYBRB2U All Your Base Are Belong To Us
· AYC At Your Convenience
· AYCS As You Can See
· AYE Yes
· AYEC At Your Earliest Convenience
· AYFR Are You For Real?
· AYFT Are You Free Today?
· AYK As You Know
· AYKM Are You Kidding Me?
· AYL Are You Listening?
· AYO Hey, You
· AYOR At Your Own Risk
· AYPI And Your Point Is?
· AYR Are You Ready?
· AYRTON Tenner, ten pounds
· AYS Are You Serious?
· AYSOS Are You Stupid Or Something?
· AYT Are You There?
· AYW As You Wish
· AYYO Hi, hello
· AZN Asian
· B Bro
· B& Banned
· B&B Bed & Breakfast
· B&D Bondage And Discipline
Bondage And Domination
· B&E Breaking And Entering
· B&M Bricks and Mortar
· B&W Black and White
· B) Smiley with sunglasses
· B-DAY Birthday
· B/C Because
· B/W Between
Black and White
· B2B Back To Back
Business To Business
· B2C Business To Consumer
· B2W Back To Work
· B4 Before
· B4MV Bullet For My Valentine (Band)
· B4N Bye For Now
· B4U Before you
· B4YKI Before You Know It
· B7 Banned (B7=B&=Band)
· BAAS Boss
· BABYSITTING Holding the weed too long
· BAC Back At Computer
Blood Alcohol Content
By Any Chance
· BACS Bankers Automated Clearing System
· BAD Good
· BADASS Cool, confident person
· BADMAN Gangster
· BAE Baby
· BAFO Best And Final Offer
· BAG Get
· BAGL Bust A Gut Laughing
· BAH Bored As Hell
· BAHAHA Evil laugh
· BAI Bye
· BAIL Leave
· BAIRN Child, baby
· BAIT Blatant, obvious
· BAK Back At Keyboard
· BAKA Fool, idiot
· BAKE Smoke marijuana
· BAKED Stoned, Wasted
· BALLER Successful ball player
· BALLIN Playing basketball
Living the good life
· BALLSY Courageous, manly
· BAM Below Average Mentality
Exclamation of happiness
· BAMA Person lacking style
· BAMN By Any Means Necessary
· BANDWIDTH Amount of data through an interface over time
· BANGER Great party
Old car
· BANGING Very beautiful, sexy
· BANGTIDY Sexy, fit
· BANJAX Break, destroy
· BANTER Playful, witty chat
· BAO Be Aware Of
· BARBIE Barbecue
· BARE Lots of, very
· BARE BACK Unprotected Sex
· BARF Throw up, vomit
· BARKING Mad, crazy
· BARN Barnacle, person who latches on
· BASER Drug user
· BASIC Uncool, boring
· BATE Obvious
· BATO Dude (Spanish)
· BAU Business As Usual
· BAY Baby
· BB Big Brother
Be Back
· BB4N Bye-Bye For Now
· BBALL Basketball
· BBAM Be Back After Meal
· BBB Bugging Beyond Belief
· BBBW Big Beautiful Black Woman
· BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
· BBE Babe
· BBEG Big Bad Evil Guy
· BBFL Best Buds For Life
· BBFN Bye Bye For Now
· BBG Best Be Going
· BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
· BBIAF Be Back In A Few
· BBIAM Be Back In A Minute
· BBIAS Be Back In A Sec
· BBIAW Be Back In A While
· BBK Boy Better Know
· BBL Be Back Later
· BBM Blackberry Messaging
· BBML Be Back Much Later
· BBN Be Back Never
· BBO Being Bored Online
· BBQ Barbecue
Better Be Quick
· BBR Blonde, Brunette, Redhead
· BBS Be Back Soon
Bulletin Board System
· BBT Be Back Tomorrow
· BBV Brags Beats and Variance (poker)
· BBW Big Beautiful Woman
· BBWL Be Back Way Later
· BBY Baby
· BBYG Baby Girl
· BBZ Babes
· BC Before Christ
· BCBW Bow Chica Bow Wow
· BCC Blind Carbon Copy
· BCD Behind Closed Doors
· BCE Before Common Era (like BC)
· BCF Best Cousin Forever
· BCG Birth Control Glasses
· BCNU Be Seeing You
· BCOS Because
· BCS Bowl Championship Series
· BD Big Deal
· BDAY Birthday
· BDN Busy Doing Nothing
· BDOML Best Day Of My Life
· BDONG Bad and Wrong
· BDRIP Blu-ray Disc RIP
· BDU Brain Dead User
Battle Dress Uniform
· BEAK Nose
To Steal
· BEANS Ecstacy
· BEAR Large man with body hair
· BEAST Person/thing that is good, awesome
· BEASTLY Being good at something, cool
· BEB Babe
· BEBE Babe
· BEBO A social networking site
· BEEF Problem, fight, argument
· BEF Best Enemies Forever
Best Email Friend
· BEG Big Evil Grin
· BEH Expression of disinterest, IDC
· BELF Blood Elf (WOW)
· BELLIG Belligerant (when drunk)
· BENJAMIN $100 bill
· BENT Dishonest, corrupt
· BER Beyond Economical Repair
· BERK Idiot, fool
· BESITOS Little kisses (Spanish)
· BESO Kiss (Spanish)
· BESOS Kisses (Spanish)
· BEST Best Regards
· BESTIE Best Friend
· BESTY Best Friend
· BET Black Entertainment Television
· BETA Pre-release version
· BEWB A woman's breast
· BF Boyfriend
Best Friend
· BF2 Battlefield 2 (game)
· BF4L Best Friends For Life
· BFA Best Friends Always
· BFAB Born From A Boombox
Back For A Bit
· BFAM Brother From Another Mother
· BFB Better From Behind
· BFF Best Friends Forever
Big Fat Friend/Female
· BFF4L Best Friend Forever For Life
· BFFAE Best Friends Forever And Ever
Best Friends For All Eternity
· BFFE Best Friends Forever
· BFFL Best Friend For Life
· BFFLE Best Friends For Like Ever
· BFFLTDDUP Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
· BFFN Best Friend For Now
· BFFWB Best Friend Forever With Benefits
· BFITW Best Friend In The World
· BFK Big Fat Kiss
· BFMV Bullet For My Valentine (band)
· BFN Bye For Now
· BFP Bad For Pics
Big Fat Positive ie pregnant
· BFTP Blast From The Past
· BFUT Best Friends Until Tomorrow
· BFWB Best Friend With Benefits
· BG Bad Game
Baby Gangster
· BGD Black Gangster Disciples
· BGF Best Girl/Guy Friend
· BGL Big Game License, likes fat people
· BGM Background Music
· BGT Britain's Got Talent (TV show)
· BH Be Happy
Bloody Hell
Big Head
· BHD Bad Hair Day
· BHH Bless His/Her Heart
· BHL8 Be Home Late
· BHM Big Handsome Man
· BHO Barak Hussein Obama
· BHS Be Home Soon
· BHUM Sexy, fit
· BIAB Back In A Bit
· BIC Believe It Comrade
· BICBW But I Could Be Wrong
· BIDDIE Good looking girl
· BIDDY Girl, woman
· BIEH Best I Ever Had
· BIFF Best Friend, BFF
· BIFFL Best Internet Friend For Life
· BIFFLE same as BFFL
· BIG Great, really good
· BIG TIME More than usual
· BIG UP Expression of respect
· BIL Brother In-Law
· BILY Because I Love You
· BIM Barbados
· BIMBO Stupid girl, usually pretty
· BIN Buy It Now
· BING But It's Not Google
· BINGO Here it is, similar to Voila
· BINS Glasses, binoculars
· BIO Biological (toilet) break
· BION Believe It Or Not
· BIOS Basic Input Output System
· BIRD Cocaine
Young woman
· BIS Best In Slot
· BISCUIT Attractive person
· BISLY But I Still Love You
· BISOU Kiss (French)
· BISS Because I Said So
· BIT Binary digIT - 1 or 0
· BITD Back In The Day
· BITW Best In The World
· BIZ Business
· BK Burger King
· BKA Better Known As
· BL Bad Luck
Bottom Line
· BLAD Brother/friend (from 'blood')
· BLAH Nothing to say
· BLANK Ignore
· BLAR Expression of boredom, BLAH
· BLARG Expression of boredom
· BLAST Damn
Good time
· BLATES Blatently
· BLAZE Smoke Weed
· BLAZED Stoned
· BLAZING Smoking weed
· BLD Bad Life Decision
· BLEEZY same as BLUNT
· BLEH Expression of boredom
· BLEM High on marijuana
· BLG Boys Like Girls (band)
· BLICK A very black person
· BLIM Small piece of HASH
· BLIMEY Expression of surprise, OMG
· BLIND In love
· BLING Flashy Jewelry
· BLINK Blink 182 (band)
· BLK Black
· BLL Bud Light Lime
· BLNT Better Luck Next Time
· BLOG Weblog, online diary
· BLOKE Guy, man
· BLOL Big Laugh Out Loud
· BLOOD Gang member
Close friend
· BLOOPER Mistake, embarrassing moment
· BLOTTO Drunk
· BLOW Cocaine
· BLOWN High
· BLT Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich
· BLTN Better Late Than Never
· BLUD Mate (from blood brother)
· BLUE Sad
· BLUE CHIP High-quality, low-risk
· BLUEBERRY Form of marijuana
· BLUF Bottom Line Up Front
· BLUNT Marijuana cigar
· BM Bowel Movement
Black Man
· BM4L Best Mates For Life
· BMAK Blow Me A Kiss
· BMB Bebo Me Back
· BMBO Blow My Brains Out
· BME Body Modification Ezine
· BMFE Best Mates Forever
· BMFL Best Mates For Life
· BMG Be My Guest
· BMI Body Mass Index
· BML Bless My Life
· BMOC Big Man On Campus
· BMP Image file format (bitmap)
· BMS Bitchy Men Syndrome
· BMT Before My Time
Basic Military Training
· BMTH Bring Me The Horizon (Band)
· BMTTVE Best Mates 'Til The Very End
· BMUS Beam me up, Scotty
· BMV Be My Valentine
· BMW Bavarian Motor Works (car manufacturer)
· BMX Bicycle Motocross
· BNB Bad News Bears
Bed 'N' Breakfast
Bread 'N' Butter
· BNF Big Name Fan
· BNG Blow And Go
· BNI Batteries Not Included
· BNIB Brand New In Box
· BNOC Big Name On Campus
· BNP British National Party
· BNR But Not Really
· BNWOT Brand New Without Tags
· BNWT Brand New With Tags
· BO Body Odour
· BOAT Bust Out Another Thousand
· BOBBA Replacement swear word
· BOBFOC Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch
· BOD Beginning Of Day
Person, DUDE
· BOED Book of Exalted Deeds (MMORPG)
· BOF Whatever
· BOFFIN Technical expert
· BOG Toilet
· BOGAN Poorly educated, vulgar person (Australian)
· BOGART To Hold Onto Something For Oneself When It Is Supposed To Be Shared
· BOGIE Cigarette
· BOGO Buy One Get One
· BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
· BOGSAT Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
· BOH Gunshot sound
· BOHO Bohemian
· BOI Boy
· BOILER Ugly woman
· BOKE Gag, almost vomit
· BOL Best Of Luck
· BOLO Be On The Lookout
· BOLSHY Bolshevik, communist
· BOLTOP Better On Lips Than On Paper
· BOM Bro, dude, friend
· BOMB Something really bad
Something really good
· BOMBSHELL Very attractive woman
· BOMM same as BOOMM
· BONE UP Learn about, revise
· BONG Water pipe for smoking dope
· BONZA Brilliant, excellent
· BOO Boyfriend/Girlfriend
· BOOGER Dried nose mucus
· BOOHOO Crying
· BOOK Cool (predictive text )
· BOOM Great, amazing
· BOOMERS Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms
· BOOMM Bored Out Of My Mind
· BOOMTING Good looking girl
· BOON Someone who has been a NOOB for ages
· BOOT Vomit
Inexperienced person
· BOOZE Alcoholic beverages
· BOOZER Public House, bar
· BOS Boyfriend Over Shoulder
· BOSS Cool, awesome
· BOT Back On Topic
· BOTCH Mess up
· BOTDF Blood On The Dance Floor (band)
· BOTN Back Of The Net
· BOTOH But On The Other Hand
· BOTS Robots, automated processes
· BOTTS Back On To The Subject
· BOTW Blog Of The Week
· BOUL Bull
· BOUT About
· BOWL Part of a marijuana pipe
· BOWS Elbows
· BOXORZ Boxers
· BOYO Friend, mate
· BOZO Incompetent person, idiot
· BPM Beats Per Minute
· BPS Bits/Bytes Per Second
· BQ Be Quiet
· BR Best Regards
· BRAH Bro, friend
· BRAT Annoying, spoilt child
· BRAVO Well done
· BRB Be Right Back
· BRBK same as BRB
· BRD Black Rock Depths (WOW)
· BRE Sexy girl
· BREAD Money
· BREDA Boy, man, dude
· BREDRIN Friend
· BREDRINS Close friends, brothers
· BREH Brethren, brothers
· BREKKIE Breakfast
· BREW Beer
· BRGDS Best Regards
· BRH Be Right Here
· BRICK 1 kilogram of a drug
Very cold
· BRICKS Drugs, dope
· BRILL Brilliant, cool
· BRITCHES Pants, trousers
· BRO Brother, buddy, friend
· BROAD Woman
· BRODA Bro Who Is Like Yoda
· BROHAN same as BRO
· BROLLY Umbrella
· BROMANTIC Two Heterosexual Men Displaying Affection
· BRONY Fan of My Little Pony
· BROWN Heroin
· BRT Be Right There
· BRU same as BRO
· BRUDDA Brother
· BRUH same as BRU
· BRUH BRUH Brother, friend
· BRUK Broken
· BRUV Mate
· BRUVA Brother
· BSA Boy Scouts of America
· BSB Backstreet Boys
· BSC Bachelor of Science (university degree)
· BSER Back Stabber
· BSF But Seriously Folks
· BSG Battlestar Galactica (TV show)
· BSL British Sign Language
· BSNS Business
· BSOD Blue Screen Of Death (Windows)
· BSOF Big Smile On Face
· BSOFN Big Smile On Face Now
· BST But Seriously Though
· BSTL Bam, Said The Lady
· BSTS Better Safe Than Sorry
· BSU Boring Status Update
· BT BitTorrent
British Telecom
· BT DUBS same as BTW
· BTA But Then Again....
· BTAIM Be That As It May
· BTB By The By
· BTBAM Between The Buried And Me (band)
· BTD Bored To Death
· BTDT Been There Done That
· BTDTGTTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
· BTDUBS same as BTW
· BTE Best Time Ever
· BTGOG By The Grace Of God
· BTHO Beat The Hell Outta
· BTHOM Beats The Hell Outta Me!
· BTK Back To Keyboard
· BTL Between The Lines
· BTM Be There Moment
· BTN Better Than Nothing
· BTO Bachman Turner Overdrive (band)
· BTOBS Be There Or Be Square
· BTR Better
· BTS Be There Soon
· BTT Bump To Top (forum posts)
· BTTF Back To The Future
· BTTT Back To The Top
· BTU British Thermal Unit
· BTW By The Way
· BTWITIAILWU By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
· BTWITIAILWY By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
· BTY Back To You
· BU Backup
· BU2M Been Up To Much?
· BUB Buddy, friend
· BUBS Babe
· BUBZ Pet name for BF or GF
· BUCK Fight
· BUCKS Dollars, money
· BUD Marijuana
· BUDDY Friend
· BUEY similar to DUDE
· BUFF Good Looking
· BUG Bother, annoy
· BUGLE Cocaine
· BUH Expression of dismay, disgust
· BUKU A lot of
· BUL Man, dude, boy
· BUMMED Disappointed, upset
· BUMMER Bad Luck
· BUMP Bring Up My Post
· BUN Smoke marijuana
· BUN IN THE OVEN Pregnant
· BUNS Buttocks
· BUPPIE Black Urban Professional
· BUR same as LOL
· BURD Bird, girlfriend
· BURE Girl, woman
· BURK Idiot, fool
· BURMA Be Upstairs Ready My Angel
· BURNED Insulted
· BURNT Out of it, having smoked too much pot
· BURR Cold
· BUSKING Playing music in public for money
· BUSTED Very Ugly
· BUTCH Masculine
· BUTT DIAL Accidentally call from a phone in your pocket
· BUTT HURT Offended, upset
· BUTTER FACE Girl who is good looking except for her face
· BUTTERFACE A Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
· BUZZ Excitement
Feeling when high
· BUZZ KILL Ruin a special moment
· BUZZ OFF Go away
· BUZZED Tipsy, slightly drunk
· BV Bad Vibe
· BVB Black Veil Brides (band)
· BVM Blessed Virgin Mary
· BW  Beautiful Woman
Black and White
· BWC But Who Cares?
· BWDIK But What Do I Know?
· BWG Big Wide Grin
· BWL Bursting With Laughter
· BWM Bisexual White Male
Bear With Me
· BWOI Friend, buddy
· BWT Misspelling of BTW
· BWTH But What The Hell
· BWW Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant)
· BYAM Between You And Me
· BYKI Before You Know It
· BYKT But You Know That
· BYO Bring Your Own
· BYOC BYO Computer
· BYOM BYO Music
BYO Meat
· BYP Beg Your Pardon
· BYT Bright Young Thing
Before Your Time
· BYTM Better You Than Me
· C See
Computer language
Speed of light
· C# Microsoft programming language
· C&C Command and Conquer (game)
· C&P Copy & Paste
· C'MON Come On
· C++ Programming language
· C/D Confirm/Deny
· C/O Class Of ...
· C1 Affirmative, Roger that
· C2C Consumer to Consumer
Cam to Cam
· C4 Plastic explosive
· C4C Comment for Comment
Cam for Cam
· C: Very happy
· CAAC Cool As A Cucumber
· CAB Misspelling of CBA
· CACHAI Do you understand?
· CACHE Store for temporary computer files
· CACTUS Broken, dead
· CAD Computer Aided Design
· CADDY Cadillac
· CAKE Kilo of cocaine
· CAKING Flirting
· CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League (gaming)
· CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing
· CAMB Come At Me Bro
· CAMEL Brand of cigarettes
· CAMO Camoflauge
· CAMPER Player who lies in wait for a target
· CAN DO It will be done
· CANDYMAN Drug Dealer
· CANON Original, official
· CANTO Cantonese
· CAP Shoot
· CAPISH Do you understand?
· CAPO Captain, Mafia boss
· CAPS Bullets
· CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart
· CARD Amusing, eccentric person
· CARDY Cardigan
· CARE I don't care
· CARPE Vomit, throw up
· CARRIED Told off, DISSed
· CARTY Party in a car
· CAS Close Air Support
Confidence, Appearance, Swagger
Creativity, Action, Service
· CASJ Casual
· CAT Cool person
Computed Axial Tomography
· CATFISH Individual Who Creates a False Online Identity
· CAUSE Because
· CAVE Give up, give in
· CAZ Crazy in a nice way
· CBB Can't Be Bothered
· CBBC Children's BBC
· CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
· CBD Cute But Dumb
· CBGB Country BlueGrass Blues
· CBH Child Bearing Hips
· CBI Californian Bureau of Investigation
Confederation of British Industry
· CBLTH Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard
· CBR Captive Bead Ring (body piercing)
· CBS Can't Be Stuffed
· CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
· CC Credit Card
Carbon Copy
Crowd Control
Country Code
· CCC Coricidin Cough & Cold (Dextromethorophan or DXM).
· CCG Collectible Card Game
· CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
· CCL Couldn't Care Less
· CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
· CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival (band)
· CCTV Closed-Circuit Television
· CCW Counterclockwise
Carrying a Concealed Weapon
· CD Compact Disc
Cross Dresser
· CD-RW Compact Disk Rewritable
· CDC Cult of the Dead Cow
Crudely Drawn Cock
· CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (voice/data transmission)
· CDN Canadian
· CDP Calm Down Please
· CDR Compact Disc Recordable
· CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
· CE Casual Encounters
· CEEB same as CBB
· CEEBS same as CBB
· CEEBZ same as CBB
· CELL Cellphone
· CELLY Cellphone
Prison cell mate
· CEO Chief Executive Officer
· CEPT Except
· CEREAL Serious
· CES Consumer Electronics Show
· CET Central European Time
· CEWL Cool
· CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
· CFL Canadian Football League
· CFN Ciao For Now
· CFO Chief Financial Officer
· CFV Call For Votes
· CG Computer Graphics
· CGA Color Graphics Adapter
· CGI Computer-Generated Imagery
· CHA Yes
· CHADROOL Stupid person
· CHAMP Uncool
· CHAMPION Good, great
· CHAO Goodbye (Spanish)
· CHAP Man
· CHAV Poorly educated, vulgar youth
· CHAW Chewing tobacco
· CHEA Yeah
· CHEAP SKATE Mean/stingy person
· CHEDDA Cash, money
· CHEERIO Goodbye
· CHEERS Thanks
· CHEESE Drug, starter heroin
· CHEESY Corny, lame
· CHEEZ Cheese
· CHELA Beer
· CHEM Chemistry
· CHEVY Chevrolet
· CHI Chicago
Life force, energy
· CHIB Stab
· CHICK Girl
· CHICKEN Kilogram of cocaine
· CHILAXING Chilling and relaxing
· CHILL Relax, hang out
· CHILLAX Chill and relax
· CHINK Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person
· CHIO Sexy, good looking, girl
· CHIPOTLE Mexican-style restaurant
· CHIPPY Fish and chip shop
· CHIPS Money
Weak, corny
· CHIRP Insult
· CHIZ Swiz, swindle
· CHIZZ Chill out, relax
· CHOICE Nice, great
· CHOLO Mexican Gangster
· CHONG Good looking, attractive, cute
· CHOO You
· CHOOB High level player who acts like a noob
· CHOONG Good looking, buff
· CHOPPER AK-47 assault rifle
· CHORTLE Chuckle and Snort
· CHOUT Chill Out
Watch Out
· CHOW Bye
· CHP California Highway Patrol
· CHRONIC High quality marijuana
· CHU You
· CHUG Drink
Offensive term for a Native American
· CHULA Cute, sexy
· CHUNDER Be sick, vomit
· CHUNG Good looking, buff
· CHUTIYA Mild Indian expletive
· CHYA Yes, yeah
· CHYEA Yes, yeah
· CI Confidential Informant
· CIA Central Intelligence Agency
· CIAO Italian for Hi or Bye
· CIB Complete In Box
· CIC 'Cause I Can
· CID Acid, LSD
· CIG Cigarette
· CIGGIE Cigarette
· CIGGY Cigarette
· CIHY Can I Help You?
· CIMH Chuckle In My Head
· CINI Cinema
· CINO Catholic/Christian In Name Only
· CIO Check It Out
· CIR Committed Information Rate (minimum bandwidth)
· CITA Caught In The Act
· CK CRIP Killa
· CKI Chair-Keyboard Interface
· CKL Chuckle
· CL Chain Letter
Craig's List
· CLAP Gonorrhea, STD
· CLARET Blood
· CLASS Cool, excellent
· CLEO Chief Law Enforcement Officer
· CLI Command Line Interface
· CLICK Kilometre
· CLIQUE Group of friends
· CLM Career Limiting Move
· CLOCK Look at
· CLOUD The Internet (non-local storage, software etc)
· CLOUD 9 Feeling of euphoria, high
· CLT Currently Listening To
· CLUBBING Visiting nightclubs
· CLUBHEAD Person who goes to clubs a lot
· CLUT Clumsy person
· CLUTCH Perform under pressure
· CLWY Can't Live Without You
· CM Call Me
· CMAR Cry Me A River
· CMB Call Me Back
· CMC Casi Me Cago (Spanish LOL)
· CMD Command
· CME Close My Eyes
· CMEO Crying My Eyes Out
· CMH Cross My Heart
· CMHO Cry My Heart Out
· CMI Count Me In
· CMIIW Correct Me If I'm wrong.
· CMIYC Catch Me If You Can
· CML Call Me Later
· CMN Call Me Now
· CMNT Comment
· CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
· CMS Content Management System
· CMT Comment
· CMU Cracks Me Up
· CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/blacK
· CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
· CNC Command and Conquer
· CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
· CNN Cable News Network
· CNY Chinese New Year
· CO Commanding Officer
Corrections Officer
Counter Offer
· CO2 Carbon Dioxide
· COA Certificate Of Authenticity
· COALBURNER White woman that dates black men
· COCK UP Mistake, mess
· COCKY Thinking too highly of yourself
· COD Cash On Delivery
Call Of Duty
· COD4 Call Of Duty 4 (Game)
· CODE Computer program
Write a computer program
· CODEC Coder-Decoder (usually for audio/video data)
· COED Coeducational (men and women together)
· COG Coalition of Gears (game)
· COKE Cocaine
Coca Cola
· COL Crying Out Loud
· COLA Top bud of a marijuana plant
· COMMANDO Without underwear
· COMMY Communist
· CONDO Apartment
· CONGRATS Congratulations
· CONT Continued
· CONTD Continued
· CONVO Conversation
· COO Cool
· COOKIE Small file relating to a website
· COOL Awesome, great
· COOL BEANS Cool, awesome, great
· COOLIN same as CHILLing
· COP Officer of the law
Close of Play
· COPACETIC Cool, OK, excellent
· COPY THAT I understand
· COPYCAT Someone who copies someone else
· COPYPASTA Post that has been copied and pasted
· COR God
· CORNY Uncool, overused
· COS Because
· COSPLAY Costume Play
· COTCH Relax, chill
· COTD Comment Of The Day
· COUCH POTATO Lazy person who sits all day watching TV
· COUGAR Older woman looking for a younger man
· COUGER Older woman looking for a younger man
· COUGH Confess, come clean
· COUPLE Two people in a relationship
· COURSE Of course, certainly
· COW Offensive term for a woman
· COYB Come On You Blues
· COYBIG Come On You Boys In Green
· COYG Come On You Gunners
· COYOTE Person who smuggles immigrants
· COYR Come On You Reds
· COYS Come On You Spurs
· COZ Because
· CPC Cost Per Click
· CPI Consumer Price Index
· CPL Cyberathlete Professional League (gaming)
· CPM Cost Per Thousand
· CPP C Plus Plus, C++ (programming language)
· CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
· CPT Colored People's Time
· CPU Central Processing Unit
· CQB Close Quarters Battle
· CQC Close Quarters Combat
· CQTMS Chuckle Quietly To Myself
· CR Credit
Carriage Return
· CRAB Derogatory word for a CRIP
· CRACK A form of cocaine
· CRACKA Offensive term for a white person
· CRAIC Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish)
· CRAY Crazy
· CRAY CRAY Really crazy
· CRB Criminal Records Bureau (UK)
· CRBT Crying Real Big Tears
· CRC Cyclic Redundency Check
Chat Room Chuckle
· CREASING Laughing
· CREEP Weird, undesirable person
· CREEPER Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
· CREPS Trainers
· CREY Cry
· CRIB House, residence
· CRICKETS Said after a lame joke to break the silence
· CRIMBO Christmas
· CRIP Community Restoration in Progress (gang)
Gang member
· CRIT Critical hit (gaming)
· CRM Customer Relationship Management
· CROW Marijuana
· CRT Cathode Ray Tube
· CRUNK Crazy and drunk
· CRUSH Infatuation, attraction
· CRUSTY Dirty, unwashed person
· CRV Compact Recreational Vehicle
· CS Counter-Strike
· CSA Cheap Shot Artist
· CSB Cool Story Bro (sarcastic)
· CSI Crime Scene Investigation (TV show)
· CSL Can't stop laughing
· CSM Client Side Modification
· CSR Customer Service Representative
· CSS Counter Strike: Source
Cascading Style Sheet
· CST Central Standard Time
· CSU California State University
· CSV Comma Separated Values
· CTC Call The Cell
· CTD Crash To Desktop
· CTF Capture The Flag
Claim To Fame
· CTHU Crack The Hell Up
· CTM Chuckling To Myself
· CTN Can't Talk Now
· CTO Check This Out
· CTR Click Through Rate
· CTRL Control (key)
· CTRN Cant Talk Right now
· CTS Chuckles To Self
· CTU Counter Terrorist Unit
· CU See You
· CUAD Curl Up And Die
· CUCKOO Mad, bonkers, crazy
· CUDDY Buddy, friend
· CUFF Overprotect, smother
· CUFFED Taken, has a BF or GF
· CUG Closed User Group
· CUH Cousin, homie, bro
· CUIAB See You In A Bit
· CUL See You Later.
· CUL8ER See You Later
· CUL8R See You Later
· CULA See You Later, Alligator
· CULO Ass (Spanish)
· CUMBERBITCH Female Fan Of Benedict Cumberbatch
· CUOL See You On Line
· CUPCAKE Soft, loving person
· CUPPA Cup of (usually) tea
· CUS Friend
· CUSH High grade marijuana
· CUSHTI Good, great
· CUSS Curse, swear
· CUT See You Tomorrow
See You There
· CUTCH Snuggle up
· CUTE Someone/thing that is attrative in an innocent way
· CUTIE Cute, attractive person
· CUTY Cutie
· CUWYL Catch Up With You Later
· CUZ Because
· CUZZ Friend, cousin
· CUZZO Friend
· CV Curriculum Vitae, resume
· CVV Card Verification Value
· CW Clockwise
Continuous Wave
· CWB Crazy White Boys
· CWD Comment When Done
Cringe, Wither, Die
Chronic Wasting Disease
Chicks With Dicks
· CWOT Complete Waste Of Time
· CWT Hundred Weight, 100lbs (112lbs UK)
· CWTCH Hug or cuddle
· CWTCU Can't Wait To See You
· CWTSY Can't Wait To See You
· CWUC Call When You Can
· CWYL Chat With You Later.
· CYB Count Your Blessings
· CYBI Can You Believe It?
· CYDI Can You Dig It?
· CYDM Check Your Direct Messages
· CYE Check Your Email
· CYF Cross Your Fingers
· CYL Catch You Later
· CYL8R See You Later
· CYM Check Your Mail
· CYO See You Online
· CYOOT Cute
· CYPH To Share A Smoke
· CYT See You Tomorrow
· CZ Condition Zero (game)
· D BO Steal
· D&D Dungeons and Dragons
· D&M Deep and Meaningful
· D'S Dayton rims
· D(M)V DC, Maryland, Virginia
Department of Motor Vehicles
· D-DAY 6th June 1944
Designated day when operations are due to commence
· D/C Disconnected
· D00D Dude
· D12 Dirty Dozen
· D2F same as DTF
· D2M Dead to Me
· D8 Date
· D: Suprised, shocked
· D:< Angry
· D; Crying
· DA The
District Attorney
· DA BOMB Excellent, the best
· DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting
· DADA Defence Against the Dark Arts (Harry Potter)
· DADT Don't Ask, Don't Tell
· DAE Does Anybody Else
· DAG Damn
Unfashionable person
· DAGGY Uncool, not trendy, untidy
· DAGO Offensive term for an Italian
· DAM Don't Ask Me
· DAMAGE Cost of something
· DAMHIK Don't Ask Me How I Know
· DAMHIKT Don't Ask Me How I Know That/This
· DANG Damn
· DANK Very potent marijuana
Incredibly good, awesome
· DAP Touching of fists greeting
· DAQ Don't Ask Questions
· DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education
· DARL Darling
· DARN Damn
· DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
· DAT That
· DATO Dining At The Orifice
· DAVID Cool guy
· DAW Digital Audio Workstation
· DAWG Close Friend
· DAYUM Damn
· DB Douche Bag
· DBA Don't Bother Asking
· DBC Dime By Comparison
· DBD Don't Be Dumb
Death Before Dishonor
· DBEYR Don't Believe Everything You Read
· DBF Dat Be Fair
· DBI Douche Bag Index
Don't Beg It
· DBJ Don't Be Jealous
· DBL Don't Be Late
· DBM Don't Bother Me
· DBMS Database Management System
· DBNT Don't Bother Next Time
· DBR Damaged Beyond Repair
· DBS Don't Be Stupid
Don't Be Sad
Don't Be Scared
· DBT Doing Big Things
· DBZ Dragon Ball Z
· DC Don't Care
· DCED Dissconected
· DCF Department of Children and Families
· DCI Drum Corps International
· DCOI Don't Count On It
· DCT Dream Come True
· DD FREE Disease And Drug Free
· DDB Deaf, Dumb, Blind
· DDF Drug and Disease Free
· DDG Drop Dead Gorgeous
· DDI Don't Do It
· DDMMYY Day Month Year
· DDOS Distributed Denial of Service (network attack)
· DDR Dance Dance Revolution (Game)
· DDT Don't Do That
· DE The
· DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
· DEAD ASS Serious
· DEALING Acting like boyfriend/girlfriend
Selling drugs
· DEAR Drop Everything And Read
· DEB Don't Even Bother
· DEBO Steal
· DEC Decent
· DECENT Good, awesome
· DECK Cool
Punch hard
· DED Dead from joy, hilarity etc
· DEEC Decent
· DEECE Decent, cool, great
· DEETS Details
· DEEZ These
· DEF Cool, great, excellent
· DEFF Definitely
· DEFFO Definitely
· DEFO Definitely
· DEFS Definitely
· DEGT Don't Even Go There (i.e. I don't want to talk about it)
· DEH same as DOH
· DEKE Avoid, fake, decoy
· DELISH Delicious
· DEM Them
· DEN Then
Private room
· DENCH Awesome, cool
· DEPT Department
· DER Duh!
· DERE There
· DERO Derelict, loser
· DEROB Very bored
· DERP Reply to stupid comment or action
· DERR same as DUH
· DERV Diesel Engine Road Vehicle
· DESI Someone from the Indian subcontinent
· DESPO Desperate
· DESU It is (Japanese)
· DET Don't Even Trip
· DETAI Don't Even Think About It
· DEUCES Peace
· DEVO Devastated
· DEY They
· DF Dumbass Frankenstein
· DFE Dead Fish Experience
· DFF Don't Forget to Flush
· DFI Don't Force It
· DFLI Don't Feel Like It
· DFM Dance Floor Makeout
· DFO Done Fell Out
· DFS Dating For Sport
· DFTBA Don't Forget To Be Awesome
· DFTD Done For The Day
· DFTS Don't Forget to Smile
· DFTSYP Don't Forget To Say Your Prayers
· DFTT Don't Feed The Troll
· DFW Down For Whatever
· DG Don't Go
· DGI Don't Get Involved
Don't Get It
· DGK Dirty Ghetto Kids (skateboards)
· DGOT Don't Go Over There
· DGT Don't Go There
· DGTWM Don't Go There With Me
· DH Darling Husband
· DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
· DHL Shipping Company
· DHMU Don't Hit Me Up
· DHS Department of Homeland Security
Department of Health Services
· DHTML Dynamic HTML
· DHV Demonstration of Higher Value
· DHYB Don't Hold Your Breath
· DIAF Die In A Fire
· DIAO Cool, hip
· DIBS A claim
· DIC Do I Care?
· DIDDO same as DITTO
· DIDO same as DIDDO
· DIG Understand
Enjoy, like
· DIGG Social bookmarking website
· DIGITS Telephone number
· DIGS Home, lodgings
· DIKU Do I Know You?
· DIKY Do I Know You?
· DIL Daughter-In-Law
· DILLIC Does It Look Like I Care
· DILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A Darn?
· DIME $10 of a drug
Very attractive person
· DIMER same as 10
· DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module
· DIN Do It Now
· DIN DIN Dinner
· DINERO Money
· DING Just hit new level in RPG
· DINGBAT Stupid person, idiot
· DINGY Ignore
· DINK Dual Income No Kids
· DINKY Tiny, small
Dual Income No Kids Yuppie
· DINLO Stupid person
· DINT Did not, didn't
· DIP Leave
· DIPPED Fashionable
· DIQUE Supposedly
· DIRT Low grade marijuana
· DIS Did I Say
· DISO Desperately In Search Of
· DISS Disrespect
· DISSING Being disrespectful
· DISTRO Distribution (software, music, etc)
· DIT Details In Thread
· DITD Down In The Dumps, sad
· DITTO The same, me too, I agree
· DITZY Acting dumb and innocent
· DIV Stupid person
· DIVA Talented, but arrogant, female performer
· DIVX Video format
· DIY Do It Yourself
· DIZZY Crazy, mad
· DJ Disc Jockey
Dow Jones
Dinner Jacket
· DJM Don't Judge Me
· DK Don't Know
· DKDC Don't Know, Don't Care
· DKFS Don't Know For Sure
· DKM Don't Kill Me
· DKNY Donna Karan New York
· DKP Dragon Kill Points (MMORPGs)
· DKY Don't Know Yet
Don't Kid Yourself
· DL Down Low
· DLAM Don't Laugh At Me
· DLB Don't Look Back
· DLC Downloadable Content
· DLL Dynamic Link Library (computer file)
· DLN Don't Look Now
· DLS Dirty Little Secret
· DLTBBB Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
· DLTBGYD Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
· DLTM Don't Lie To Me
· DLV Demonstration of Lower Value
· DM Don't Mind
Doesn't Matter
Direct Message
· DMAF Don't Make A Fuss
· DMAL Drop Me A Line
· DMB Dave Matthews Band
· DMC Deep Meaningful Conversation
· DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
· DMG Damage
· DMI Don't Mention It
· DMIID Don't Mind If I Do
· DMM Don't Mind Me
· DMML Don't Make Me Laugh
· DMN Damn
· DMS Dirty Money Syndicate
· DMT Di-Methyl Tryptamine (drug)
· DMTA Dirty Minds Think Alike
· DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
· DMW Dead Man Walking
· DMX Dark Man X (rapper)
· DMY Don't Mess Yourself
· DMZ De-militarized zone
· DN Doing Nothing
· DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Did Not Attend
Does Not Apply
· DNB Drum And Bass
· DNC Democratic National Committee
· DND Do Not Disturb
· DNDC Don't Know, Don't Care
· DNE Do Not Erase
Does Not Exist
· DNF Did Not Finish
· DNFTT Do Not Feed The Troll
· DNK Do Not Know
· DNM Does Not Matter
Deep and Meaningful
· DNO Don't Know
· DNP Do Not Post
· DNR Do Not Resuscitate
· DNS Domain Name Service
Did Not Start
· DNT Don't
· DNTK Don't Need To Know
· DNW Do Not Want
· DOA Dead On Arrival
Deteriorate On Approach
· DOB Date Of Birth
· DOBE Idiot
· DOC Doctor
Drug of Choice
· DOD Day of Defeat
· DODGY Of questionable legality, morality, integrity
· DOE Depends On Experience
· DOF Depth of Field
· DOFL Dying On Floor Laughing
· DOG Telephone
Ugly person
· DOG FOOD Heroin
· DOGG Friend, buddy
· DOH Expression of frustration, realization
· DOHC Dual Overhead Cam
· DOI Duh
· DOJA Marijuana, weed
· DOKE Diet Coke
· DOL Dying Of Laughter
· DOLO Alone, solo
· DOMA Defense Of Marriage Act
· DOMO Thank you (Japanese)
· DOMS Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness
· DON Top man, Mafia boss
· DONE Finished
Drunk, intoxicated
· DONNO I don't know
· DOOBIE Marijuana cigarette, joint
· DOOD Dude
· DOODE same as DUDE
· DOOFUS Stupid person
· DOOM Classic FPS
· DOPE Heroin
Cool, awesome
· DORB Adorable
· DORK Silly, socially inept person
· DOS Disk Operating System
Denial Of Service (attack)
Dad Over Shoulder
· DOSH Money
· DOSHA Marijuana
· DOSSER Lazy person
Vagrant, Tramp
· DOT Damage Over Time
· DOTA Defence Of The Ancients
· DOUCHE Idiot
· DOUGH Money, cash
· DOUGIE Swagger
Dance style
· DOW Dawn Of War (game)
Dow Jones Industrial Average
· DOWNER Someone or something that brings the mood down
· DOWNS Downs-Syndrome
· DOX Documents
· DOXING Collect Personal Information
· DPI Dots Per Inch
Don't Push It
· DPS Damage Per Second (MMORPG)
· DPT Dipropyltryptamine (drug)
· DPU Data Processing Unit
· DPYN Don't Pick Your Nose
· DQ Disqualified
· DQMOT Don't Quote Me On This
· DQYDJ Don't Quit Your Day Job
· DR Double Rainbow
· DRAG Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint
Dressed as a woman
· DRAW Cannabis
· DRED Cruel, bad
· DRINKY POO Alcoholic drink
· DRIVE BY Recce, check out
· DRM Digital Rights Management
· DRO HyDROponically grown marijuana
· DROVE Mad, angry
· DRT Dead Right There
· DS Darling Son
· DSD Do Some Damage
· DSL Digital Subscriber Line
· DSLR Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera)
· DSP Digital Signal Processing
· DSS Department of Social Services
· DST Daylight Saving Time
· DT Down Town
· DTA Don't Trust Anyone
· DTAM Death To All Men
· DTB Don't Text Back
· DTC Down To Cuddle
· DTD Drunk Till Dawn
Drunk Till Death
· DTE Down To Earth
· DTH Down To Hang
· DTL Does The Look
· DTM Doing Too Much
Dead To Me
· DTMS Does That Make Sense?
· DTMWTD Don't Tell Me What To Do
· DTP Disturbing The Peace
· DTR Define The Relationship
· DTRT Do The Right Thing
· DTS Down The Shore
Down To Snuggle
· DTT Don't Touch That
· DTTC Don't Text The Cell
· DTTM Don't Talk To Me
· DTYT Don't Take Your Time
· DU JOUR Of the day (French)
· DUB Twenty (dollars, dollars of drugs, inch rims)
· DUB DUB DUB WWW, World Wide Web
· DUB SACK A $20 bag of marijuana
· DUBS Twenty inch wheels
· DUBSTEP Music genre
· DUCES Goodbye
· DUCWIC Do You See What I See?
· DUCY Do you see why?
· DUDE A name for anyone (esp surfers, skaters)
· DUDETTE Female dude
· DUDS Casual clothes
· DUECES Misspelling of DEUCES
· DUFUS same as DOOFUS
· DUH Of course
· DUI Driving Under the Influence
· DULM Do You Love Me?
· DUM Misspelling of Dumb, stupid
· DUN Son
· DUNNO Don't Know
· DUNZO Done, over, finished
· DUO Do Unto Others
· DUPA Ass
· DUPE Duplicate
· DUR Duh
· DURS Damn, You Are Sexy
· DUS Does
· DUSS Run away
· DUST Angel dust, PCP
· DUSTY Ugly
· DUTCH Joint
Split the cost
· DUTTY Dirty
· DVD Digital Versatile Disc
· DVDR DVD Recordable
· DVDRIP Video copied from a DVD
· DVI Digital Visual Interface
· DVR Digital Video Recorder
· DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis
· DW Don't Worry
· DWA Driving While Asian
· DWAG Misspelling of DAWG
· DWAI Don't Worry About It
· DWB Driving While Black
· DWBH Don't Worry, Be Happy
· DWBI Don't Worry 'Bout It
· DWEEB Dork, nerd
· DWEET Do it
· DWF Divorced White Female
· DWI Deal with it
· DWISNWID Do What I Say Not What I Do.
· DWL Dying With Laughter
· DWM Divorced White Male
· DWMT Don't Waste My Time
· DWP Drunk While Posting
· DWT Driving While Texting
· DWTH Don't Work Too Hard
· DWTS Dancing With The Stars
· DWTTAI Don't Want To Talk About It
· DWU Don't Wait Up
· DX D-generation X
· DXC Deathcore (music style)
· DY same as DWAI
· DYAC Damn You Auto Correct
· DYD Don't You Dare
· DYEL Do You Even Lift?
· DYHWIH Do You Hear What I Hear?
· DYJ Do Your Job
· DYJHIW Don't You Just Hate It When...
· DYK Did You Know
· DYKT Did You Know That?
· DYKWIM Do You Know What I Mean?
· DYL Do You Like...?
· DYLM Do You Love/Like Me?
· DYM Do You Mind
Do You Mean
· DYOR Do Your Own Research
· DYS Do You See?
· DYT Don't You Think?
· DZ Drop Zone
· E Ecstasy
· E> Heart like <3
· E&OE Errors and omissions excluded
· E-CIG Electronic Cigarette
· E-DATING Online dating
· E-VITE Electronic Invitation
· E1 Everyone
· E2EG Ear To Ear Grin
· EA Electronic Arts
· EAS End of Active Service
· EB Eyeball
· EBCAK Error Between Chair And Keyboard
· EBD End of Business Day
· EBM Electronic Body Music
· EBONY Dark skin tone
· EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer
· ECG Electrocardiogram
· ECO Ecological
· ECT Misspelling of 'etc'
· ECU Electronic Control Unit
· ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling
· EDC Every Day Carry
· EDD Estimated Delivery Date
· EDDRESS Email address
· EDGY Cutting edge
· EDJ Energy Drink Junkie
· EDM Electronic Dance Music
· EDT Eastern Daylight Time
Estimated Delivery Time
· EEC European Economic Community
· EEE Expression of excitement
· EEG Extremely Evil Grin
· EEK Expression of surprise, distress
· EFA Edited For Accuracy
· EFG Epic Fail Guy
· EFL English as a Foreign Language
· EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
· EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
· EG For example (exempli gratia)
Evil Grin
· EGL Elegant Gothic Lolita
· EH What? Huh?
· EI Eat It
· EIE Enough Is Enough
· EL Chicago's elevated rail system
· ELBOW A pound of marijuana
· ELE Everybody Love Everybody
· ELF Every Lady's Fantasy
· ELH Every Little Helps
· ELI5 Explain Like I'm 5
· ELITE Skillful, quality, professional
· ELLO Hello
· ELNS Eller noe s
· ELO Electric Light Orchestra (band)
· ELOL Evil Laugh Out Loud
· ELP Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (band)
· EM E-Mail
· EMA E-mail Address
· EMAIL Electronic Mail
· EMAW Every Man a Wildcat
· EMCEE MC, Master of Ceremonies
· EMO Emotional
· EMOJI Tiny Pictures Used In Texts To Communicate A Feeling Or A Concept
· EMOTICON Sequence of characters representing an emotion eg :)
· EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
· EMS Emergency Medical Service
· EMT Emergency Medical Technician
· ENC Enclosure
· ENDZ Area where you live
· ENE Northerner
· ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
· ENNIT Expression of agreement
· ENO Awesome, cool
· ENT Isn't
· EOB End Of Business
· EOC End Of Conversion
· EOD End Of Discussion
· EOE Equal Opportunity Employer
· EOF End Of File
· EOG End Of Grade
· EOL End Of Lecture
· EOM End Of Message
· EOR End Of Rant
· EOS End Of Show
· EOT End Of Thread (i.e. end of discussion)
· EOTD End Of The Day
· EOTW End Of The World
· EOTWAWKI End Of The World As We Know It
· EOW End Of Watch
· EP Extended Play
· EPIC Extremely awesome
· EPIC FAIL Total failure
· EPIN Epic Win
· EPL English Premier League
· EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale
· EPROM Electronically Programmable ROM
· EQ EverQuest (game)
· EQE Easy Quick Efficient
· ER Emergency Room
Indicating hesitation
· ERB Herb, Marijuana
· ERK Irk, annoy
· ERM Awkward conversation filler
· ERO Erotic
· ERP Erotic Role-Play
· ESA European Space Agency
· ESB Empire Stikes Back (Star Wars)
· ESC Escape key
· ESD Electro-Static Discharge
· ESE Friend, homeboy (Hispanic)
· ESH Donkey (Armenian)
· ESKI Type of urban music
· ESL English as Second Language
· ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
· ESP Extra Sensory Perception
· ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
· ESQ Esquire
· ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board
· EST Eastern Standard Time
· ESTD Easier Said Than Done
· ET Extra Terrestrial
· ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
Edited to Add
· ETC Et Cetera (and so on)
· ETD Estimated Time of Departure
· ETF Escape The Fate (band)
· ETHERNET same as LAN
· ETID EveryTime I Die (band)
· ETW Enjoy The Weekend
· EU European Union
· EUA End User Agreement
· EUC Excellent Used Condition
· EULA End User License Agreement
· EV Expected Value
· EVA Ever
· EVL Evil Laugh
· EVS Whatever
· EVT Ei Voi Tiet
· EVVK Couldn't Care Less (Finnish)
· EW Exclamation of disgust
· EWBA Everything Will Be Alright
· EWE Epilogue, What Epilogue? (Harry Potter)
· EWW Expression of disgust
· EX Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc
· EXE Windows program file
· EXP Experience points in games
· EXPO Exposition, large-scale public exhibition
· EXT Extension
· EXTRA Over the top, excessive
· EY Hey
· EYEBALL Look at
Estimate measurement by looking
· EYO Hey, yo(u)
· EZ Easy
· EZPZ Easy peasy, very easy
· E_E Tired, exhausted
· F1 Formula One
· F2F Face To Face
· F2P Free To Play
Files To Peers
· F2T Free To Talk
· F5 Refresh
· F8 Fate
· F9 Fine
· F@ Fat
· FAA Federal Aviation Administration
· FAAB Female-Assigned At Birth
· FAAK Falling Asleep At Keyboard
· FAB Fabulous
· FABU Fabulous
· FACE PALM Slap forehead with the palm of your hand
· FADE Kill, disgrace
· FADED High, stoned, drunk
· FAE From
· FAFWOA For A Friend Without Access (when about to ask a silly question)
· FAG Cigarette
· FAI Forget About It
· FAIK For All I Know
· FAIL Suck
· FAM Family
· FAMALAM Family, close friend
· FAMBO Family, close friend
· FAMO Friend, dude, family member etc
· FAMS Family
· FANFIC Fanfiction
· FANNYING Wasting time, messing about
· FANTABULOUS Fantastic and fabulous
· FAO For Attention Of
· FAQ Frequently Asked Question
· FASHO For sure
· FAT File Allocation Table
· FAT32 32 bit File Allocation Table
· FAUX HAWK Smaller, Shorter Version of a Mohawk Hairstyle
· FAUX PAS Social blunder (French for 'false step')
· FAV Favorite
· FAVE Favorite
· FBC FaceBook Chat
· FBF Facebook Friend
· FBG Fat Bottomed Girl
· FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
· FBM Fine By Me
· FBO Facebook Official
· FBTW Fine, Be That Way
· FBW Fly by wire
· FC Fingers Crossed
Full Combo
· FCFS First Come First Served
· FCOL For Crying Out Loud
· FCS For Christ's Sake
· FDA Food and Drug Administration
· FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt
· FE Fair Enough
· FEAE For Ever And Ever
· FEAT Featuring
· FEDEX Federal Express (shipping company)
· FEDS FBI agents, police
· FEDZ Police
· FEE Female
· FEELS Feelings
· FEEN Man
· FEENIN An Intense Craving Or Yearning
· FEENING Craving, wanting really badly
· FEH Expression of dismissal, disgust
· FELLA Man, boyfriend
· FELLAS Close friends
· FELLER Fellow, man
· FER For
· FESS Confess
· FETCH Cool, trendy, awesome
· FF Final Fantasy
· FF5 Family Force 5 (band)
· FFA Free For All
· FFFA Fit From Far Away
· FFI For Further Information
· FFL Falling From LOLing
· FFN Farewell For Now
· FFR Flash Flash Revolution (game)
For Future Reference
· FFTL From First To Last (band)
· FFWF Fight Fire With Fire
· FFX Final Fantasy 10 (game)
· FG Fat Girl
Family Guy
· FGJ For Great Justice
· FGS For God's Sake
· FHE First Hand Experience
· FHM For Him Magazine
· FHO Friends Hanging Out
· FHS For Heaven's Sake
· FI Forget It
· FIC Fanfiction
· FICCL Frankly, I Couldn't Care Less
· FIDDY Fifty
· FIF Fifth Amendment
· FIFA Federation International de Football Association
· FIFO First In First Out
· FIFY Fixed It For You
· FIG JAM F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me
· FIL Father-in-law
· FILO First In, Last out
· FIN Finished
· FINA About to do (something)
· FINK Snitch, informer
· FINNA Going To
· FINO Failure Is Not an Option
· FIO Figure It Out
· FIRM Gang of soccer hooligans
Organised criminal gang
· FIRME Cool, good, nice
· FISH First In Still Here
· FIT Good lokking, hot, sexy
· FITB Fill In The Blanks
· FITE Fight
· FITTIN TO About to, getting ready to
· FITY Fifty
· FIVE O Police
· FIX A dose of drugs
· FIXIN TO About to, getting ready to
· FIYA Fire
The Greatest
· FJ Foot Job
· FKA Formerly Known As
· FL Fake Laugh
· FLA Florida
· FLAFF Foot Loose And Fancy Free
· FLAG Bandana
· FLAGGED Banned
· FLAKE Unreliable person
· FLAKE OUT Cancel at the last minute
· FLAKY Unreliable
· FLAME Insult someone over the internet
· FLBP Future Lower Back Problems
· FLEX Show off
· FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red
· FLK Funny Looking Kid
· FLOG Sell
· FLOSS Show off
· FLOSSING Showing off
· FLOTUS First Lady Of The United States
· FLS Flu-Like Symptoms
· FLUFF Humorous/romantic fan fiction
· FLURGE Urge To Be Flaccid
· FLW Famous Last Words
· FLY Zipper
Awesome, cool
· FLYFF Fly For Fun (MMORPG)
· FM Freqeuncy modulation (radio signal)
· FMA Full Metal Alchemist
· FMB F***-Me Boots
· FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
· FMDIDGAD Frankly My Dear , I Don't Give A Damn
· FMH For Him Magazine
· FMI For More Information
· FMJ Full Metal Jacket
· FMLA Family and Medical Leave of Absence
· FMO For Members Only
· FMOT Follow Me On Twitter
· FMTKFYTFO For Me To Know, For You To Find Out
· FMV Full Motion Video
· FNA For Necessary Action
· FNAR For No Apparent Reason
· FNB Football And Beer
· FNE Free And Easy
· FNO From Now On
· FNX Thanks
· FO SHO For Sure
· FOA First Of All
· FOAF Friend Of A Friend
· FOB Fresh Off the Boat
· FOBR Fall Out Boy Rock (website)
· FOC Free Of Charge
· FOCL Falling Off Chair Laughing
· FOE Family Over Everything
· FOF Full of Fail
· FOFL Falling On Floor Laughing
· FOFO Fourty Four caliber gun
· FOGO Fear Of Going Out
· FOI Freedom Of Information
· FOIA Freedom of Information Act
· FOLDED Drunk, wasted
· FOM Far Out Man
· FOMCL Falling Off My Chair Laughing
· FOMO Fear Of Missing Out
· FOMS Fear Of Missing Something
· FON Freak Of Nature
· FOO Fool
· FOOD Marijuana
· FOOPA Fat in belly area
· FOOTY Football, soccer
· FOPS Fake cops (security guards etc)
· FORTE Area of expertise, strength
· FOSHO For Sure
· FOSS Free and Open Source Software
· FOT Fat, but HOT
· FOTB Fresh Off The Boat
· FOTC Flight of the Conchords
· FOTD Friend Of The Day
· FOTM Flavor Of The Month
· FOTR Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
· FOUO For Official Use Only
· FOV Field Of View
· FOX Sexy, attractive woman
· FP Fair Play
· FPS First-Person Shooter (video game term)
· FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
· FR For Real
· FRAG Kill
· FRAK Swear word from Battlestar Galactica
· FRAP Frappuccino
· FRAT Fraternity
· FREEBIE Item or service one gets for free
· FREEBSD Free Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS)
· FRESH Very good, cool
· FRESHIE Imigrant
· FRIED High on drugs
· FRILL For Real
· FRL For Real
· FRO Afro hairstyle
· FROG Offensive word for a French person
· FRONT Pretend, falsely represent
· FRONTING Misrepresenting oneself
· FROOB Free Noob. Non-paying player
· FSAS Famous Stars and Straps (clothing)
· FSB Front Side Bus
· FSBO For Sale By Owner
· FSCK File System (Consistency) Check
· FSE Funniest Sh** Ever
· FSF Free Software Foundation
· FSHO For Sure
· FSM Female Seeking Male
· FSOT For Sale Or Trade
· FSR For Some Reason
· FSU Friends Stand United
· FSVO For Some Value Of ...
· FTA From The Article
· FTAO For the Attention Of
· FTASB Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
· FTBOMH From The Bottom Of My Heart
· FTC Favorite, Thumbs up, Comment
· FTD Fresh To Death
· FTF First To Find
· FTFT For The First Time
· FTFY Fixed That For You
· FTH For The Horde (WOW)
· FTJ Fuel The Jet
· FTK For The Kids
For The Kill
· FTL For The Loss
Faster Than Light
· FTLOG For The Love Of God
· FTM Female To Male
· FTP File Transfer Protocol
· FTR For The Record
· FTSE Financial Times and the London Stock Exchang
· FTSK Forever The Sickest Kids (Band)
· FTTB For The Time Being
· FTUW For The Ultimate/
· FTV For The Victory
· FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
· FUBB Fouled Up Beyond Belief
· FUBU Fouled Up Beyond Use
Clothing brand
· FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
· FUIC Farmers Union Iced Coffee
· FULL MONTY Whole way, whole thing
· FUMA Fake Puma shoes
· FUTAB Feet Up, Take A Break
· FUZZ Police
· FW Forward
· FWD Foward (Email)
· FWIW For What It's Worth
· FWP Friend With Privileges
· FWT Flying With Turban
· FWTD Fate Worse Than Death
· FWU F****** With You
· FX Effects
· FYA For Your Amusement
· FYC For Your Convenience
For Your Consideration
· FYE For Your Entertainment
· FYEO For Your Eyes Only
· FYI For Your Information
· FYK For Your Knowledge
· FYM Free Your Mind
· FYN Fine
· FYP Fixed Your Post
· FYR For Your Review
For Your Records
· FYT For Your Time
· G Grin
· G O A T Greatest Of All Time
· G'DAY Good Day, hello
· G1 Good One
· G2B Go To Bed
· G2E Got To Eat
· G2F Got To Fly
· G2G Gotta go
· G2G2B Got To Go To Bed
· G2H Go To Hell
· G2K Good To Know
· G2R Got To Run
· G2S Go To Sleep
· G3G One better than G2G
· G4U Good For You
· G8 Great
· G9 Good Night
· GA Go Ahead
· GAC Guilty As Charged
Get A Clue
· GAFF House
· GAFIA Get Away From It All
· GAFM Get Away From Me
· GAG About to throw up
· GAGA Crazy, infatuated
· GAH Expression of frustration
· GAJ Get A Job
· GAL Girl
Get A Life
· GAL PAL Man who hangs around with girls
· GALDEM Group of girls
· GAMER Person who plays video games
· GAMMD Go Ahead Make My Day
· GAMS Female legs
· GANGNAM Relating to wealth and class
· GANJ Ganja, marijuana
· GANJA Marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed
· GANK Steal
Gang kill (MMORPG)
· GARMS Clothes
· GAS Flatulence
Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
· GASSED Have a high opinion of yourself
· GASSING Talking
· GAT Gun
· GAWD God
· GAWJUS Gorgeous
· GAWJUSS Gorgeous
· GB Great Britain
· GBA God Bless America
· GBFN Goodbye for Now
· GBH Grievous Bodily Harm
· GBML Good Bye My Love
· GBNF Gone But Not Forgotten
· GBP Great British Pounds (Sterling)
· GBTM Get Back To Me
· GBTW Get Back To Work
· GBU God Bless You
· GBWY God Be With You
· GBY God Bless You
· GC Good Contition
· GCF Good Clean Fun
· GCMG God Calls Me God
· GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
· GCWOK Gay Couple Without Kids
· GD Gangsta Disciple
· GDGD Good Good
· GDI God Damn It
· GDP Gross Domestic Product
· GE Good Evening
· GED General Educational Development
· GEEZ Jesus
· GEEZER A guy, a bloke, a person
· GEG Interrupt a conversation
· GEN Information
· GENIOUS Misspelling of 'genius'
· GEOCACHE Scavenger hunt destination point
· GET Git
· GET DOWN Party, dance
· GET LAID To Have Sexual Intercourse
· GETCHA Get You, understand
Get Your
· GETTO Ghetto
· GEWD Good
· GF Girlfriend
· GFA Grenade Free America
· GFAK Go Fly A Kite
· GFC Global Financial Crisis
· GFETE Grinning From Ear To Ear
· GFF Grenade Free Foundation
· GFI Go For It
· GFN Gone For Now
· GFP Good For Pics
· GFTW Go For The Win
· GFU Good For You
· GFWL Games For Windows Live
· GFX Graphics
· GFY Good For You
· GG Good Game
· GGA Good Game All
· GGBB Good Game Bye Bye
· GGG Good, Giving, and Game (in bed)
· GGL Giggle
· GGN Gotta Go Now
· GGNORE Good Game No Rematch
· GGOH Gotta Get Outta Here
· GGS Good Games
· GGW Girls Gone Wild
· GGWP Good Game, Well Played
· GH Guitar Hero
· GHB Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (drug)
· GHD Good Hair Day
· GHM God Help Me
· GHOST Leaving
· GHZ Gigahertz
· GI Government Issue
American Solider
Good Idea
· GIEF Give
· GIF Graphics Interchange Format - Picture Format
· GIG Live performance
· GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out
· GIMME Give me
· GIMP Uncool/Stupid person
· GINGE Person with red hair
· GINGER Person with red hair
· GINGRICH Hypocrite
· GINNEL Alley, passageway
· GIS Google Image Search
· GIT Idiot
· GITMO Guantanamo Bay
· GIWIST Gee, I Wish I'd Said That.
· GIY Google It Yourself
· GIYF Google Is Your Friend
· GJ Good Job
· GJOAC Go Jump Off A Cliff
· GJWHF Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
· GK Good Kid
· GKY Go Kill Yourself
· GL Good Luck
Good Looking
· GL HF Good Luck, Have Fun
· GLA Good Luck All
· GLAG Giggling Like A Girl
· GLAMPING Glamorous/luxury camping
· GLD Good Life Decision
· GLEAK Spit
· GLEEK A fan of the TV show Glee
· GLF Group Looking For
· GLHF Good luck, have fun. Used in CS matches
· GLIRL Good Luck In Real Life
· GLITCH Error, mistake
· GLOCK Semi-automatic pistol
· GLOMP Hug very hard
· GLOTR Good Luck On The Rebuild
· GLTA Good Luck to All
· GLTY Good Luck To You
· GLU Guys/Girsl Like Us
· GLUCK Good Luck
· GLWS Good Luck With Sale
· GLWT Good Luck With That
· GM General Motors
Good Morning
Genetically Modified
Good Move
· GMA Good Morning, America
· GMAB Give Me A Break
· GMAIL Google web email service
· GMBH Gesellschaft mit Beschr
· GMC General Motors Corporation
· GMH Gives Me Hope
· GMO Genetically Modified Organism
· GMOD Garry's Mod (Game)
· GMT Greenwich Mean Time
· GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
· GMV Got My Vote
· GMY Good Man Yourself
· GN Good Night
· GN8 Good Night
· GNARLY Extreme
· GND Girl Next Door
· GNE Good Night and Everything
· GNFB Good Night Facebook
· GNITE Good Night
· GNK Glitch No Kill (gaming)
· GNO Girls/Guys Night Out
· GNP Gross National Product
· GNR Guns 'N Roses
· GNSD Good Night, Sweet Dreams
· GNSTDLTBBB Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
· GNU GNU's Not Unix, Linux OS
· GOAT Greatest Of All Time
· GOB Mouth
· GOBLIN Gangster
· GOD SPEED Good luck
· GOG Person from north Wales
· GOI Get Over It
· GOK God Only Knows
· GOKIL Crazy (Indonesian)
· GOL Giggle Out Loud
· GOLD DIGGER Person who loves someone just for their money
· GOM Idiot, fool
· GOMB Get Off My Back
· GOMD Guy/Girl Of My Dreams
· GOMEN Sorry
· GOMER Get Out of My Emergency Room, unwelcome patient
· GOMF Get Outta My Face
· GOML Get On My Level
· GON Go on
Going to
· GONNA Going to
· GOOG Ecstasy pill
· GOOGLE An Internet Search Engine
To Seek An Answer Using The Search Engine Google
· GOOH Get Out Of Here
· GOOK Offensive term for a Korean
· GOOMF Get Out Of My Face
· GOOML Get Out Of My Life
· GOON Stupid
Tough guy
· GOONER Supporter of Arsenal Football Club
· GOP Grand Old Party
· GORG Gorgeous
· GORM Gormless person
· GOS Girlfriend Over Shoulder
Game Of Soldiers
· GOSH Exclamation of suprise or shock
· GOSU Skillful person (Korean)
· GOTCHA I got you, I understand
· GOTTA Got to ...
Have you got a ...?
· GOTY Game Of The Year
· GOU Good On You
· GOW God of War (Game)
Gears of War (Game)
· GOWM Go Out With Me
· GOY Non-Jewish person
· GP General Principle
· GPA Grade-Point Average
· GPC Generic Pack of Cigarettes
Get/Post/Cookie (web pages)
· GPL General Public License
· GPOY Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself
· GPOYW Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
· GPRS General Packet Radio Services
· GPS Global Positioning System
· GPU Graphics Processing Unit
· GQ Gentlemen Quarterly (magazine)
Suave, well dressed man
· GR Gotta Run
· GR&D Grinning, Running & Ducking
· GR8 Great
· GR9 Better than GR8
· GRAF Graffiti
· GRAND One thousand (dollars)
· GRASS Marijuana
· GRATZ Congratulations
· GRE Graduate Record Examination
· GREEN Unexperienced
Environmentally beneficial
· GRENADE Ugly girl in a group
· GRILL Tooth Jewelry
· GRL Girl
· GRO Guest Relations Officer
· GRODY Disgusting, nasty, gross
· GROK Fully understand
· GROM Grommet, young surfer
· GRONK Idiot, fool
· GROOL Great and Cool
· GROOVY Cool, awesome
· GROSS Unpleasant, disgusting
· GROUSE Great, amazing
· GRR Anger, frustration
· GRRL Girl
· GRRR Expression Of Anger
Expression Of Frustration
Expression Of Intimacy
· GRUB Food
· GRULE Hard work, nuisance
· GRX Gracias
· GSD Getting Stuff Done
· GSH same as GSOH
· GSM Global System for Mobile communications
· GSOH Good Sense Of Humor
· GSR Gun Shot Residue
· GSTQ God Save The Queen
· GSW Gun Shot Wound
· GT Grand Touring
Gran Turismo
· GTA Grand Theft Auto
· GTA5 Grand Theft Auto 5
· GTB Go To Bed
· GTBB Good To Be Back
· GTBOSH Glad To Be Of Some Help
· GTD Getting Things Done
· GTG Got To Go
· GTGG Got To Get Going
· GTH Go To Hell
· GTHBA Good Times Had By All
· GTHO Get The Hell Out
· GTI High performance hatchback (eg VW Golf)
· GTK Good To Know
· GTL Gym, Tan, Laundry
· GTLD Generic TLD
· GTM Giggling To Myself
· GTO Gran Turismo Omologato
· GTOG Got To Go
· GTR Getting Ready
· GTRM Going To Read Mail
· GTS Good Times
· GTSY Good To See You
· GTTS Got The T-Shirt
· GTW Got To Work
· GTZ Good Times
· GU Grow Up
· GUAP Money
· GUCCI Good, awesome, high quality
· GUD Good
· GUFN Grounded Until Further Notice
· GUH Annoyed, angry
· GUI Graphical User Interface
· GULLY Rough, raw, unpolished
· GURL Girl
· GUTI Get Used To It
· GUTS Courage
· GUUD Good
· GUV Guvnor, boss
· GV Good Vibes
· GVG Guild Versus Guild
· GW Good Work
· GWAAN Go on
· GWAP Money
· GWAS Game Was A Success
· GWB George W. Bush
· GWC Guy With Camera
· GWG Girl With Glasses
· GWI Get With It
· GWK Game Winning Kill
· GWOP Money
· GWP Gift With Purchase
· GWR Guinness World Records
· GWS Get Well Soon
· GWTF Go With The Flow
· GWTP Get With The Program
· GYAL Girl
· GYALDEM Group of girls
· GYC Get Your Coat
· GYFS Get Your Facts Straight
· GYNO Gynecologist
· GYO Get Your Own
· GYP Swindle, rip off
· GYPO Gypsy
· GYT Get Yourself Tested
· GZ Congratulations
· H Hug
· H&K Hugs and Kisses
· H/O Hold On
· H/T Hat Tip
· H/U Hook Up, make out
· H1B US employment visa
· H1N1 Swine flu virus
· H2CUS Hope To See You Soon
· H2G Had to Go
Honest To God
· H2H Heart To Heart
Head To Head
· H2IK Hell If I Know
· H2O Water
· H2T Head To Toe
· H3 Halo 3 (Game)
· H4X Hacks, cheats
· H4X0R Hacker
· H5 High Five
· H8 Hate
· H8R Hater
· H9 Really hate (H8+1)
· HA Sarcastic laugh
· HABBO Online community/game
· HABIBI My darling (Arabic)
· HAC Hot Asian Chick
· HACER Hacker
· HACK Break into computer systems or software
· HAFL Heart Attack From Laughing
· HAFTA Have To
· HAG Unattractive old woman
· HAGD Have A Good Day
· HAGE Have A Good Evening
· HAGL Have A Good Life
· HAGN Have A Good Night
· HAGO Have A Good One
· HAGS Have A Great Summer
· HAGT Have A Great Time
· HAI Hey, hi
Yes (Japanese)
· HAISTK How Am I Supposed To Know?
· HAIZ Sigh
· HAK Hugs And Kisses
· HALP Help
· HAN Alone (Han Solo)
· HAND Have A Nice Day
· HANDLE Half a gallon of liquor
Nickname, alias
· HANG Hang out, spend time with
· HANG UP Inhibition, emotional difficulty
· HANL Have A Nice Life
· HAPA Mixed race
· HAR Sarcastic laugh
· HARD LINES Bad luck
· HARF Vomit, throw up
· HASH Marijuana
· HASHTAG Label on Twitter to aid searching
· HASIAN Hot Asian
· HATERZ Enemies
· HAWK Knife
· HAWT Hot
Having A Wonderful Time
· HAWTSOME Hot and awesome
· HAX Hacking, Hackers, hacks
· HAXOR Hacker
· HAXX0R Hacker
· HAXXOR Hacker
· HAY How Are You
· HAYD How Are You Doing?
· HAYT How Are You Today?
· HAZE Type of marijuana
· HB Hug Back
· HB Hurry Back
· HBCU Historically Black Colleges and Universities
· HBD Happy Birthday
· HBK Heart Break Kid
· HBN How About Now
· HBO Home Box Office
· HBP Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter)
· HBT How 'Bout That
· HBTU Happy Birthday To You
· HBTY Happy Birthday To You
· HBU How About You?
· HBU? How About You?
· HBY How About You?
· HC Holy Cow
· HCDAJFU He Could Do A Job For Us
· HCIT How Cool Is That?
· HCO Hollister
· HD  High-Definition
· HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
· HDD Hard Disk Drive
· HDF Halt Die Fresse (Shut up in German)
· HDL Hab Dich Lieb (I love you in German)
· HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
· HDTH How Did That Happen?
· HDTV High Definition Television
· HDU How Dare You
· HDY How Dare You
· HDYD How Do You Do?
· HDYDT How Did You Do That?
· HDYK How Do/Did You Know?
· HE Happy Ending
High Explosives
· HEA Happily Ever After
· HEADS People
· HEADS UP Advance notice
· HEAT Gun(s)
· HEAVY Awesome, good
Serious, intense
· HECK Mild expletive
· HECTIC Cool, good
· HEH Cynical laugh
· HEINA Girlfriend
· HELLA Really, very
· HENCH Strong, muscular, well built
· HENRY High Earner, Not Rich Yet
· HEP Hip, cool
· HERB Stupid person
· HESHE Person of unidentifiable gender
· HEX Hexadecimal (base 16)
· HEY Hello, hi
· HEYO Hello
· HEYY Hey You
· HF Have Fun
· HF Have Fun
· HFFA Hot From Far Away
· HFGL Have Fun, Good Luck
· HFY Here For You
Happy for You
· HG Holy Grail
· HGB Hellogoodbye (band)
· HGH Haters Gonna Hate
· HGI How Goes It?
· HGL Happy Go Lucky
· HGTV Home and Garden Television
· HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
· HH Ha-Ha
· HH Holding Hands
· HHIS Hanging Head In Shame
· HHOJ Ha-Ha, Only Joking
· HHOK Ha-Ha, Only Kidding
· HHVF Ha-Ha, Very Funny
· HHWW Holding Hands While Walking
· HI Hello
· HI5 Social networking site
· HIATUS A Pause From Something
A Break From Something
· HICKEY Love bite
· HICKY Love bite
· HIG How's It Going?
· HIIK Hell If I Know
· HIMYM How I Met Your Mother (TV show)
· HINKEY Strange, unusual
· HIP Cool, stylish, contemporary
· HIPSTER Person who is HIP
· HIR Gender neutral possessive pronoun (his/her)
· HIT A LICK Get a lot of money very quickly
· HIT ME UP Call me later
· HIT YOU UP Call you later
· HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
· HIWTH Hate It When That Happens
· HIYA Hello
· HJNTIY He's Just Not That Into You
· HK Hong Kong
Hostile Kids
· HL Half Life (game)
· HLAS Hook, Line And Sinker
· HLV Hasta La Vista
· HM Thinking
· HMB Hit Me Back (reply)
· HMF same as HMPH
· HMI Human Machine Interface
· HMIHY How May I Help You?
· HML Hate My Life
· HMP Help Me, Please
· HMPF Sound made when irritated
· HMPH Expression of apathy or disagreement
· HMS Her Majesty's Ship (UK)
· HMU Hit Me Up
· HMUL Hit Me Up Later
· HMV His Master's Voice
· HMWK Homework
· HNG Horny Net Geek
· HNK Hugs and Kisses
· HNOS Home Network Operating System
· HNR Hit 'N' Run
· HNY Happy New Year
· HO Hold On
Head Office
· HOA Home Owners Association
· HOAS Hold On A Second
· HOAY How Old Are You?
· HOBO Itinerant worker
· HOF Hall Of Fame
Heavy on Flag
· HOG Harley Owner Group
· HOH Head Over Heels
Hard Of Hearing
· HOLA Hello
· HOLD Borrow (money)
· HOLD UP Wait a minute
· HOLLA Used by a man to express interest in a woman
· HOLLA BACK Get Back To Me
· HOLLAND Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
· HOLLER Shout
· HOLS Holidays, vacation
· HOMEBOY Closest friend
· HOMEGIRL Closest female friend
· HOMES Homeboy
· HOMEY Homeboy
· HOMG same as OMG
· HOMIE Homeboy
· HOMIES Group Of Close Friends
· HOMMIE misspelling of HOMIE
· HON Honey
· HONKIE White person
· HONKY same as HONKIE
· HOOAH same as HUA
· HOOCHIE Over made up woman with trashy dress sense
· HOOCHIFIED Dressed Provocatively
· HOOD Neighborhood, ghetto
· HOODIE Hooded sweatshirt
Person wearing a hooded sweatshirt
· HOOK ME UP Share with me
· HOOKED Addicted
· HOOPS Basketabll
· HOOROO Goodbye
· HOOT Good time
Funny person
· HOP Heroin
· HOP OFF Leave me alone
· HORNY Turned on
· HORSE Heroin
· HOS Husband Over Shoulder
· HOT Very good looking, sexy
· HOTTIE Attractive person
· HOV High Occupancy Vehicle
· HOVA Jehovah, God
· HOWDY How Do You Do?
· HP Harry Potter
· HQ High Quality
· HQF same as LOL
· HR Human Resources
· HRC Human Rights Campaign
· HRH His/Her Royal Highness
· HRU How Are You?
· HS Headshot
· HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
· HSH Home Sweet Home
· HSIK How Should I Know?
· HSIT How Sad Is That
· HSL Hue, Saturation, Lightness
· HSM High School Musical
· HSP Highly Sensitive Person
· HSPDA High Speed Packet Data Access
· HST High Speed Train
· HSV2 Herpes Simplex Virus 2
· HT Hat Tip (Thanks)
Home Time
Handheld Transceiver
· HTBT Had To Be There
· HTC Hit The Cell
· HTE Hard To Explain
· HTG Hard To Get
· HTH Hope That Helps
How The Hell
· HTHFYS Hope To Hear From You Soon
· HTM Hand To Mouth
· HTML Hypertext Markup Language
· HTSYS Hope To See You Soon
· HTTP Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
· HTTPS Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure
· HTTR Hail To The Redskins
· HTX Houston, Texas
· HU Hollywood Undead (Band)
· HUA Heard Understood Acknowledged
· HUBBY Husband
· HUCKLEBERRY The man you're looking for
· HUD Heads-Up Display
· HUFF Low grade weed
· HUGGLE Hug and snuggle
· HUH Confused sound
· HUN Honey
· HUNDO Hundred (dollars)
· HUNDOS Hundreds
· HUNNED  Hundred (dollars)
· HUNNIT Hundred (dollars)
· HUR Here
· HURT Ugly, unattractive
· HUS Hustler
· HUSPAZ Hurray (texting)
· HUZZAH Expression of triumph, joy
· HVAC Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning
· HVD Happy Valentine's Day
· HW Homework
· HWB Hottie With Body
· HWGA Here We Go Again
· HWK Homework
· HWP Height Weight Proportional
· HWSNBN He Who Shall Not Be Named
· HWU Hey, What's Up?
· HWYD How Was Your Day?
· HXC Hardcore (music)
· HY Hell Yes
· HYB How You Been?
· HYD How Ya Doing?
· HYDRO Hydroponically grown marijuana
· HYFB Hope You Feel Better
· HYG Here You Go
· HYH Have You Heard
Hold Your Horses
· HYIP High Yield Investment Program
· HYNA Good looking girl (Hispanic)
· HYP Harvard, Yale, Princeton
· HYPER Over energetic
· HYPH Hyperactive, crazy
· HYPO Hypodermic needle/syringe
· HYS Have Your Say
· HYU Hit You Up
· HYUK Lose, despite having a good lead
· HZ Hertz (frequency)
· I<3U I Love You
· I'MA I am going to
· I/O Input/Output
· I18N Internationalization
· I8 Aight, aite, alright
· IA I Agree
· IAB I Am Bored
· IABW In A Bad Way
· IAC In Any Case
· IAD It All Depends
· IAE In Any Event
· IAG It's All Good
· IAK I Already Know
· IAL I Ain't Laughing
I Actually Laughed
· IALTO I Always Love That One
· IAMA I Am Mildly Amused
· IANAD I Am Not A Doctor
· IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)
· IAS In A Second
· IAU I Adore You
· IAW In Accordance With
I Agree With
· IAWTC I Agree With That/This Comment
· IAWTCSM I Agree With This Comment So Much
· IAWTP I Agree With This Post
· IAY I Adore You
· IB I'm Back
· IB2D I Beg To Differ
· IB4TL In Before The Lock
· IBAN International Bank Account Number
· IBB I'll Be Back
· IBID Ibidem (In the same place)
· IBK Idiot Behind Keyboard
· IBL In Before Lock
· IBM International Business Machines
· IBMTS I've Been Meaning To Say
· IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
· IBTD In Before The Delete
I Beg To Differ
· IBTL In Before the Lock
· IBU Ibuprofen
· IBUWU I'm Breaking Up With You
· IBW I'll Be Waiting
· IBYP I Beg Your Pardon
· IC I See
· ICAM I Couldn't Agree More
· ICAY I Care About You
· ICB I Can't Believe...
· ICBB I Can't Be Bothered
· ICBI I Can't Believe It
· ICBINB I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
· ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
· ICBSST I Can't Believe She Said That
· ICBW It Could Be Worse
· ICC Ice Crown Citadel (WOW)
· ICCL I Couldn't Care Less
· ICE Diamonds
Crystal meth
· ICK same as UGH
· ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
· ICP Insane Clown Posse (band)
· ICQ I Seek You (Instant Messaging Program)
· ICR I Can't Remember
· ICSL I Couldn't/Can't Stop Laughing
· ICSTAY I Can't Stop Thinking About You
· ICT Information and Communication Technology
· ICU Intensive Care Unit
I See You
· ICW In Connection With
I Can't Wait
· ICWUDT I See What You Did There
· ICYDK In Case You Didn't Know
· ICYMI In Case You Missed It
· ID Identity
· ID10T Computer error caused by user
· IDBI I Don't Believe It
· IDBY I Don't Believe You
· IDC I Don't Care
· IDD Indeed
· IDDQD Cheat code for Doom
· IDE Integrated Development Environment
Integrated Device Electronics
· IDEC I Don't Even Care
· IDEK I Don't Even Know
· IDEKY I Don't Even Know You
· IDEM The same, me too
· IDEWTK I Don't Even Want To Know
· IDFG I Don't Feel Good
· IDFLI I Don't Feel Like It
· IDGAD I Don't Give A Damn
· IDGHP I Don't Get Hashtag Phrases
I Don't Get His/Her Point
I Don't Generally Hate People
· IDGI I Don't Get It
· IDHAC I Don't Have A Clue
· IDHTT I Don't Have The Time
· IDI I Doubt It
· IDJ I Don't Judge
· IDK I Don't Know
· IDKE I Don't Know Either
· IDKFA Cheat code for Doom
· IDKW I Don't Know Why
· IDKWTD I Don't Know What To Do
· IDKWYM I Don't Know What You Mean
· IDKY I Don't Know Why
· IDL I Don't Like ...
· IDLE Inactive
· IDLI I Don't Like It
· IDLT I Don't Like That
· IDLY I Don't Love/Like You
· IDM It Doesn't Matter
Intelligent Dance Music
· IDN I Don't kNow
· IDNK I Do Not Know
· IDR I Don't Remember
· IDRC I Don't Really Care
· IDRK I Don't Really Know
· IDST If Destroyed, Still True
· IDT I Don't Think
· IDTS I Don't Think So
· IDU I Don't Understand
· IDUNNO I Don't Know
· IDW I Don't Want
· IDWK I Don't Wanna Know
· IDWT I Don't Want To
· IDWTAI I Don't Wanna Talk About It
· IDWTK I Don't Want to Know
· IE Id Est (that is)
Internet Explorer
· IED Improvised Explosive Device
· IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
· IEP Individualized Education Program
· IFF If and only if
Identification: Friend or Foe
Internet Friends Forever
· IFFY Dodgy, unreliable
· IFM In Fond Memory
· IG Ignorant
· IGG Ignore
I Gotta Go
· IGGY Ignore
· IGHT Alright
· IGI I Get It
· IGM I Got Mine
· IGMC I'll Get My Coat
· IGN In Game Name
· IGNB I'm Going Now, Bye
· IGNTS I've Got Nothing To Say
· IGS I Guess So
· IGTG I Got To Go
· IGU I Give Up
· IGWT In God We Trust
· IGY I Get You
· IGYB I've Got Your Back
· IH8U I Hate You
· IHAC I Have A Customer...
· IHDK I Honestly Don't Know
· IHM I Hate Mondays
· IHML I Hate My Life
· IHNC I Have No Clue
· IHNI I Have No Idea
· IHO In Honor Of
· IHOP International House of Pancakes
· IHP I Hate People
· IHS I Hope So
· IHT I Hate This
· IHU I Hate You
· IHY I Hate You
· IHYDM I Hope You Don't Mind
· IHYSM I Hate You So Much
· IIB Ignorance Is Bliss
· IIFYM If It Fits Your Macros
· IIGHT Alright, OK
· IIH If I'm Honest
· IIL I'm In Love
· IINM If I'm Not Mistaken
· IIR Idiot In Room
· IIRC If I Remember Correctly
· IIS Internet Information Services
· IITUWUTMAS If I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret?
· IITWI In It To Win It
· IITYWIMIWHTKY If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You
· IITYWTMWYBMAD If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?
· IITYWTMWYKM If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?
· IITYWYBMAD If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
· IIUC If I Understand Correctly
· IIWII It Is What It Is
· IIWY If I Were You
· IJ I'm Joking
· IJAF It's Just A Fact
· IJDK I Just Don't Know
· IJG I Just Giggled
· IJK I'm Just kidding
· IJL I Just Laughed
· IJS I'm Just Saying
· IJWTK I Just Want To Know
· IJWTS I Just Want To Say
· IK I Know
· IKE same as DUDE
I Know, Eh
· IKEA Swedish furniture store
· IKH I Know, Huh?
· IKHYF I Know How You Feel
· IKLY I Kinda Like You
· IKM I Know Man
· IKMTY I Know More Than You
· IKN I Know Not
· IKR I Know, Right
· IKT I Knew That
· IKTF I Know The Feeling
· IKTR I Know That's Right
· IKWUM I Know What You Mean
· IKWYDLS I Know What You Did Last Summer
· IKWYL I Know Where You Live
· IKWYM I Know What You Mean
· IKY I Know You
· IKYP I'll Keep You Posted
· IL In Love
· ILD Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)
· ILH I Love Him/Her
· ILI I Love It
· ILL Cool, tight, etc
· ILLY Fresh, cool
· ILM I lige m
· ILML I Love My Life
· ILMO In Loving Memory Of
· ILNY I Love New York
· ILS Inflated Lat Syndrome
· ILT I Like That
· ILU I Love You
· ILU2 I Love You Too
· ILUM I Love You More
· ILUSM I Love You So Much
· ILUT I Love You Too
· ILY I Love You
· ILY2 I Love You Too
· ILYA I Love You All
· ILYAAF I Love You As A Friend
· ILYAM I Love You As a Mate
· ILYB I Love You Both
· ILYF I'll Love You Forever
· ILYG I Love You Guys/Girls
· ILYK I'll Let You Know
· ILYL I Love You Lots
· ILYLAS I Love You Like A Sister
· ILYLT I Love You Long Time
· ILYM I Love You More
· ILYSDM I Love You So Damn Much
· ILYSM I Love You So Much
· ILYSMB I Love You So Much Baby
· ILYSMM I Love You So Much More
· ILYT I Love You Too
· ILYTB I Love You To Bits
· ILYVM I Love You Very Much
· ILYWAMH I Love You With All My Heart
· IM Instant Message
· IMA I am going to
· IMAHO In My Absolutely Honest Opinion
· IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion
· IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
· IMB I'm Bored
· IMBA Imbalanced
· IMBO In My Biased Opinion
· IMCO In My Considered Opinion
· IMD In My Defence
· IMDB Internet Movie Database
· IME In My Experience
· IMEO In My Educated Opinion
· IMF International Monetary Fund
· IMGUR An Internet Image Sharing Website
· IMH In My Head
· IMHO In My Humble Opinion
· IMING Instant Messaging
· IMK In My Knowledge
· IMMA I'm Going To
· IMMAO In My Most Arrogant Opinion
· IMMD It Made My Day
· IMML It Made Me Laugh
· IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
· IMO In My Opinion
· IMOO In My Own Opinion
· IMP It's My Pleasure
· IMPO In My Personal Opinion
· IMR I Mean, Really
· IMS Irritable Male Syndrome
· IMSMR If Memory Serves Me Right
· IMU I Miss You
· IMUSM I Miss You So Much
· IMVU Instant Messaging Virtual Universe
· IMWTK Inquiring Minds Want To Know
· IMY I Miss You
· IMYA I Miss You Already
· IMYM I Miss You More
· IMYSM I Miss You So Much
· IMYT I Miss You Too
· IN THE BAG Definite
· INAH I Need A Hug
· INB I'm Not Bothered
· INB4 In Before (already mentioned)
· INBD It's No Big Deal
· INC Incoming
· INCYDK In Case You Didn't Know
· INDIE Independent music
· INDY Independent
· INFO Information
· INIT Isn't it?
· INK I Never Knew
· INKED Tattooed
· INNIT Isn't It
· INO I Know
· INOP Inoperative
In Need Of Practice
· INORITE I Know, Right?
· INPO In No Particular Order
· INR same as IKR
· INRI Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews)
· INRS It's Not Rocket Science
· INS I'm Not Sure
· INSIDER Inside joke
· INT Isn't it
· INTEL Intelligence
CPU manufacturer
· INTK I Need To Know
· INTP Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (personality type indicator)
· INVU I Envy You
· INWLY I Never Wanna Lose You
· INY I Need You
· IOAB I'm On A Boat
· IOC International Olympic Committee
· IOH I'm Outta Here
· IOI Indication of Interest
I'm Over It
· IOIC If Only I Could
· IOKIYAR It's Okay If You're A Republican
· IOM Isle Of Man
· IOMW I'm On My Way
· ION In Other News
· IONO I Don't Know
· IOU I Owe You
· IOW In Other Words
· IOYK If Only You Knew
· IP Internet Protocol
Intellectual Property
· IPA India Pale Ale
Internet Protocol Address
· IPC Ignore Post Count
· IPO Initial Public Offering
· IPOD MP3 player from Apple
· IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
· IQ Intelligence Quotient
· IR Infrared
Injured Reserve
· IRA Irish Republican Army
· IRAH Insert Relevant Acronym Here
· IRC Internet Relay Chat
· IRCOP Internet Relay Chat Operator
· IRDC I Really Don't Care
· IRDK I Really Don't Know
· IRIE Feeling good, alright
· IRL In Real Life
· IRLY I Really Like You
· IRMC  I Rest My Case
· IRS Internal Revenue Service
· ISA Inshaa Allah (Arabic), OK
· ISB I'm So Bored
· ISBN International Standard Book Number
· ISCSI Internet SCSI
· ISDK I Simply Don't Know
· ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
· ISH Shit
Suffix indicating vagueness
· ISHK I Should Have Known
· ISLY I Still Love You
· ISO In Search Of
· ISP Internet Service Provider
· ISS International Space Station
I'm So Sorry
· ISSN International Standard Serial Number
· ISTATOY I Saw This And Thought Of You
· ISTG I Swear To God
· ISTM It Seems To Me
· ISTR I Seem To Recall
· ISWYDT I See What You Did There
· ISWYM I See What You Mean
· IT Information Technology
· ITA I Totally Agree
· ITAI I'll Think About It
· ITALY I Trust And Love You
· ITC In This Channel
In That Case
· ITE Alright? (Hello)
· ITF In The Future
· ITG In The Groove
· ITIAILWY I Think I Am In Love With You
· ITIKY I Think I Know You
· ITILU I Think I Love You
· ITILY I Think I Love You
· ITK In The Know
· ITM In the Mouth
· ITMA It's That Man Again
· ITN I Think Not
· ITO In Terms Of
· ITOY I'm Thinking Of You
· ITP Inside The Perimeter
· ITS I Think/Thought So
· ITSK It's OK
· ITSO In The Style Of
· ITT In This Thread
· ITTET In These Tough Economic Times
· ITV Independent TV (UK)
· ITWYM Is That What You Mean?
· ITYF I Think You'll Find
· ITYL I'll Tell You Later
· ITYM I Think You Mean
· ITYS I Told You So
· ITZ It's
In The Zone
· IUSS If You Say So
· IV Four (Roman)
· IVF In Vitro Fertilization
· IWALU I Will Always Love You
· IWALY I Will Always Love You
· IWBB I Will Be Back
· IWC Internet Wrestling Community
· IWHI I Would Hit It
· IWID It's What I Do
· IWIK I Wish I Knew
· IWIWT I Wish I Were There
· IWM It Wasn't Me
· IWOOT I Want One Of Those
· IWTD I Want To Die
· IWU I Want You
· IWY I Want You
· IYA Hiya, hello
· IYAM If You Ask Me
· IYBTYBA If You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything
· IYD In Your Dreams
· IYDK If You Didn't Know
· IYDM If You Don't Mind
· IYF In Your Face
· IYGM If You Get Me
· IYH In Your Head
· IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
· IYL If You're Lucky
It's Your Life
· IYO In Your Opinion
· IYQ I Like You
· IYSS If You Say So
· IYSWIM If You See What I Mean
· IYT All right
· IYTE All right
· IYTT If You Think That
· IYW If You Want/Will
· IYWW If You Were Wondering
· IZ Is, it's
· J Joking
· J CAT Category J - mentally unstable person
· J DUB Jehovah's Witness
· J/K same as JK
· J2LUK Just To Let You Know
· J2LYK Just To Let You Know
· J4F Just For Fun
· J4L Just for Laughs
· JA Yes (German)
· JACKASS Stupid person, idiot
· JAF Just A Friend
· JAFA Just Another F***ing Aucklander
· JAG Socially inept person
· JAH God, Jehovah
· JAILBREAK Crack an iPhone
· JAJA Spanish laugh
· JAM Just A Minute.
· JAMBO Hello (Swahili)
· JAND England (Nigerian)
· JANK Worthless, useless
· JANOE I Know
· JAP Jewish American Princess
Person from Japan
· JAPAN Just Always Pray At Night
· JARRIN Annoying
· JAS Just A Second
· JAT Just A Thought
· JATQ Just Answer The Question
· JAVA Programming language
· JAWN Thing
· JAWOHL Yes, affirmative
· JB Jail Bait
Jonas Brothers
· JBH Just Being Honest
· JBT Jack-Booted Thug
· JBU Just Between Us
· JBY Just Be Yourself
· JC Jesus Christ
Just Curious
Just Chilling
· JCB J C Bamford (excavator manufacturer)
· JD Jack Daniel's
· JDI Just Do It
· JDLR Just Doesn't Look Right
· JDM Japanese Domestic Market
· JEAL Jealous
· JEET Did you eat?
· JEEZ Expression of annoyance
· JEJE Hispanic LOL
· JEJEMON People who type stupidly
· JEL Jealous
· JELLO Jealous
· JELLY Jealous
· JERK Idiot
· JEST Joke
· JET Leave quickly
· JEWFRO Curly Jewish hair style
· JFF Just For Fun
· JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy
New York airport
Just For Kicks
· JFN Just For Now
· JFT Just For Today
· JFTR Just For The Record
· JFY Just For You
· JFYI Just For Your Information
· JG Juicy Gossip
· JGB Just Got Back
· JGH Just Got Home
· JGI Just Google It
· JGL Just Get Lost
· JHC Jesus H Christ
· JHEEZE same as OMG, wow
· JHP Jacketed Hollow Point (bullet)
· JI Very, sort of
· JIC Just In Case
· JICYDK Just In Case You Didn't Know
· JIFF Cocaine
· JIFFY Short period of time
· JIP Rob, rip-off
· JIT Young gangster
Just In Time
· JJ Just Joking
· JJJ Australian radio station
· JK Just Kidding
· JKD Jeet Kune Do (Martial Art)
· JKL Just Kidding Loser
Just Kidding, LOL
· JKN Joking
· JKS Jokes
· JKZ Jokes
· JLMK Just Let Me Know
· JLO Jennifer Lopez
· JLS Jack the Lad Swing (band)
· JLT Just like that
· JLUK Just Letting You Know
· JLY Jesus Loves You
· JLYK Just Letting You Know
· JM Just Messing
· JMA Just Messing Around
· JMHO Just My Humble Opinion
· JML Just My Luck
· JMO Just My Opinion
· JMS Just Making Sure
· JMT Just My Thoughts
· JN Just Now
· JO Yo
· JOANING Putting someone down, making fun of
· JOCKER Someone who copies another's style
· JOHN DOE General term for a man
· JOINT Rolled marijuana cigarette
· JONES Craving, desire
· JONESING Craving, wanting really badly
· JOOC Just Out Of Curiosity
· JORTS Jean shorts
· JP Just Playin'
· JPA Just Playing Around
· JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
Image file format
· JPG Image file format
· JPOP Japanese pop music
· JROTC Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
· JRPG Japanese Role Playing Game
· JS Just Saying
· JSMN Just Shoot Me Now
· JSP Java Server Pages
· JSU Just Shut Up
· JSUK Just So You Know
· JSYK Just So You Know
· JTB Just Too Bad
· JTC Join The Club
· JTLUK Just To Let You Know
· JTLYK Just To Let You Know
· JTM Je t'aime (I love you)
· JTOL Just Thinking Out Loud
· JTOY Just Thinking Of You
· JTTY Just To Tell You
· JTUSK Just Thought You Should Know
· JUAD Jumping Up And Down
· JUICE Respect, power
· JUICED Happy, excited
· JUJU Magic, luck
· JUNGLE FEVER Attraction between people of different race
· JUNKIE Addict
· JUZ Just
· JV Junior Varsity, amateur
· JW Just Wondering
· JWAS Just Wait And See
· JWD Job Well Done
· JWG Just a Wild Guess
· JWTK Just Wanted To Know
· JWTLYK Just Wanted To Let You Know
· JWU Just Woke Up
· JWW Just Was Wondering
· JYEAH Cool version of Yeah
· K OK
· K1 The best, awesome
· K33L Kill
· K3U I Love You (I <3 U)
· KAFM Keep Away From Me
· KAM Gorgeous, sexy
· KAWAII Cute, pretty (Japanese)
· KAY Okay
· KB Kind Bud
· KBPS KiloBytes per second
· KCACO Keep Calm And Carry On
· KCCO Keep Calm and Chive On
· KD Kraft Dinner
· KDOT Okay, period
· KDR Kill/Death Ratio
· KEED Kid, joke
· KEEL Kill
· KEN Know (Scottish)
· KET Ketamine
· KEW same as KEWL
· KEWL Cool
· KEWT Cute
· KEY Kilogram (of drugs)
· KEYGEN Software serial number generator
· KEYS Kilogram (of a drug)
· KF Kinda Funny
· KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken
· KG Kilogram
· KGB Russian secret police
· KGO OK, Go
· KH Kingdom Hearts (RPG)
· KHUF Know How You Feel
· KHYF Know How You Feel
· KHZ Kilohertz
· KI Kilogram (of cocaine/crack)
· KIA Killed In Action
Know It All
· KICKS Shoes
· KIFF Cool
· KIG Keep It Gangsta
· KIK A mistyped version of LOL
Smartphone app for free chat
· KIKE Offensive term for a Jew
· KILLA Good quality weed
· KIM Keep It Moving
· KINDA Kind Of
· KINGS Drinking game
· KINO Physical flirting, touching
· KIO Knock it off
· KIP Sleep
· KIR Keepin' It Real
· KIRF Keeping It Real Fake
· KIS Keep It Simple
· KISA Knight In Shining Armour
· KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
· KIT Keep In Touch
· KITE Mail received in jail
· KITTEN Woman who dates older men
· KIU Keep It Up
· KIV Keep In View
· KIWI A person from New Zealand
A small brown bird from New Zealand
· KJ Killjoy
· KK OK, cool
· KKK Ku Klux Klan
· KKKK Korean LOL
· KKZ Okay
· KL Cool
· KLK Que lo que? (Spanish for What's Up?)
· KLKL Cool Cool
· KLM Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines)
· KLUTZ Clumsy or stupid person
· KM Keep Mum
· KMFC Keeping My Fingers Crossed
· KMK Kottonmouth Kings (band)
· KML Killing Myself Laughing
· KMN Kill Me Now
· KMP Keep Me Posted
· KMS Kill Myself
· KMSL Killing Myself Laughing
· KMT Kiss My Teeth
· KMU Keep Me Updated
· KNO Know
· KNOCK IT OFF Stop it
· KNOCKED Caught (selling drugs)
· KNOCKED UP Pregnant
· KNOCKOUT Stunning person or thing
· KNOT Roll of paper money
· KNP OK, No Problem
· KO Knock Out
· KOD Kiss Of Death
· KOI Koibito (Japenese for lover)
· KOKO Most important thing
· KOL Kingdom Of Loathing (Game)
· KOO Cool
· KOOL Cool
· KOOLS Mentholated cigarettes
· KOS Kill On Sight
· KOTC Kiss On The Cheek
· KOTH King of the Hill (game)
· KOTL Kiss On The Lips
· KOTOR Knights Of The Old Republic (Game)
· KP Korean Pride
· KPC Keep Parents Clueless
· KPG Keep the Party Going
· KPI Key Performance Indicator
· KPOP Korean popular music
· KR Kind Regards
· KRAM Smoke weed
· KRO Keep Right On
· KRON same as CHRONIC
· KS Kill Steal
· KTB Ok, Thanks, Bye
· KTBFFH Keep The Blue Flag Flying High! (Chelsea FC Moto)
· KTBPA same as KTBSPA
· KTBSPA Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive
· KTF Keep The Faith
· KTHNXBI OK, Thanks, Bye
· KTHX OK, Thanks
· KTHXBAI OK, Thanks, Bye
· KTHXBI Okay, Thanks, Bye (usually used dismissively)
· KTY Ok, Thank You
· KUDO Misspelling of KUDOS
· KUDOS Respect and recognition
· KUL  Cool
· KUSH High grade marijuana
· KUTGW Keep Up The Good Work
· KVM Keyboard, Video, Mouse
· KW Kilowatt
· KWAM same as KWIM
· KWAN Love and Respect
· KWEL Cool
· KWIM Know What I Mean?
· KWIS Know What I'm Saying?
· KWL Cool
· KYFC Keep Your Fingers Crossed
· KYO Knock Yourself Out
· KYOOT Cute
· KYP Keep You Posted
· KYS Kill Yourself
· KYSO Knock Yourself Out
· L Laugh
· L2M Listening To Music
· L2MS Laughing To Myself
· L2P Learn To Play
· L2PK Learn To Player Kill
· L2R Learn to Read
· L337 LEET in LEET speak
· L33T Elite
· L4D Left 4 Dead (game)
· L4D2 Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
· L7 Square
· L8 Late
· L8ER Later
· L8R Later
· L8R G8R Later Gator
· L8TR Later
· LA Cantonese Exclamation
· LAA Lad, mate
· LABTOP Laptop
· LAD Guy
· LADYBOY Transvestite
· LADYBRO A Female Friend
· LAFS Love At First Sight
· LAG Slow response (computer, internet)
· LAGG Defeat, PWN
· LAK Love And Kisses
· LAL Laughing A Lot/Little
· LALB Laughing A Little Bit
· LAM Leave A Message
· LAMBO Lamborghini
· LAME Stupid, Unoriginal
· LAMEO Lame Person
· LAMER Annoying person
· LAMN Look At Me Now
· LAMO Mispelling of LMAO
· LAMP Hit
· LAN Local Area Network
· LAND MINE Ugly, skinny girl
· LANK Very
· LAPD Los Angeles Police Department
· LAPPY Laptop computer
· LARP Live Action Role Play
· LART Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
· LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
· LAT Living Apart Together
· LATA same as LATERS
· LATE Missed a period, possibly pregnant
· LATERS See you later, goodbye
· LATERZ See you later, goodbye
· LATM Laughing At The Moment
· LAU Laughing At You
· LAV Lavatory, toilet
· LAWD Lord
· LAWL same as LOL
· LAWLS same as LOL
· LAWLZ same as LOL
· LAX Lacrosse
· LBC Long Beach, California
· LBD Little Black Dress
· LBDN Look Busy Doing Nothing
· LBH Let's Be Honest
Loser Back Home
· LBM Little Big Man
· LBNL Last But Not Least
· LBR Loser Beyond Repair
· LBRS Lower Blackrock Spire (WOW)
· LBS Laughing But Serious
Pounds (weight)
· LBVS Laughing But Very Serious
· LBW Leg Before Wicket (cricket)
· LC Lower Case
· LCD Liquid Crystal Display
· LCTS Let's Change The Subject
· LD Link Dead (Disconnection From Internet)
· LDA Long Distance Affair
· LDH Long Distance Hug
· LDI Let's Do It
· LDL Long Distance Lover
· LDN London
· LDO Like Duh, Obviously
· LDR Long Distance Relationship
· LDS Latter Day Saint
· LE Limited Edition
Law Enforcement
· LEAF Marijuana
· LEC Local Exchange Carrier
· LED Light Emiting Diode
· LEDGE Legend, legendary
· LEES Very Attractive Man/Woman
· LEET Chat room language
· LEG IT Run away
· LEGGO Let's Go
· LEGIT Real, legal
· LEKKER Cool, sexy
· LEMME Let Me
· LENG Weapon, gun
· LEO Law Enforcement Officer
· LEV Low Emission Vehicle
· LEVA Traitor
· LF Looking For
· LF1M Looking For One More
· LFDY Live Fast, Die Young
· LFG Looking For Group
· LFM Looking For More
· LFMF Learn From My Fail
· LFP Looking For Party (in MMORPG)
· LFTI Looking Forward To It
· LFTSU Look Forward To Seeing You
· LFW Looking For Work
· LG Little Girl
· LGBTQ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning
· LGD Let's Get Drunk
· LGFB Looks Good From Behind
· LGMH Love Gives Me Hope
· LGO Life Goes On
· LGT Link Goes To ...
· LGTM Looks Good To Me
· LH Living Hell
· LHH Laughing Hella Hard
· LHK Love, Hugs and Kisses
· LHM Lord Have Mercy
Lord Help Me
· LHR London Heathrow airport
· LHYW Like Hell You Will
· LI Laughing Inside
· LIB Liberal
· LIC Like I Care
· LICKED Drunk or high
· LID Ounce of marijuana
· LIEING Misspelling of 'lying'
· LIEK Like
· LIFO Last In First Out
· LIG Let It Go
· LIGIT Legitimate
· LIH Laugh In Head
· LIHOP Let It Happen On Purpose
· LIITA Love Is In The Air
· LIKE Introduction to a quote
same as UM
· LIKKLE Little
· LIL Little
· LILABOC Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
· LIMB Laughing In My Brain
· LIME Hang out, socialise
· LIMH Laughing In My Head
· LIMM Laughing In My Mind
· LIMO Limousine, luxury car
· LINE A line of a powdered drug
· LINGO Language
· LIPSING Kissing
· LIQ Liquor
· LIRL Laughing In Real Life
· LIS Laughing In Silence
· LIT Intoxicated, stoned
· LITE Light
· LITS Life Is Too Short
· LIU Look It Up
· LIVE Exciting
· LJBF Let's Just Be Friends
· LK same as LOLK
· LL Laugh Loudly, LOL
· LLAP Live Long and Prosper
· LLC Limited Liability Company
Laughing Like Crazy
· LLH Laughing Like Hell
· LLL Loony Liberal Left
· LLN LOL LOL Neanderthal
· LLO Misspelt LOL
· LLOL Literally LOL
· LLTTF Living Life To The Fullest
· LLZ same as LOLZ
· LM Loud Mouth
· LMA Leave Me Alone
· LMAD Let's Make A Deal
· LMAM Leave Me A Message
· LMAP Leave Me Alone Please
· LMC Let Me Check
Let Me See
· LMCO Laughing My Cats Off
· LMG Light Machine Gun
· LMGTFY Let Me Google That For You
· LMHO Laughing My Head Off
· LMIRL Let's Meet In Real Life
· LMK Let Me Know
· LML Love My Life
· LMO Leave Me Alone
· LMOA Misspelling of LMAO
· LMPO Laughing My Pants Off
· LMR Last Minute Resistance
· LMS Like My Status
Last Man Standing
· LMSO Laughing My Socks Off
· LMT Let Me Think
· LMTAL Let Me Take A Look
· LNF Life's Not Fair
· LNIB Like New In Box
· LNK Love And Kisses
· LNT Leave No Trace
· LO Hello
Little One
· LOA Leave of Absence
· LOADED Drunk, intoxicated
· LOAF Head
· LOB Throw
Line Of Business
· LOC Library Of Congress
· LOCAL Local public house, bar
· LOI Laughing On the Inside
· LOL Laughing Out Loud
· LOLAGE The act of LOL
· LOLAK Lots Of Love And Kisses
· LOLCAT Cat picture with silly caption
· LOLED Past tense of LOL
· LOLING The act of laughing out loud
· LOLL Laugh Out Loud Literally
· LOLLY Money
· LOLO Lowrider
· LOLOL Lots Of Laughing Out Loud
· LOLV Lots Of Love
· LOLWUT What?
· LOLX same as LOL
· LOLZ Laugh Out Loud (with sarcasm)
· LOLZA same as LOL
· LOMB Lying On My Bed
· LOML Love Of My Life
· LOMO Lights Out, Missionary Only
· LOO Toilet
· LOOL Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud
· LOONY Crazy
· LOOT Money (often stolen)
· LOP Stupid person
· LOPL Misspelling of LOL
· LOQ Laugh Out Quietly
· LORL Laugh Out Really Loud
· LOS Line Of Site
· LOTD Link Of The Day
· LOTI Laughing On The Inside
· LOTR Lord of the Rings
· LOTRO Lord Of The Rings Online (MMORPG)
· LOTTA Lot of
· LOUD Good quality marijuana
· LOVL Laughing Out Very Loud
· LOW Unfair, immoral
· LOW IT Allow It, don't worry
· LOW KEY Quiet
Don't tell anyone
· LOWE Don't bother, forget it
· LOWRIDER Vehicle with modified suspension often hydraulically controlled
· LOYOL Live Out Your Own Life
· LOZ Legend of Zelda
· LP Long Play (record)
· LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
· LPL Misspelling of LOL
· LPT Life Pro Tip
· LQ Liquor
Lover's Quarrel
· LQI Laughing Quietly Inside
· LQL Laughing Quite Loudly
· LQTM Laughing Quietly To Myself
· LQTMS Laughing Quietly To Myself
· LQTY Laughing Quietly To Yourself
· LRF Low Resolution Fox, attractive at a distance
· LRG Lifted Research Group (clothing)
· LRL Laughing Really Loud
· LRT Last ReTweet
· LS Lovesick
Life Story
· LSA D-Lysergic Acid Amide similar to LSD
· LSAT Law School Admission Test
· LSD D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
· LSE London School of Economics
Low Self-Esteem
· LSH Laughing So Hard
· LSHIC Laughing So Hard I'm Crying
· LSHIDMT Laughing So Hard I Drop My Taco
· LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
· LSI Limited Social Interaction
· LSMFT Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
· LSMIH Laughing So Much It Hurts
· LSP Love Sick Puppy
· LSR Loser
· LSS Last Song Syndrome
· LSTM Laughing Silently To Myself
· LTA Love To All
· LTB Looking To Buy
· LTD Live/Living The Dream
· LTG Learn To Google
· LTH Love Truth Honor
· LTIC Laugh Til I Cry
· LTL Living The Life
· LTM Laughing To Myself
· LTMA Less Talk, More Action
· LTMQ Laughing To Myself Quietly
· LTMS Laughing To Myself
· LTNC Long Time No Chat
· LTNS Long Time No See
· LTNT Long Time No Talk
· LTP Lost The Plot
· LTR Long term relationship
· LTS Laugh To Self
· LTY Laugh To Yourself
· LU Love You
· LUA Love You Always
· LUB Love
· LUBB Love
· LUBE Lubricant
· LUFF Friendly Love
· LUH Love
· LUI Living Under the Infuence
· LUL Lame Uncomfortable Laugh
· LULAB Love You Like A Brother
· LULAS Love You Like A Sister
· LULS same as LOL
· LULZ same as LOL
· LUMI Love You, Mean It
· LUMU Love You Miss You
· LUNCHBOX Bulge in a man's pants
· LURK Read a forum but never post
· LURKER Forum follower who never posts
· LURV Love
· LURVE Love
· LUSH Drunk person
Great, brilliant
· LUSM Love You So Much
· LUV Love
· LUVVIE Stage actor
· LUWAMH Love You with All My Heart
· LUX Luxury
· LV Louis Vuitton
Las Vegas
· LVL Level
· LW Lucky Win
· LWICD Look What I Can Do
· LWKM Laugh Wan Kill Me (LOL)
· LWKMD Laugh Wan Kill Me Die
· LWM Laugh With Me
· LWP Laughing With Passion
· LWT Look Who's Talking
· LWWY Live While We're Young
· LXG League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
· LY Love You
· LY2 Love You Too
· LY4E Love You Forever
· LYA Love You Always
· LYAAF Love You As A Friend
Love You Always And Forever
· LYB Love You, Bye
· LYF Love You Forever
· LYK Let you know
· LYKE  Like
· LYL Love You Lots
· LYLAB Love You Like A Brother
· LYLAF Love You Like A Friend
· LYLAS Love You Like A Sister
· LYLC Love You Like Crazy
· LYLMB Love You Like My Brother
· LYLT Love You Long Time
· LYM Love You More
· LYMI Love You, Mean It
· LYMY Love You, Miss You
· LYMYWY Love You, Miss You, Want You
· LYR Love You Really
· LYSM Love You So Much
· LYT Love You Too
· LYTD Love You To Death
· LZ Landing Zone
· M$ Microsoft
· M&D Mum and Dad
· M&M Small chocolate candy
· M&S Marks & Spencer
· M/F Male/Female
· M/O Make Out
· M2 Me Too
· M2AF Message To All Friends
· M2D Make my day
· M2FP My Two( three , four etc...) Favorite People
· M3 BMW sports car
· M33T Meet
· M4W Man looking for a woman
· M8 Mate
· MA Mom alert
Master of Arts
· MAAB Male-Assigned At Birth
· MAC Media Access Control
· MACHING Going at maximum Speed (skiing or biking)
· MACK Flirt
· MAD Really, extremely
· MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving
· MAG Magazine
· MAGGOT Fan of the band Slipknot
· MAH My
· MAJ Major
· MAL Mean, bad, evil
· MAMAW Grandmother
· MAMI Sexy, Baby
· MAN U Manchester United Football Club
· MANC Person from Manchester
· MANDEM Group of men, boys
· MANDO Mandatory
· MANDY MDMA, ecstasy
· MANG Man
· MANKY Nasty, dirty
· MANU same as MAN U
· MAP Man-Alien-Predator
· MAPOTI Most Annoying People On The Internet
· MARK Target, sucker
· MARY JANE Marijuana
· MAS Mildly Amused Smirk
· MASC Masculine
· MASH UP Song made from bits of other songs
· MATE Friend
· MAUH Kiss
· MAUI WOWIE Marijuana, weed from Hawaii
· MAW Might As Well
· MAWOY May Angels Watch Over You
· MAYN Man
· MB Megabyte
· MBA Masters of Business Association
Married But Available
· MBD My Bad Dudes
· MBF My Best Friend
· MBFAM  My Brother From Another Mother
· MBM Married Black Male
· MBN Must Be Nice
· MBO Must Be Off
Management Buy-Out
· MBPS MegaBits/Bytes Per Second
· MBR Master Boot Record
· MBT Masai Barefoot Technology (trainers)
· MBW Married Black Woman
· MC Master of Ceremonies
· MCD McDonald's
· MCL Much Clown Love
· MCM Man Crush Monday
· MCP Male Chauvanist Pig
· MCR My Chemical Romance (band)
· MCW Man Crush Wednesday
· MD Doctor of Medicine
Managing Director
· MDA Drug related to Ecstasy (MDMA)
· MDF Medium Density Fiberboard
· MDK Murder Death Kill
· MDMA 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy)
· MDR Mort De Rire (LOL in French)
· MDW Memorial Day Weekend
· ME GUSTA I like (Spanish)
· ME2 Me Too
· MEAN Cool
· MEATHEAD Muscular, but thick, person
· MEC Dude
· MED Medication
· MEDS Medications
· MEEP An exclamation for any situation
· MEETER Person who likes to look at fat men
· MEG Megabyte
· MEGO My Eyes Glazed Over
· MEH Indifference, equivalent to shoulder shrug
· MELT Idiot
· MEME An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc
· MENTHOL Mint flavored cigarette
· MEP Member of the European Parliament
· MER Expression of boredom, nonchalance
· MERC Mercenary
Injure or kill
· MERK Kill
· MERP Meaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
· MERT Mate
· MESOS Currency in the game Maple Story
· MESSRS Messieurs (plural of Mister)
· METH Methamphetamine (drug)
· MEX Low grade marijuana from Mexico
· MFC Mildly Fat Chick
Microsoft Foundation Classes
· MFEO Made For Each Other
· MFG Mit Freundlichen Gruessen (German)
· MFL Marked For Later
· MFW My Face When ...
· MG Machine Gun
· MGBY May God Bless You
· MGD Miller Genuine Draft
· MGK Machine Gun Kelly
· MGM Male Genital Mutilation
· MGMT The Management (band)
· MGO Metal Gear Online (game)
· MGS Metal Gear Solid (game)
· MH Map Hack
· MHBFY My Heart Bleeds For You
· MHM same as MHMM
· MHMM Yes, sure, OK
· MHO My Honest Opinion
· MHOTY My Hat's Off To You
· MHR Many Happy Returns
· MHZ Megahertz
· MI6 Military Intelligence Service 6
· MIA Missing In Action
· MIB Men In Black
Mint In Box
· MIC Microphone
· MID Mid grade marijuana
Mobile Internet Device
· MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
· MIFF Annoy
· MIGA Make It Go Away
· MIH Make It Happen
· MIHOP Made It Happen on Purpose
· MIL Mother In Law
· MILEAGE Value for money
· MILL Million (dollars)
· MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output
· MIN Minute
· MINES Mine
· MINGA Minger, ugly person
· MINGER Ugly person
· MINGING Dirty, disgusting, ugly
· MINT Nice, cool
· MINTED Rich, wealthy
· MINX Cheeky, mischievous girl
· MIP Minor In Possession
· MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
· MIRIN Admiring
· MIRL Meet In Real Life
· MIS Miserable
· MISB Mint (condition) In Sealed Box
· MISC Miscellaneous
· MISH Missionary position
· MISO My Internet Shut Off
· MISSION Arduous or boring task
· MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
· MIXOLOGY Study of mixing drinks
· MIZ Miserable
· MJ Michael Jackson
Michael Jordan
· MK Mm OK
· MKAY Okay
· MKZ Facebook (derogatory)
· ML Much Love
· MLAS My Lips Are Sealed
· MLB Major League Baseball
· MLG Major League Gaming
· MLIA My Life Is Average
· MLIB My Life Is Bro
· MLIG My Life Is Great/Good
· MLIM My Life Is Magic
· MLM Multi-Level Marketing
Middle finger (mlm)
· MLP My Little Pony
· MLRS same as MLAS
· MLS My Life Sucks
· MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships
· MLYP Much Like Your Post
· MM Married Man
· MM2 Message Mode 2 (CS)
· MMA Meet Me At...
· MMAMP Meet Me At My Place
· MMAO Make Me An Offer
· MMC MultiMedia Card
· MMD Make My Day
· MMH Meet Me Halfway
· MMI Me Myself and I
· MMJ Medical Marijuana
· MML Made Me Laugh
· MMM Expression of pleasure or contentment
· MMO Short for MMORPG
· MMOFPS Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter
· MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
· MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
· MMT Makes Me Think
· MMV Mileage May Vary
· MNC Mobile Network Code
· MNF Monday Night Football
· MNM Eminem (rapper)
· MNT Maybe Next Time
· MO Modus Operandi (method of operation)
· MO PO Mounted Police
· MOAB Mother of All Bombs
Massive Ordnance Air Blast
· MOAM Man On A Mission
· MOAR More
· MOAS Mother Of All Secrets
· MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
· MOBBING Bullying
· MOBO Motherboard
· MOC Marriage Of Convenience
My Own Creation
· MOD Modification
1960s youth culture
· MODEM Modulator-Demodulator
· MOE Fetish, mania, taste
· MOH My Other Half
· MOI Me (French)
· MOJO Sex appeal
Charm, spell
· MOL More Or Less
· MOLL Gangster's GF
· MOLLY MDMA, ecstasy
· MOMO Annoying person, idiot
· MON Man
· MONG Complete idiot
· MONROE Piercing between nose and upper lip
· MOO Matter of Opinion
My Own Opinion
· MOOK Idiot, JERK
· MOOLA Money
· MOOLAH Money
· MOP Hair on head
· MOPO Master Of the Painfully Obvious
· MOQ Minimum Order Quantity
· MORF Male or Female
· MOS Mom Over Shoulder
· MOSH Push/shove at rock/punk concert
· MOSS Relax, chill
· MOT Ministry Of Transport test for car safety
· MOTA Marijuana, weed
· MOTB Mother Of The Bride
· MOTD Message Of The Day
Match Of The Day
· MOTKU Master Of The Known Universe
· MOTO Master Of The Obvious
· MOTORBOATING Nuzzling a woman's chest whilst making a noise
· MOTWYW Make Of That What You Will
· MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
· MOW Eat very fast
· MOXY Courage, confidence
· MP Military Police
Member of Parliament
· MP3 Music file (MPEG Layer 3)
· MP4 Music/video file (MPEG Layer 4)
· MP5 Heckler and Koch submachine gun
· MPA Music Publishers' Association
· MPAA Motion Picture Assosciation of America
· MPE My Point Exactly
· MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
Audio/visual file format
· MPG Miles Per Gallon
· MPH Miles Per Hour
· MPO My Personal Opinion
· MPOG Multiplayer Online Game
· MPOS Multiple Positions
· MPREG Male Pregnancy, A Term Used In Fan Fiction
· MPUA Master Pick Up Artist
· MPV Multi-Purpose Vehicle
· MR Mentally Retarded
· MRA Man bra
· MRE Meal, Ready to Eat
· MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
· MRP Manufacturer's Recommended Price
· MRW My Reaction When...
· MS Microsoft
Maple Story (MMORPG)
· MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
· MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
· MSDOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
· MSF Male Seeking Female
· MSFAM My Sister From Another Mister
· MSFT Microsoft (stock symbol)
· MSG Message
Monosodium Glutamate
· MSI Mindless Self Indulgence (band)
· MSM Mainstream Media
· MSN Microsoft Network
· MSR Mulder/Scully Romance
· MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
· MST Mystery Science Theater
· MT Mistell (Gaming)
· MTA More Than Anything
· MTB Mountain Bike
· MTBF Mean Time Between Failures (reliability)
· MTBMW May The Best Man Win
· MTC More To Come
· MTD Month To Date
· MTE My Thoughts Exactly
· MTF Male To Female
· MTFBWU May The Force Be With You
· MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
· MTG Magic: The Gathering (game)
· MTH Month
· MTL Montreal, Canada
· MTLBWY May The Lord Be With You
· MTO Media Take Out (gossip website)
· MTUK More Than You Know
· MTV Music Television
· MTW Mum's the Word
· MTYK More Than You Know
· MU Multi User
· MUA Make-Up Alley (website)
· MUAH The sound of giving a kiss
· MUAHA An evil laugh
· MUAHZ Kisses
· MUAK same as MUAH
· MUCHO Much, very
· MUCK Ugly
· MUD Multi-User Dungeon, MMORPG
· MUD DUCK Ugly woman
· MUDKIP Water Pokemon
· MUDSHARK White woman dating black men
· MUFC Manchester United Football Club
· MUFFIN TOP Fat spilling out over the top of pants
· MUG Rob someboby
· MUGSHOT Head and shoulders picture
· MUH Me/My
· MULA Money
· MULE Person who carries something for someone else
· MULLET Hairstyle
· MULTI Player with multiple online accounts
· MULU Miss You, Love You
· MUM Mom
· MUNG Mash Until No Good
· MUNTED Drunk, intoxicated
· MUNTER Ugly woman
· MUPPET Stupid person, idiot
· MURK Kill, murder
· MURKED Badly defeated, killed
· MURSE Man purse
Male nurse
· MUSH Friend
· MUSM Miss You So Much
· MUVM Miss You Very Much
· MUX Multiplex
· MV Music Video
· MVA Motor Vehicle Accident
· MVP Most Valuable Player
· MW2  Modern Warfare 2 (game)
· MW3 Modern Warfare 3 (game)
· MWA Kiss
· MWAH Kiss
· MWC Married With Children
· MWF Married White Female
· MWHA Kiss
· MWI Mad With It (drunk)
· MWM Married White Male
· MWPP Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs (Harry Potter)
· MX Motocross
· MY Miss You
· MY B My Bad
· MY BAD (Flippant) apology
· MY BOO My Boyfriend/girlfriend
· MY FOOT Expression of disbelief
· MY SIZE My type of girl
· MYB Mind Your Business
· MYCH Maybe You Can Help
· MYF Miss Your Face
· MYGGWY May Your God Go With You
· MYL Miss You Loads
· MYMP Make Your Mama Proud
· MYOB Mind Your Own Business
· MYODB Mind Your Own Damn Business
· MYSM Miss You So Much
· MYSPACE A social networking site
· MYT Meet You There
· N And
· N/A same as NA
· N/C Not Cool
· N/T No Text (subject says it all)
· N00B Newbie
· N1 Nice One
· N1C3 Nice
· N2B Not Too Bad
· N2G Need To Go
· N2K Nice To Know
Need To Know
· N2M Not Too Much
· N2MU Nice To Meet You
· N2S Needless To Say
Note To Self
· N3 No Name Noob
· N4P Noob
· N8 Night
· NA Not Available
Not Applicable
Not Announced
· NAA Not At All
· NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
· NABD Not A Big Deal
· NAC Not A Chance
Not A Chain (letter)
· NACKER Irish gypsy, traveller
· NACKERED Tired, worn out
· NADA Nothing
· NADDA Nothing
· NAE No
· NAFF Poor quality, uncool
Substitute swear word
· NAGL Not A Good Look
· NAH No
· NAHMEAN You know what I mean
· NAIJA Nigerian
· NAIL IT Complete, get right
· NAK Nursing At Keyboard
· NAL Need A Life
· NALGAS Buttocks
· NALGO Not A Lot Going On
· NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That.
· NAMASTE Sanskrit greeting
· NAMBLA North American Man/Boy Love Association
· NAMEAN Do you know what I mean?
· NANA Grandmother
· NANG Cool, wicked, good
· NAO Now
· NAP Not A Problem
· NAPSTER File sharing site
· NARF Random interjection
· NARK Informer
· NARP Non-Athletic Regular Person
· NARU Not A Registered User
· NAS Network Attached Storage
· NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
· NASCAR National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
· NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
· NASL Name, Age, Sex, Location
· NATCH Naturally
· NATI Cincinnati
· NATM Not At The Moment
· NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
No Action Talk Only
· NATTY Natural Light beer
Smart, good, cool
· NATTY LIGHT Natural Light beer
· NAW No
· NAWF North
· NAWM Know What I Mean?
· NAWT Not
· NAY No
· NB Not Bad
Nota Bene (Latin for please note)
· NBA National Basketball Association
· NBB Never Been Better
· NBC National Broadcasting Company
· NBD No Big Deal
· NBF New Best Friend
· NBG Nasty But Good
· NBIF No Basis In Fact
· NBK Natural Born Killers
Never Been Kissed
· NBM Nil By Mouth
Not Before Midnight
· NBSB No Boyfriend Since Birth
· NBT Nothing But Trouble
· NBTD Nothing Better To Do
· NBTW Now Back To Work
· NC No Comment
No Choice
· NC-17 No Children under 17 (movie rating)
· NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association
· NCB Never Coming Back
· NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV show)
· NCMO Non-Committal Make Out
· NCNR Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable
· NCNS No Call, No Show
· NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
· ND And
· NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
· NDE Near Death Experience
· NDI Neither Do I
· NDN Indian
· NDP New Democratic Party
· NDR  Non-Delivery Report/Receipt
· NDS Nintendo DS
· NE Any
· NE1 Anyone
· NEA National Education Association
· NEAT-O Cool
· NECRO Revive a very old forum thread
· NED Non-Educated Delinquent
· NEDM Not Even Doom Music
· NEE Maiden name indicator
· NEEK A cross between a Nerd and a Geek
· NEET Not in Education, Employment or Training
· NEF Person who posts pointless messages on forums
· NEFIN Anything
· NEG Negative
· NEGL Not Even Gonna Lie
· NEGU Never Ever Give Up
· NEI Not Enough Information
· NEL No (Spanish)
· NEOCON Neo-conservative
· NER Non-Existent Relationship
· NERD Intelligent but socially inept person
· NERF Weaken
· NES Nintendo Entertainment System
· NET Internet
· NETIQUETTE Etiquette on the internet
· NETWORK Two or more connected computers
· NEW Clueless
· NEWAY Anyway
· NEWB Newbie
· NEWBIE New Person
· NEWFAG Newcomer
· NEWPORT Cigarette brand
· NEXY Nerdy And Sexy
· NEY No
· NF Not Funny
· NFA No Further Action
· NFAA Not Funny At All
· NFI No Freakin Idea
· NFL National Football League
· NFM No Further Message
· NFN Normal For Norfolk
· NFS Not For Sale
· NFSW Not For Showing Wife
· NFT No Further Text
· NFY Not Fixed Yet
· NFZ No Fly Zone
· NG No Good
· NGH Not Gonna Happen
· NGL Not Gonna Lie
· NGO Non-Governmental Organization
· NGU Never Give Up
· NGUNS Never Give Up, Never Surrender
· NH Nice hand (poker slang)
· NHB No Holding Back
No Holds Barred
· NHD No Harm Done
· NHF No Hard Feelings
· NHFT Not Here For That
· NHL National Hockey League
· NHN Not Here Now
· NHOI Never Heard Of It
· NHS National Health Service
· NHTB Never Heard That Before
· NI No Idea
· NIAMY Never In A Million Years
· NIB New In Box
· NIC Network Interface Card
· NICE National Institute of Clinical Excellence
· NICKED Stolen
· NICKER Pound, quid (British currency)
· NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
· NID Never In Doubt
· NIHAO Hello (Chinese)
· NIK Now I Know
· NIKE American sportswear company
· NIL Zero
· NILF Nerd I'd Like To F***
· NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
· NIML Never In My Life
Not In My Lifetime
· NIMROD Stupid person, idiot
· NIN Nine Inch Nails
· NINJA Japanese warrior
· NIP Derogatory term for a Japanese person
· NIR NOOB In Room
· NISM Need I Say More?
· NIT New In Town
Idiot, nitwit
· NITE Good Night
· NITM Not In The Mood
· NITW Not In That Way
· NIX Destroy, kill
· NJ Not Joking
Nice Job
· NK No Kidding
Not Known
· NKA No Known Allergies
· NKOTB New Kid On The Block
· NKT Expression of annoyance
· NKZ No Kill Zone
· NL Netherlands
No Limit
· NLA No Longer Available
· NLI Not Logged In
· NLM No Laughing Matter
· NLT No later than...
· NLYG Never Let You Go
· NM Never Mind
Nothing Much
No Message
· NME New Musical Express (magazine)
· NMF Not My Fault
· NMG No Mames Guey (OMG)
· NMH Nodding My Head
· NMHJC Not Much Happening Just Chilling
· NMI Need More Info
· NMJ Not My Job
· NMJC Not Much Just Chat
· NMJCU Not Much, Just Chillin', U?
· NMN No Middle Name
· NMO Not My Opinion
· NMP Not My Problem
· NMR Not My Responsibility
· NMS Not My Style
· NMT Not My Type
· NMU Not Much, You?
· NMW No Matter What
· NMWH No Matter What Happens
· NMY Nice Meeting You
· NN Night Night
No Need
Not Nice
· NNITO Not Necessarily In That Order
· NNTO No Need To Open
· NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol
· NNTR No Need To Reply
· NO Misspelling of 'know'
No Offence
· NO BIGGIE No big deal
· NO WORRIES OK, no problem
· NO-BRAINER Something that requires no thought before deciding
· NO1 No-One
· NO1CURR No-One Cares
· NOC No One Cares
· NOCAL Northern California
· NOD Doze off
· NOH New Overhauled
· NOI No Offense Intended
· NOK Not Okay
No One Knows
· NOKD Not Our Kind, Dear
· NOLA New Orleans, Louisana
· NOLY No One Likes You
· NOM No Offence Meant
· NOMB None Of My Business
· NOMMY Good, delicious
· NOMNOM Sound of eating
· NOMS Food
· NON Now Or Never
· NONG Idiot, twit
· NONY Anonymous person
· NONYA None of Your (business)
· NOOB New, inexperienced person
· NOOB TUBE Grenade launcher attachment in COD4
· NOOPS Backward spoon
· NOP Not Our Problem
No Problem
· NORCAL Northern California
· NORLY No, Really?
· NORM Normal
· NOS New Old Stock
· NOSA No Sir, just kidding
· NOTA None Of The Above
· NOTB None Of Their Business
· NOTTIE Unattractive person, not a HOTTIE
· NOTW Not Of This World
· NOU No, You
· NOUT Nothing (northern UK)
· NOV Novice
· NOWT Nothing
· NOYB None Of Your Business
· NOYDB None Of Your Damn Business
· NOZ Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
· NP No Problem
· NPAA No Problem At All
· NPC Non Player Character (MMORPG)
· NPI No Pun Intended
· NPNT No Picture, No Talk
· NPO Never Pull Out
· NPR National Public Radio
No Purchase Required
· NPS No Problems
· NPW No Problem Whatsoever
· NPZ No Problems
· NQAT No Question About That
· NQR Not Quite Right
· NR No Reply
No Reserve
· NRA National Rifle Association
· NRE New Relationship Energy
· NRFB Never Removed From Box
· NRG Energy
· NRI Non-Resident Indian
Non-Repairable Item
· NRL National Rugby League
· NRN No Reply Necessary
· NSA No Strings Attached
· NSAW Not Saying A Word
· NSD Never Say Die
· NSF Not Sufficient Funds
Not So Fast
· NSFA Not Safe For Anyone
· NSFL Not Safe For Life
· NSFTBC Not Sorry For The Broadcast
· NSFV Not Safe for Viewing/Vegetarians/Vegans
· NSFW Not Safe For Work
· NSM Not So Much
· NSN Not So Nice
· NSPCC National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
· NSW New South Wales
· NT No Thanks
· NTB Not That Bothered
Not Too Bad
· NTBCW Not To Be Confused With
· NTD Nothing To Do
· NTFS New Technology File System
· NTH Nothing
· NTK Need To Know
· NTL NeverTheLess
· NTM Not Too Much
Nothing Much
· NTMU Nice To Meet You
· NTMY Nice To Meet You
· NTN No Thanks Needed
· NTR Nothing To Report
· NTS Nothing To Say
Note To Self
· NTSC National Television System Committee video standard
· NTSH Nothing To See Here
· NTT Name That Tune
Not Touching That!
· NTTAWWT Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
· NTTU Not Talking To You
· NTW Not To Worry
· NTWF Neopian Times Writers Forum
· NTY No Thank You
· NU No
· NUB Someone who should know better
· NUBE same as NOOB
· NUF Enough
· NUFF Enough
· NUFFIN Nothing
· NUG High quality bud of marijuana
· NUH No
· NUKE To attack with a nuclear weapon
· NUM Tasty
· NUMPTY Idiot
· NUN Nothing
· NUNYA None of Your (business)
· NUS National Union of Students
· NUTCASE Crazy person
· NUTZ Nuts, crazy, insane
· NUU No
· NV Never
· NVM Nevermind
· NVMD Never Mind
· NVMS No Visible Means of Support
· NVN Not Very Nice
· NVNG Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
· NVRM Never Mind
· NW No Way
· NWIH No Way In Hell
· NWIM Not What I Mean
· NWJ No Way Jose
· NWLY Never Wanna Lose You
· NWM No Worries Mate
· NWNC No Woman, No Cry
· NWO New World Order
· NWOT New Without Tags (eBay)
· NWS Not Work Safe - for messages/sites containing adult content
· NWT New With Tags
· NY New York
· NYB Not Your Business
· NYC New York City
· NYD New Year's Day
· NYE New Years Eve
· NYERK Replacement swearword
· NYF Not Your Fault
· NYI Not Yet Implemented
· NYK Not Yet Known
Now You Know
· NYOB Not Your Own Business
· NYP Not Your Problem
· NYPD New York Police Department
· NYSE New York Stock Exchange
· NYT Not Your Type
New York Times
· NYU New York University
· O Ounce (of drugs)
· O RLY Oh, Really?
· O&O Over and Out
· O-O Shock
· O.O Wide eyed
· O/ High five
· O/\O High five
· O7 Salute
· O:) Innocent, angelic
· O:-) Innocent, angelic
· OA Over Acting
Over Achiever
· OAN On Another Note
· OAO Over And Out
· OAP Old Age Pensioner
· OATUS On A Totally Unrelated Subject
· OAUS On An Unrelated Subject
· OB Oh, Brother
· OBBY Oh, Baby
· OBE Overcome By Events
Out of Body Experience
Order of the British Empire
· OBGYN Gynecologist (OBstetrics and GYNecology)
· OBHWF One Big Happy Weasely Family
· OBO Or Best Offer
· OBQ Oh, Be Quiet
· OBS Obviously
· OBTW Oh, By The Way
· OBV Obviously
· OBVI Obviously
· OBVS Obviously
· OBVY Obviously
· OBVZ Obviously
· OBX Outer Banks North Carolina
· OC Of Course
Original Character
Orange County
· OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
· OCH Oh (Scottish)
· OCN Of Course Not
· OCO Oh, Come On
· OCR Optical Character Recognition
· OCT On Company Time
· OD Overdose
Over Doing it
· ODAAT One Day At A Time
· ODEE same as OD
· ODF Own Damn Fault
· ODG Oh Dear God
· ODL Oh Dear Lord
· ODST Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)
· ODT On Dis Ting
· OE Outlook Express
Operator Error
· OED Oxford English Dictionary
· OEM Original Equipment Manufacurer
· OFAY Offensive term for a white person
· OFC Of Course
· OFGS Oh, For God's Sake
· OFH Old Folks' Home
· OFOC Overwhelming Feelings of Concern
· OFWGKTA Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (rappers)
· OG Original Gangster
Old Git
· OGIM Oh God It's Monday
· OGK Only God Knows
· OGM misspelling of OMG
· OGN Online Gaming Network
· OH Other Half
· OHAC Own House And Car
· OHAI Oh, Hi
· OHIM Oh Hell, It's Monday
· OHK Oh,Ok
· OHKO One Hit Knock Out
· OHN Oh Hell, No!
· OHS Operator Head Space
· OHT One Handed Typing
· OHW One Hit Wonder
· OI Hey
· OIC Oh, I See
· OIK Unpleasant, unpopular person
· OIY Hey
· OJ Only Joking
· OJD Obsessive Jonas (Brothers) Disorder
· OJT On Job Training
· OK Only Kidding
· OKC Oklahoma City
· OKI Okey Dokey, OK
· OKIES Okay
· OKW/E OK What-Ever
· OL Online
Office Lady
· OLD BAG Grumpy old woman
· OLDFAG Long established member of an online community
· OLED Organic Light-Emitting Diode
· OLLG One Less Lonely Girl
· OLOY Only Losers Obey Yolo
· OLTL One Life To Live
· OM Old Man
· OM NOM Sound of eating
· OMA Oh My Allah
· OMB On My Break
· OMD Oh My Days
· OMDB Over My Dead Body
· OMDS same as OMD
· OMDZ Oh My Dayz
· OMFSM Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster
· OMFUG Other Music Found UnderGround
· OMG Oh My God
· OMGA Oh My Giddy Aunt
· OMGD Oh My God Dude
· OMGNA Oh My Gosh, Not Again
· OMGSH Oh My Gosh
· OMGZ same as OMG
· OMJ Oh My Jonas (JB)
· OMJC Oh My Jesus Christ
· OML Oh My Lord
· OMS Oh My Science
· OMSJ Oh My Sweet Jesus!
· OMT One More Thing
· OMW On My Way
· OMWH On My Way Home
· OMZ Oh My Zeus
· ON Drunk, high
· ON ONE Under the influence of drugs
· ON9 Stupid (Chinese)
· ONCO Or Nearest Cash Offer
· ONE One Love, goodbye
· ONE OFF Happened Once
· ONG  Misspelling of OMG
· ONION Ounce of a drug
· ONL Online
· ONM Oh, Never Mind
· ONNA Oh No, Not Again
· ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again
· ONO Or Nearest Offer
· ONOZ Oh No
· ONS One Night Stand
· ONTD Oh No They Didn't
· ONUD Oh No You Didn't
· ONYD Oh No You Didn't
· OO Object Orientated
· OOA Out Of Ammo
· OOAK One Of A Kind
· OOBE Out Of Body Experience
· OOC Out Of Control/Character/Context
· OOF Out Of Office
· OOFT Sound made when impressed by something
· OOH Out Of Here
· OOI Out Of Interest
· OOM Out Of Mana (MMORPG)
· OOMF One Of My Friends/Followers
· OOML Out Of My League
· OOMM Out Of My Mind
· OOO Out Of Office
· OOP Out Of Place
· OOPS Word said after doing something wrong
· OOS Out Of Style
· OOSOOM Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
· OOT Out Of Town
· OOTB Out Of The Box
· OOTC Obligatory On-Topic Comment
· OOTD Offer Of The Day
Outfit Of The Day
· OOTO Out Of The Office
· OOTW Out Of This World
· OOYL Out Of Your League
· OOYM Out Of Your Mind
· OP Original Poster
· OPA Greek exclamation
· OPB Other People's Business
· OPK Other People's Kids
· OPM Other People's Money
· OPPA Older brother, male friend
· OPPS Misspelling of 'oops'
· OPS Operations
· OPSEC Operations Security
· OREO Black on the outside, white on the inside
· ORG Online Reality Games
· ORITE Alright, hello
· ORKUT Google's social network
· ORLY Oh Really
· ORN Oh Really Now
· ORO Expression of confusion
· ORZ Frustration, despair
· OS Operating System
· OSFA One Size Fits All
· OSLT Or Something Like That
· OSM Awesome
· OSO Other Significant Other
· OSS Open Source Software
· OSSIM Awesome
· OST Original Sound Track
· OT Off Topic
· OT3 One True Threesome
· OTA Over The Air
· OTAKU Obsessive fan
· OTAY Okay
· OTB Off The boat
· OTC Over The Counter
· OTD On The Dot
Out The Door
· OTE Over The Edge
· OTF Off Topic Forum
· OTFL On The Floor Laughing
· OTG On The Go
Off The Ground
· OTH Off The Hook
· OTK Over The Knee
· OTL like ORZ stick figure on hands and knees
Out To Lunch
· OTLTA One Thing Led To Another
· OTM Of The Moment
One Track Mind
· OTN On That Note
· OTO One Time Only
· OTOH On The Other Hand
· OTOOH On The Other Other Hand
· OTP One True Pairing
· OTR On The Run
· OTS On The Side
· OTT Over The Top
· OTTH On The Third Hand
· OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head
· OTW On The Way
· OTW On The Whole
· OTY Over To You
· OTZ same as ORZ
· OU Open University
· OUAT Once Upon A Time
· OUCH Interjection said when experiencing pain
· OUGHTA Ought to
· OUNCE 28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana)
· OUO Official Use Only
· OUTTA Out Of
· OVA Original Video Animation
· OVNO Or Very Near Offer
· OVO Obviously
· OW Ouch
Other Woman
Oh, Well
· OWK Other World Kingdom
· OWLING Crouching and staring like an owl
· OWN Beat, dominate (gaming)
· OWNED Dominated
· OWNM Oh Well, Never Mind
· OWOA One Way Or Another
· OWS Occupy Wall Street
· OWT Anything
· OWTTE Or Words To That Effect
· OX Sharp blade
· OXY OxyContin (or oxycodone), painkiller
· OY Oh Yeah
· OYB On Your Bike
· OYE Listen up
· OYG Oh Your God
· OYO On Your Own
· OZ Australia
· O_O Confused
· P Penny, pence
· P!ATD Panic! At The Disco (band)
· P&C Point and Click
· P&L Profit And Loss
Peace And Love
· P&P Party And Play
Postage And Packaging
· P) Pirate
· P.I.C. Partner In Crime
· P/U Pick Up
· P/X Part exchange
· P12 Childish person
· P2C2E Process Too Complicated To Explain
· P2P Peer To Peer
Pay To Play
· P2W Pay To Win
· P45 Employment severance form (UK)
· P4P Pound For Pound
· P90X Type of workout schedule
· P911 Parent Alert
· PA Personal Assistant
· PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
· PAC Gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur
· PAD House, room
· PADDY Offensive term for an Irishman
· PAF Phone A Friend
· PAKI Offensive term for a Pakistani
· PAN Personal Area Network
· PANSY Sissy, unmanly person
· PANTHER Woman who likes older men
· PANTS Rubbish
· PAP Post A Picture
· PAPARAZZI Photo-journalists
· PAPER Money
· PAR Disrespect
· PARA Paralytic, very drunk
· PARE Friend, pal
· PARTY POOPER A person who ruins the mood with their attitude
· PATCH Correction applied to a computer program
· PATD Panic At The Disco (band)
· PATT Party All The Time
· PAU Finished, done
· PAW Parents are watching
· PAX Peace
· PAYCE Peace
· PAYE Pay As You Earn
· PAYG Pay As You Go
· PB Personal Best
· PB&J Peanut Butter and Jelly
· PBB Pirate Bulletin Board
· PBJ Peanut Butter and Jelly
· PBN Paintball Nation
· PBP Please Be Patient
· PBQ Please Be Quiet
· PBR Pabst Blue Ribbon (beer)
· PBS Public Broadcasting Service
· PBUH Peace Be Upon Him
· PBWU Peace Be With You
· PBWY Peace Be With You
· PC Politically Correct
Personal Computer
· PC 4 PC Picture Comment For Picture Comment
· PC4PC Picture Comment For Picture Comment.
· PCB Printed Circuit Board
Please Come Back
· PCD Pussycat Dolls
· PCE Peace
· PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
· PCM Please Call Me
· PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
· PCMIA Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor
· PCP Phencyclidine, Angel dust
· PD Public Domain
· PDA Personal Digital Assistant
· PDBAZ Please Don't Be A Zombie
· PDEA Public Display of Elderly Affection
· PDF Portable Document Format
· PDG Pretty Damn Good
· PDOA Public Display Of Affection
· PDP Pretty Darn Precious
· PDQ Pretty Damn Quick
· PDT Pacific Daylight Time
· PE Physical Education
· PEACE Goodbye
· PEACE OUT Goodbye
· PEAK Humiliating
· PEANUT Pet name for BF or GF
· PEAR Pear shaped, wrong
· PEBCAC Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer
· PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
· PEBKAC Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
· PEEPS People
· PEEPZ People
· PEER TO PEER Computer network without a central server
· PEERS People in the same group, equals in age, background etc
· PEMDAS Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract
· PEN Penitentiary, jail, prison
· PEN15 Penis
· PENDEJO Idiot, fool
· PENG Good looking person
· PENG A LENG Really sexy, very fit
· PEON Low ranking person
· PEPS People
· PER SE By or in itself, intrinsically
· PERF Perfect
· PERO But
· PERV Pervert
· PERVING Flirting in a creepy way
· PERVY Perverted, creepy
· PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
· PEWPEW Laser sound
· PEWS Post Election Withdrawal Syndrome
· PFA Please Find Attached
· PFB Please Find Below
· PFC Private First Class
· PFF Expression of disagreement
· PFFT Expression of dismissal
· PFP Picture For Proof
· PFT An exlamation of disbelief
· PG Parental Guidance
· PG-13 Parental Guidance if under 13 (movie rating)
· PGA Professional Golfers' Association
· PGDA Pretty Goddamn Awesome
· PGM Pro Gamer
· PGP Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)
· PH Pantyhose
· PHAIL Fail
· PHAT Pretty Hot And Tempting
· PHB Pointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert)
· PHD Doctor of Philosphy
· PHEW Expression of relief
· PHISHING Scamming method used to get personal information
· PHOAR Expression of lust, physical attraction
· PHONY Fake object or person
· PHP Personal Home Page
· PHR33 Free
· PHU Potential Hook Up
· PHWOAR Acknowledgement that a person is fit, sexy,hot
· PI Greek letter
Ratio of circle's diameter to its circumference
· PIBE Play It By Ear
· PIC Picture
Partner In Crime
· PICNIC Problem In Chair Not In Computer
· PID Stupid
· PIECE Gun, weapon
Work of graffiti (masterpiece)
Pipe for smoking drugs
· PIF Marijuana
· PIFF Purple weed
· PIG Police officer
· PIGEON Woman using a man for personal gain
· PIGS The police
· PIKEY Offensive term for a Gypsy/traveller
· PILLOCK Idiot, fool
· PIMPL Pee In My Pants Laughing
· PIN Personal Identification Number
· PINCHED Caught, arrested
· PING Send a packet to a computer and wait for its return (Packet INternet Groper)
· PINK TOE White girl
· PINNER Thin marijuana cigarette
· PINOY Filipino man
· PIPA Protect IP Act
· PIPS Easy, not difficult
· PIQ Person In Question
· PIR Parent In Room
· PISSED Angry
· PISSED OFF Mad, angry
· PITCH Contribute money
· PITME Peace In the Middle East
· PITR Parent In The Room
· PIU Pump It Up
· PIX Pictures
· PJ Poor/Personal Joke
Cheap alcoholic beverage
· PJ'S Pyjamas, night wear
· PJS Pajamas
· PK Player Kill (MMORPG)
· PKB Pot, Kettle, Black
· PKI Public Key Infrastructure
· PKIT Please Keep In Touch
· PKMN Pokemon
· PKS Painkillers
· PL OK (typo)
· PL0X Please
· PLA People's Liberation Army
· PLANK Idiot, stupid person
· PLANKING Lying face down in an unusual place
· PLASTIC Credit Card
· PLC Public Limited Company
· PLD Poor Life Decision
· PLEB Commoner, inferior person
· PLH Peace, Love and Happiness
· PLI Potential Love Interest
· PLIES American rapper
· PLIX Please
· PLL Pretty Little Liar
· PLMA Please Leave Me Alone
· PLMK Please Let Me Know
· PLONK Cheap wine
· PLOS Parents Looking Over Shoulder
· PLOX Please
· PLP People Lazily Procrastinating
· PLR Private Label Rights
· PLS Please
· PLU People Like Us
· PLUMBUM Plumber's crack
· PLUR Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
· PLX Please
· PLZ Please
· PM Private Message
Post Meridiem (afternoon)
· PMA Positive Mental Attitude
· PMB Private Message Box
· PMC Post Meal Cigarette
· PMD Put Me Down
· PMF Pardon My French
· PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
· PMIGBOM Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth!
· PMJI Pardon My Jumping In
· PMT Pre-Menstrual Tension
· PMYMHMMFSWGAD Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
· PNC Point and Click
Partner in Crime
· PNG Image file format
· PNL Peace And Love
· PNP Party and Play
· PNR Passenger Name Record
· PNW Pacific North West
· POA Plan Of Action
· POCKET DIAL Accidentally make a call with the phone in your pocket
· POCKO Pocket
· POD Passed Out Drunk
· POF Plenty of Fish (dating site)
· POI Point(s) Of Interest
· POIDH Pics Or It Didn't Happen
· POKER FACE Expressionless face
· POKEY Prison
· POLY Polyamory, loving more than one person at a time
· POM Australian name for an English person
· POMG Oh My God (variation)
· POMO Permanent Open Market Operations
Post Modern
A Group Of Native American People In California
· PON On
same as PWN
· PONED Powerfully owned, dominated
· PONR Point Of No Return
· POOL SHARK Good pool player
· POP Popular (music)
· POP A SQUAT Sit down
· POP3 Post Office Protocol v3 (for email)
· POPO Police Officer(s)
· POPPER Amyl Nitrate
· POPPERS Amyl nitrate (recreational drug)
· POPPIN Going on, happening
· POPPING Dance style
· POPS Father
· PORCH MONKEY Person who sits on their porch, lazy person
· POSE Suppose
· POSS Possibly
· POST Hang out
· POT Mariujana
· POT HEAD Person who smokes WEED
· POTC Pirates Of The Carribean
· POTD Post Of The Day
· POTO Phantom Of The Opera
· POTS Parents Over The Shoulder (parents watching, I can't really talk)
· POTUS President of the United States
· POTW Patient of the Week (House M.D.)
· POTY Post Of The Year
· POV Point Of View
· POW Prisioner of War
· POWN same as PWN
· POZ HIV positive
· PPB Parts Per Billion
· PPC Pay Per Click
· PPD Post Potter Depression
· PPL People
· PPLE People
· PPLZ People
· PPM Parts Per Million
· PPPW Per Person, Per Week
· PPS Post-Post Script
· PPT Microsoft PowerPoint
· PPU Please Pick Up
· PPV Pay Per View
· PQ Party Quest (game)
· PR Public Relations
· PRANG Scared
· PRATT Stupid person
· PRAWN Girl who is good looking except for her face
· PRBLY Probably
· PRC People's Republic of China
· PREE Watch, stare at
· PREGGERS Pregnant
· PREGGO Pregnant
· PREGO Pregnant
· PREP Prepare
· PRESH Precious
Awesome, cool
· PRESSIE Present, gift
· PRI Pretty
· PRIT Ugly
· PRO BONO For (public) good (Latin)
· PROB Probably
· PROBS Probably
· PROBZ Probably
· PROC Programmed Random Occurrence
· PROD Protestant
· PROG Progressive rock music
· PROJECT same as HOOD
· PROLLY Probably
· PROMO Promotional material
· PROPS Respect, recognition
· PROXY Agent, middle man
· PROZZIE Prostitute
· PRW Parents Are Watching
· PRY Probably
· PS PhotoShop
Play Station
Post Script
· PS & QS Pints and Quarts
Please and Thank Yous
· PS/2 Computer port for keyboard or mouse
· PS2 Play Station 2
· PS3 Play Station 3
· PS4 PlayStation 4
· PSA Publice Service Announcement
· PSB Please See Below
· PSD Photoshop Data file
· PSH Dismissive expression
· PSHAW Expression of disbelief, scepticism
· PSI Pounds per Square Inch (pressure)
Greek letter
· PSM Personal Short Message
· PSN Playstation Network
· PSP PlayStation Portable
· PSR Pretty Standard, Really
· PST Please Send Tell
Pacific Standard Time
· PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
· PSU Power Supply Unit
· PSX Playstation X
· PSYCHED Excited, pumped up
· PT Phantasy Tour
Physical Training
· PTB Powers That Be
Pass The Buck
Please Text Back
· PTC Popping The Collar
· PTDR Pete De Rire (French for LOL)
· PTE Private (military rank)
· PTI Pardon The Interruption
· PTL Praise The Lord
· PTM Please Tell Me
· PTO Paid Time Off
· PTP Pay To Play
Peer To Peer
· PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
· PTT Push-To-Talk
· PTW Play To Win
Professional Time Waster
· PTZ Pan-Tilt-Zoom
· PUA Pick Up Artist
· PUB Public house, bar
· PUFF Marijuana
· PUG Pick Up Group
· PUKKA Genuine, top quality
· PULL Make out with
· PUMA Woman who dates younger men
· PUMPED Exhilarated, fired up
· PUNK Music genre
· PUNTER Customer
· PURDY Pretty
· PURP same as PURPLE
· PURPLE Strong marijuana
· PUSH Sell (drugs)
· PUV Public Utility Vehicle
· PV Promotional Video
· PVC Polyvinyl Chloride, vinyl
· PVE Player versus Environment (MMORPG)
· PVM Player Versus Monster
· PVP Player v Player
· PVR Personal Video Recorder
· PVT Private
· PWD Password
· PWEASE Babyish form of Please
· PWM Professional White Male
· PWN Own, dominate
· PWN3D Owned
· PWNAGE Pure Ownage
· PWND same as PWNED
· PWNED Owned, dominated
Perfectly Owned
· PWNT same as PWNED
· PWOR Proceeding With Orders Recieved
· PWOS Parents Watching Over Shoulder
· PWP Plot? What Plot?
· PWT Poor White Trash
· PX Post Exchange
Part Exchange
· PYP Play Your Position
· PYT Pretty Young Thing
· PZ Peace
· Q Thank You
· Q&A Question and Answer
· Q/A Question and Answer
· Q1 First Quarter
Quake 1 (Game)
· Q4U Question For You
· Q8 Kuwait
· QA Quality Assurance
Question and Answer
· QANTAS Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service
· QAP Quick As Possible
Quickly As Possible
· QB Quarter Back
· QC Quality Control
· QED Quod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved)
· QFE Quoted For Emphasis
· QFMT Quoted For More Truth
· QFP Quoted For Posterity
· QFT  Quoted For Truth
· QI Quite Interesting
· QK Ninja
· QL Cool
Quietly Laughing
· QLD Queensland
· QNA Question and Answer
· QNO Quiet Night Out
· QOL Quality Of Life
· QOS Quantam Of Solace
· QOTD Quote Of The Day
· QOTSA Queens Of The Stone Age (Band)
· QP Quarter Pound (of weed)
· QQ Crying
· QQ4U Quick Question For You
· QR Queer
· QS Quick Scope
· QSL Confirmed
· QT Cutie
· QTPI Cutie Pie
· QTR Quarter
· QTS Cuties
· QTY Quantity
· QUACK Doctor
· QUE What?
· QURL Girl
· QVC Quality Value Convenience (shopping channel)
· R Are
· R&B Rhythm And Blues
· R&D Replicate and Duplicate
Research and Development
· R&R Rest and Relaxation
· R5 Region 5 (DVD region)
· RA Resident Advisor
Resident Assistant
· RAC Rock Against Communism
· RACHET Crazy, nasty
· RACKS Money (in thousands)
· RAD Radical, cool
· RADAR Radio Detection And Ranging
· RAFL same as ROFL
· RAGE Party very hard, get wasted
· RAGO Whatever, OK
· RAH Pompous or superior person
· RAIL Line of cocaine
· RAILS Lines of cocaine
· RAINCHECK Postponement
· RAK Random Act of Kindness
· RAM Random Access Memory
· RANDOM Unexpected, unpredictable
· RANGA Redhead (derogatory)
· RANK Disgusting, gross
· RAOK Random Act Of Kindness
· RAP Music genre
· RAPID Cool, excellent
· RAPPER Urban poet
· RAR File compression type
· RAS Remote Access Server
· RASTA Rastafarian
· RAT Snitch, telltale
· RATCHET Undesirable, coarse woman
· RATM Rage Against the Machine (band)
· RATS Damn
· RAVE A Large Dance Party
· RAWK Rock
· RAWL Roll Around While Laughing
· RAWR Right Answer, Wrong Reason
· RAZZ Make fun of
Get drunk
· RBAU Right Back At You
· RBAY Right Back At You
· RBG Revolutionary But Gangsta
· RBTL Read Between The Lines
· RBV Red Bull and Vodka
· RC Random Chat
Radio Controlled
· RCH A very small unit of measurement
· RCON Remote Console
· RCT Roller Coster Tycoon
· RCVD Received
· RD Real Deal
· RDC Really Don't Care
· RDH Rate Date Hate
· RDJ Robert Downey Jr.
· RDM Random Death Match
· RDO Regular Day Off
· RDR Red Dead Redemption (Game)
· RDRR Har-de-har-har
· RDV Rendez-Vous
· RDY Ready
· RE Regarding
· RE-GIFT Pass an unwanted gift on to someone else
· REC Recreation (ground)
· RED BONE Light Skinned Colored Person
Red Undertones In Skin and Hair
· RED COAT British soldier
Holiday camp worker
· REDBONE Light skinned colored person
· REDNECK Unsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA
· REDONCULOUS Ridiculous
· REEFA same as REEFER
· REEFER Marijuana
· REEM Gorgeous, sexy, nice
· REF Refugee
· REG Regular
· REGGIE Regular weed
· REGS Regular
Low quality marijuana
· REKT Wrecked
· REL Relative
· RELLIES Relatives
· REM Rapid Eye Movement
Rock band
· RENTS Parents
· REP Represent
· REQ Request
· RES Resin
· RESH Depressing
· RESTECPA Respect (Ali G)
· RETRO Old fashioned style
· REV Make an engine go faster
· REZ Indian reservation
· RFC Request For Comment
· RFI Request For Information
· RFID Radio Frequency Identification
· RFP Request for Proposal
· RFQ Request For Quotation
· RFT Right First Time
· RFTS Reach For The Stars
· RFYL Run For Your Life
· RGB Red, Green, Blue
· RGDS Regards
· RGR Roger
· RH Road Head
· RHCP Red Hot Chili Peppers (Band)
· RHD Right Hand Drive
· RHI Rumour Has It
· RHINO Older man looking for a younger woman
· RHIP Rank Has Its Privileges
· RHS Right Hand Side
· RIB Make fun of
· RICE Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements
· RICK ROLL Trick someone with a link to Rick Astley video
· RIDIC Ridiculous
· RIF Reduction In Force
· RIFRAF Common people, trailer trash
· RIH Rot In Hell
· RINGTONE Sound a cell phone makes when receiving a call
· RINO Republican In Name Only
· RIP Convert music/video on CD to MP3s
Rest In Peace
· RIPPED Well defined muscles
· RIS Received In Swap
· RITE Right
· RIYL Recommended If You Like
· RKBA Right to Keep and Bear Arms
· RL Real Life
· RLAB Roll Like A Buffalo
· RLF Real Life Friend
· RLTW Rangers Lead The Way
· RLY Really
· RLZ Rules
· RM Remake
· RMA Return Merchandise Authorization
· RME Rolling My Eyes
· RML Read My Lips
· RMR Remember
· RMT Real-Money Trading
· RMV Results May Vary
· RN Right Now
Registered Nurse
· RNA Ribonucleic Acid
· RNB Rhythm And Blues
· RNG Random Number Generator
· RNR Rock 'N Roll
· RO Ragnarok Online (MMORPG)
· ROACH The end of a JOINT
· ROAR Right Of Admission Reserved
· ROCKBAND Music video game
· ROCKIN Awesome
· ROCKS Crack cocaine
· ROE Rules Of Engagement
· ROF Rate Of Fire
· ROFC Rolling On Floor Crying
· ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
· ROFLMFAO Rolling On Floor Laughing My F***ing A** Off
· ROFLOL Rolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud
· ROFTL Misspelling of ROTFL
· ROG Really Old Git
· ROGER THAT I Understand, OK
· ROH Ring of Honor (wrestling)
· ROI Return on Investment
· ROLF Rolling On Laughing Floor
· ROLL Experience the effects of Ecstasy
· ROLLED Robbed, beaten
· ROLLIN High on drugs
· ROM Read-Only Memory
· ROM COM Romantic Comedy
· ROOTS Type of Reggae music
· ROR Raughing out Roud
· ROS Right On Schedule
· ROSES Money
· ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
· ROTF Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
· ROTFFNAR Rolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason
· ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
· ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
· ROTGL Rolling On The Ground Laughing
· ROTK Return of the King (Tolkien)
· ROTM Run Of The Mill
· ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle
· ROW Rest Of the World
· ROX Rocks
· ROXOR Rocks, Awesome
· ROXORZ Rocks
· ROY Relative of yours?
· ROZZERS Police
· RP Role Play
· RPC Role Playing Chat
· RPF Real Person Fiction
· RPG Rocket Propelled Grenade
Role Playing Game
· RPM Revolutions Per Minute
· RPS Rock Paper Scissors (game)
· RQ Random Questions (Livejournal community)
· RR Restroom
· RRD Rick Rolled
· RROD Red Ring Of Death On Xbox 360
· RRP Recommended Retail Price
· RRR Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic
· RS RuneScape, a MMORPG
· RSA An encryption algorithm
· RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
· RSN Real Soon Now
· RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
· RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
· RSRSRS same as LOL
· RSS Rich Site Summary
Really Simple Syndication
· RSVP Repondez s'il vous plait (Please reply)
· RT Retweet
Real Time
· RTA Road Traffic Accident
· RTB Return To Base
· RTD Ready To Drink
· RTE National broadcaster in Ireland
· RTF Return The Favour
· RTFAQ Read The FAQ
· RTFD Read The F***ing Description
· RTFI Read The Flipping Instructions
· RTFM Read The Flipping Manual
· RTFT Read The F***ing Thread
Read The F***ing Topic
· RTG Ready To Go
· RTHX Thank you for the Retweet
· RTM Read The Manual
· RTO Radio Telephone Operator
· RTR Roll Tide Roll
· RTS Real Time Strategy
· RTV Rock The Vote
· RTW Ready To Wear
Round The World
· RU Are You?
· RUA Are You Alone?
· RUCA Girlfriend
· RUDEBOY Gangster
Ska fan
· RUGGER Rugby
· RUH ROH Uh Oh, Scooby Doo style
· RUKA Gangster girl, MOLL
· RUKM Are You Kidding Me?
· RUMBLE Brawl, fight
· RUO Weak (Chinese)
· RUOK Are You OK?
· RUS Are You Serious?
· RUT Are You There
· RV Recreational Vehicle
· RVB Red Versus Blue (popular web-series)
· RVR Realm Versus Realm (MMORPG)
· RW Read-Write
· RWD Rear Wheel Drive
· RWL Roaring With Laughter
· RWNJ Right Wing Nut Job
· RWP Random Wall Post
· RWYS Reap What You Sow
· RX Prescription
· RYC Regarding Your Comment
· RYN Read Your Note
Regarding Your Note
· RYO Roll Your Own
· RYT Right, alright
· S&D Search and Destroy
· S&M Sadism and Masochism
· S&P Salt and Pepper
· S/ Substitute first word with second
· S/B Should Be
· S/N Serial Number
· S/O Shout Out
Significant Other
· S/T Self Titled
· S2 Love (heart shape)
· S2G Swear To God
· S2R Send To Receive
· S2S Sorry To Say
Safe To Say
· S2U Same To You
· S4S Support For Support (MySpace)
· SA Sibling Alert
· SAB Smoking A Blunt
· SACK Bed
· SAD Pathetic
Seasonal Adjustment Disorder
· SAE Stamped/Self Addressed Envelope
· SAF Single Asian Female
· SAFE Something or someone good
· SAFM Stay Away From Me
· SAG Wear trousers low around the waist
· SAGE Word added to a post to stop it getting bumped
· SAHD Stay At Home Dad
· SAHM Stay At Home Mom
· SAHN Son
· SAHW Stay At Home Wife
· SALA Idiot, moron
· SALAM Peace (Arabic)
· SALTS Smiled A Little Then Stopped
· SALTY Upset, annoyed, embarrassed
· SAM Stop Annoying Me
· SAMEFAG Person with multiple aliases on forums
· SAN Japanese name suffix, Mr or Ms
· SANGA Sandwich
· SANK Something
· SANS Without (French)
· SAP Sad And Pathetic
· SARCY Sarcastic
· SARGE Chat up
· SARKY Sarcastic
· SAS Special Air Service
· SASE Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope
· SAT Scholastic Assessment Test
· SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
· SATC Sex And The City (TV show)
· SATS Standard Attainment Tests
· SAUCE Misspelling of 'source'
· SAUCED Drunk
· SAVAGE Brutal but awesome
· SAVVY Do you understand?
Knowledgeable, well informed
· SAWP same as SUP
· SAYONARA Goodbye (Japanese)
· SB Somebody
· SBD Silent But Deadly
· SBF Single Black Female
· SBI Surrounded By Incompetence
· SBJ Sweet Baby Jesus
· SBM Single Black Male
· SBS Step By Step
· SBSP SpongeBob SquarePants
· SBT Sorry 'Bout That
· SBUX Starbucks
· SC StarCraft (game)
Silent Chuckle
· SCA Scandal
· SCALLY Low life, trailer trash
· SCAM Rip off
Make out
· SCART Audio/Video TV connector
· SCH School
· SCHEMIE Someone from a council estate
· SCHWAG Low grade marijuana
· SCNR Sorry, Could Not Resist
· SCO San Fransisco
· SCOFF Food
Eat fast
· SCOTUS Supreme Court Of The United States
· SCOUSE Relating to Liverpool
· SCOUSER Person from Liverpool
· SCRAM Go away
· SCRAN Food
· SCRAP Fight
· SCREB Dirty, scruffy person
· SCRILLA Money, cash
· SCRIM Practice game
· SCRUB Loser who thinks he's something
· SCSI Small Computer System Interface
· SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
· SD Sweet Dreams
Secure Digital (memory card)
So Drunk
· SDA Seventh-Day Adventist
· SDK Software Development Kit
· SDMF Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever
Society Dwelling Mother F***er
· SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
· SDSL Symmetric DSL
· SE Special Edition
· SEC Second
· SED Said
· SEEDS Marijuana seeds
· SEEN I see, understood
· SEHR Very
· SEKC Sexy
· SEKKLE Calm down
· SELCA Self Cam picture
· SELFIE Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself
· SEM Search Engine Marketing
· SENIOR MOMENT Lapse of memory, logic or mental function
· SEO Search Engine Optimization
· SEP Somebody Else's Problem
· SERP Search Engine Results Page
· SES Marijuana
· SESH Session (drinking, smoking, gaming etc)
· SET Division of a gang
· SETE Smiling Ear To Ear
· SETI Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence
· SEVIE Seventh Grader
· SEXPOT Sexy Person
· SEXT Send suggestive text messages
· SF Science Fiction
San Francisco
· SFAM Sister From Another Mister
· SFLR Sorry For Late Reply
· SFO San Francisco International Airport
· SFP Sorry for Partying
· SFR Smiling For Real
· SFSG So Far So Good
· SFTBC Sorry For The Broadcast
· SFW Safe For Work
· SFX Sound Effects
· SG2M Sounds Good To Me
· SGO Let's Go
· SGT Sergeant
· SGTM Sounds Good To Me
· SH Same Here
· SHADDAP Shut up
· SHADE Casual, disrespectful
· SHADES Sunglasses
· SHADY Shifty, sly, sneaky
· SHAFT Screw, rip off
· SHANK Homemade knife
· SHAWN Attractive man
· SHAWTY Young girl/woman
· SHB Super Hot Babe
· SHEERIO An Ed Sheeran Fan
· SHEILA Woman
· SHERLOCKIAN A Fan Of Sherlock Holmes
· SHERM Cigarette dipped in PCP
· SHH Be quiet, shut up
· SHILL Decoy, person in on a scam
· SHINNY Informal game of hockey
· SHIOK Expression of happiness, pleasure
· SHIP Romantic relationship
· SHIRT LIFTER Homosexual Male
· SHIV Home made knife
· SHK Should Have Known
· SHM Simple Harmonic Motion
· SHMILY See How Much I Love You
· SHO Sure
Super High Output
· SHOOK Scared, frightened
· SHOOP Photoshop
Person who fires a gun
· SHOPPED Photoshopped, manipulated
· SHORTY Girlfriend, attractive girl
· SHOTGUN Front passenger seat
· SHOTTA Thug, gangster
Drug dealer
· SHOULDA Should have
· SHRINK Psychiatrist
· SHU Secure Housing Unit
· SHUBZ House party, rave
· SHUCKS Expression of modesty or disappointment
· SHUG Sugar
· SHUP Shut Up
· SHURUP Shut Up
· SHUSH Shut up, be quiet
· SHUX Shucks, expression of modesty
· SHWE Should We
· SI Stop It
Stupid Idiot
· SIA Sorry I Asked
· SIAP Sorry If Already Posted
· SIAS Say It Ain't So
· SIC Latin sicut (just as) - apparent mistake
· SICK Awesome, cool
· SICS Sitting In Chair Snickering
· SID Acid, LSD
· SIDK Sorry, I Didn't Know
· SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
· SIF As If
· SIFS Secret Internet Fatties
· SIG Signature
· SIGH Exhale depressedly
· SIK same as SICK
· SIKE Indicating the previous statement is false
· SIKED Psyched, excited about
· SIL Son-In-Law
· SIM Subscriber Identity Module
· SIM CARD Subscriber Identity Module for a mobile phone
· SIMMER Relax, chill
· SIO Bye
· SIP YEP in Spanish
· SIS Sister
· SIT Stay In Touch
· SITD Still In The Dark
· SITREP Situation Report
· SITTING DUCK Vulnerable, helpless target
· SITU Situation
· SIV Bad goalie in hockey
· SIW Someone Is Watching
· SIWOTI Someone Is Wrong On The Internet
· SIZZLE Drug OC, oxycontin
· SJ Society of Jesus
San Jose
· SJGR Shit Just Got Real
· SK8 Skate
· SK8R Skater
· SKANKIN Form of dancing
· SKEED High
· SKEEN I See, Seen
· SKENG Knife, blade
Gun, firearm
· SKETCH Unusual, dubious
· SKEWL School
· SKI Spend Kids' Inheritance
Snort cocaine
· SKI INSTRUCTOR Cocaine dealer
· SKINNY Information, gossip
· SKINS Cigarette papers
TV teen drama
· SKINT Broke, having no money
· SKITZ Schitzophrenic
· SKL School
· SKN OK, cool, whatever
· SKO Let's Go
· SKOOL School
· SKU Stock Keeping Unit
· SKUX A guy who's good with women
· SKYPE Internet telephone
· SL So Lame
· SLA Service Level Agreement
· SLAB Slow Low/Loud And Bangin', customized car
· SLAN Goodbye
· SLAP Sounds Like A Plan
· SLAY Dominated Something
· SLD Second Level Domain
· SLEW Cut down, kill
· SLF Sounds Like Fun
· SLFN So Long For Now
· SLH Santa's Little Helper
· SLI Scalable Link Interface
· SLICE Eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana
· SLICK Sharp, cool, smooth
· SLM Salaam (hello)
· SLOB Lazy, untidy, dirty person
· SLOL Seriously Laughing Out Loud
· SLR Single Lens Reflex (camera)
· SLT Salut, hello
· SLUGS Bullets
· SLY Still Love You
· SMACK Heroin
· SMACKED High on marijuana
· SMAD Sad and mad
· SMALLS Underwear
· SMAO Study My Ass Off
· SMDH Shaking My Damn Head
· SMDHE Some Mothers Do Have Em
· SME Small/Medium Enterprises
· SMEG All purpose swear word
· SMEXI Smart and Sexy
· SMEXY Smart and sexy
· SMFT So Much For That
· SMG Sub-Machine Gun
· SMGDH Shaking My God Damn Head
· SMH Shaking My Head
· SMHID Shaking My Head In Despair
· SMHL Shaking My Head Laughing
· SMIB Southern Maryland Inbred
· SMIDSY Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You
· SMIZE Smile with your eyes
· SML Screw My Life
Story of My Life
· SMN Shoot Me Now
· SMOG Sweet Mother Of God
· SMOOSH Hug, squeeze
· SMOP Simple Matter Of Programming
· SMS Short Message Service
· SMT Sucking My Teeth
· SMTH Something
· SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
· SMURF Experienced gamer posing as a newbie
· SN Screen Name
Side Note
· SN1 Spare No One
· SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
· SNAG Sensitive New Age Guy
· SNAIL MAIL Regular postal service
· SNAKE Snitch, back stabber
· SNAKE OIL Fake medicine
· SNAKING Flirting
· SNAP Expression of dismay, surprise, joy etc
· SNC Social Network Check
· SND Search And Destroy
· SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
· SNF So Not Funny
· SNH Sarcasm Noted Here
· SNIDE Fake or counterfeit
· SNIFF Cocaine
· SNIPE Bid on eBay just before the auction ends
· SNITCH Person who tells on someone
· SNK Video game company
· SNM Say No More
· SNOG Kiss
· SNOOKIE Pet name for BF or GF
· SNOUT Cigarette
· SNOW Cocaine
· SNR Signal To Noise Ratio
· SNSD Sho Nyo Shi Dae (Girl's Generation) Korean girl group
· SNU What's New?
· SNYK So Now You Know
· SO Significant Other
Shout Out
· SO SO Neither good nor bad, average
· SOA State Of Alert (band)
· SOAD System Of A Down (Band)
· SOAG Son Of A Gun
· SOCKPUPPET Person using a false identity
· SOCOM Special Operations Command
· SOD OFF Go away, get lost
· SOE Sony Online Entertainment
· SOF Soldier Of Fortune (Game)
· SOFT Powdered cocaine
· SOG Sea Of Green (cannabis growing)
· SOH Sense Of Humor
· SOHF Sense Of Humor Failure
· SOI Statement of Intent
· SOIDH Screenshot Or It Didn't Happen
· SOK That's OK
· SOLID Cool, awesome
· SOMD Sh*t On My Dick
· SOML Story Of My Life
· SOMSW Someone Over My Shoulder Watching
· SON Close Friend
· SONAR SOund Navagation And Ranging
· SOO So
· SOOC Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)
· SOOD Cool
· SOOK A Person Who Whines Or Is Overly Sensitive
· SOOTB Straight Out Of The Box
· SOP Standard Operating Procedure
· SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act
· SORN Statutory Off Road Notification
· SORTA Sort of
· SOS Save Our Souls (Help!)
· SOTA State Of The Art
· SOTD Song Of The Day
· SOTU State of the Union
· SOUND Cool, awesome, good
· SOUR Strong WEED
· SOW Female police officer
· SOWIE Sorry
· SOX Socks
· SOY Shame On You
· SOYW Something On Your Wall
· SOZ Sorry
· SP2 Service Pack 2
· SPAG Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar
· SPAM Unsolicted email
· SPANNER Idiot, fool
· SPARK Set light to (marijuana)
· SPAT Fight, argument, tiff
· SPAZ Spastic
· SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
· SPECTRE Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion
· SPED Someone who needs special education
· SPERG Dramatically Passionate Or Obsessive About A Subject
· SPEXY Sexy with glasses
· SPF Strictly Platonic Friend
· SPG Special Patrol Group
· SPIC Offensive term for a Hispanic person
· SPIM Instant Messaging SPAM
· SPINS Effect of drinking too much
· SPIT GAME Act of flirting
· SPITAL Hospital
· SPLIF A cigarette of tobacco and cannibis
· SPLIFF same as SPLIF
· SPM South Park Mexican (rapper)
· SPN Supernatural (TV show)
· SPOC Single Point of Contact
· SPOILER Something you would've prefered to find out yourself
· SPOOF Tube used to reduce smoking smells
· SPOON Cuddle
· SPOT Lend money
· SPOT ON Absolutely correct, perfect
· SPQR Senatus Populusque Romanus (the Senate and the people of Rome)
· SPROG Child
· SPRUNG Obsessed with someone, in love
· SPST Same Place, Same Time
· SPUN Under the influence of methamphetamine
· SPURS US Basketball team
UK football team (Tottenham Hotspur)
· SQ Sound Quality
· SQL Structured Query Language (for databases)
· SQTM Smiling Quietly To Myself
· SQUARE Cigarette
· SRH Supporting Radical Habits (Clothing)
· SRM Stark Raving Mad
· SRO Standing Room Only
· SRS Serious
· SRSLY Seriously
· SRT Street and Racing Technology
· SRY Sorry
· SS Screen Shot
· SSA Subject Says All
· SSBB Super Smash Brothers Brawl (game)
· SSBHM Super Sized BHM
· SSC Safe, Sane, Consensual
· SSD Solid State Drive
· SSDD Same Stuff Different Day
· SSH Secure Shell (Unix program)
· SSID Service Set Identifier
· SSL Secure Socket Layer
See Subject Line
· SSTS Snickering Softly To Self
· SSWA So Say We All
· ST Something
· ST00F Stuff
· STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition
· STACK $1000
· STAHP Stop
· STAN Stalker Fan
· STANDARD Of course, goes without saying
· STANG Ford Mustang
· STAR Friend, buddy
· STAT Immediately (from Latin statim)
· STATS Statistics
· STB Soon To Be
· STBE Soon-To-Be Ex
· STBX Soon-To-Be Ex
· STBY Sucks To Be You
Sorry To Bother You
· STC Subject to Change
· STEAL Punch
· STEAMING Drunk, intoxicated
· STEEZ Style with ease
· STEEZE Style with ease
· STEEZY Style With Ease
· STELLA Flirty girl
· STELLAR Awesome, excellent
· STEM Mix of STUD and FEM
· STEP OFF Leave
· STET Let it stand (Latin)
· STEXT Sexy text message
· STG Swear To God
· STH Something
· STHG Something
· STHU Shut The Hell Up
· STK Shoot To Kill
· STM Short Term Memory
· STMF Stay Thirsty My Friends
· STML Short Term Memory Loss
· STN Spend The Night
· STNY Same Time Next Year
· STOKED Very happy, excited
· STOPE Awesome, cool
· STR Strength
Short Term Relationship
· STR8 Straight
· STROP Sulk, tantrum
· STS Smirk To Self
· STSP Same Time Same Place
· STTN Sleeping Through the Night
· STUNNER Good looking person
· STW Search The Web
· STY Same To You
· STYL Speak To You Later
· SU Shut Up
· SUAD Shut Up And Drive
· SUBS Subwoofers
· SUCKS Is bad, is rubbish
· SUFI Super Finger
· SUGAR DADDY Rich older man
· SUH Sir
· SUIT Businessman, boss
· SUL See You Later
· SULA Sweaty Upper Lip Alert
· SUM Some
· SUM1 Someone
· SUMFIN Something
· SUMMAT Something
· SUP What's Up
· SUPER Very, really
· SURE Yes (often sarcastic)
· SUS Suspect, suspicious
· SUSS Discover, understand
· SUV Sport Utility Vehicle
· SUX Sucks
· SVP S'il Vous Plait (please in French)
· SVS Someone Very Special
· SVU Special Victims Unit
· SW So What?
Star Wars
Street Worker
· SWAGG  Style, coolness, confidence
· SWAGGA Style or personality
· SWAGGER A person's style
· SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
· SWALK Sealed With A Loving Kiss
· SWAMBO She Who Always Must Be Obeyed
· SWANK Cool, classy
Single Woman And No Kids
Second Wife And No Kids
· SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics
· SWEAT Like, love
· SWED Smoke Weed Every Day
· SWEET Awesome
· SWEETIE Pet name for BF or GF
· SWERVE Move On
· SWEXY Sweet and sexy
· SWF Single White Female
· SWG Star Wars Galaxies (game)
· SWIDT See What I Did There?
· SWIFT Awesome
· SWIM Someone Who Isn't Me
· SWIR So Wrong, It's Right
· SWISHER Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs
· SWIY Someone Who Isn't You
· SWIZ Con, rip-off
· SWK Star Wars Kid
· SWM Single White Male
· SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed
· SWND  Sound
· SWOG Uncoolness, opposite of SWAGG
· SWOL Well built, muscular
· SWOLE Muscular, in good shape
· SWOT Person who is always studying
· SWPF Single White Professional Female
· SWPL Stuff White People Like
· SWPM Single White Professional Male
· SWT Sweat
· SWTOR Star Wars: The Old Republic (game)
· SWW Slippery When Wet
· SWY Sowwy (sorry)
· SWYD Sleep When You're Dead
· SWYP So What's Your Point?
· SXE Straightedge (no drink, no drugs, no sex)
· SY Sincerely Yours
· SYA See You
· SYF Shut Your Face
· SYG Shut Your Gob
· SYIH See You In Hell
· SYITM See You In The Morning
· SYK So You Know
· SYL See You Later
· SYLA See You Later Alligator
· SYM Shut Your Mouth
So You Mad?
· SYMBIAN Mobile phone OS
· SYNC Synchronize
· SYNT See You Next Time
· SYOTOS See You On The Other Side
· SYRS See You Real Soon
· SYS See Ya Soon
· SYSOP System Operator
· SYT See You Tomorrow
See You There
· SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance
· SYWISY See You When I See You
· S^ What's Up
· T-T Crying
· T.T Crying
· T2M Talk To Me
· T2T Time To Talk
· T2UL Talk To You Later
· T2YL Talk To You Later
· T4P Thanks For Posting
· T4T Tit For Tat
Thanks For Trade
· TA Thank you
· TAB Acid, LSD
· TABOO Forbidden, not talked about
· TAC Cannabis resin
· TACKY In bad taste
· TACO A Mexican Food Dish
Derogatory Term For Spanish Person
· TACP Take A Chill Pill
· TAD Small amount
· TADA Exclamation when something is finished
· TAE Trial And Error
· TAF Tell A Friend
· TAFF Person from Cardiff or Wales generally
· TAFN That's All For Now
· TAFW Time Away From Work
· TAG Personal signature
· TAGL There's a good lad
· TAHT That
· TAI Think About It
· TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
· TAL Thanks A Lot
Try Again Later
· TAMW That Awkward Moment When ...
· TANJ There Ain't No Justice
· TANK Large person, heavily built
· TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
· TAPPED Crazy
· TAR Not very pure heroin
· TARD Retarded person
· TARDIS Time And Relative Dimentions In Space
· TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up
· TASTY Good looking
Cool, awesome
· TAT Tattoo
Rubbish, junk
· TATA Goodbye
· TATO Alright, OK
· TATT Tattoo
· TAV Marijuana
· TAW Teachers Are Watching
· TAY Thinking About You
· TAZE Annoy, irritate
· TB Text Back
· TBA To Be Announced
· TBBH To Be Brutally Honest
· TBBT The Big Bang Theory (TV Show)
· TBC To Be Continued
· TBCH To Be Completely Honest
· TBD To Be Decided
· TBE To be Edited
· TBF To Be Fair
· TBFU Too Bad For You
· TBH To Be Honest
· TBM Tactical Boyfriend Mention
· TBMS To Be More Specific
· TBNT Thanks, But No Thanks
· TBPH To Be Perfectly Honest
· TBQF To Be Quite Frank
· TBQFH To Be Quite F***ing Honest
· TBQH To Be Quite Honest
· TBR To Be Real
· TBS Tablespoon
To Be Specified
· TBSS Too Bad, So Sad
· TBT Truth Be Told
· TBTF Too Big To Fail
· TBTG Thanks Be To God
· TBTH To Be Totally Honest
· TBTP That's Beside The Point
· TBU To Be Updated
· TBX To Be Exact
· TBYS Think Before You Speak
· TC Take Care
· TCB Taking Care of Business
· TCBY The Country's Best Yogurt
· TCCIC Take Care 'Cause I Care
· TCFC Too Close For Comfort
· TCFN Take Care For Now
· TCFS Too Cool For School
· TCG Trading Card Game
· TCGB Take Care, God Bless
· TCH Sound of disagreement, frustration
· TCK Third Culture Kid
· TCL Tool Command Language
· TCOB Taking Care of Buisness
· TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
· TCP Transmission Control Protocol
· TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
· TCTC To Close To Call
· TD Touchdown
· TDDUP Til Death Do Us Part
· TDDWP Til Death Do We Part
· TDF To Die For
· TDG Too Damn Good
Three Days Grace (band)
· TDH Tall, Dark, and Handsome
· TDI Turbo Direct Injection
Turbo Diesel Injection
· TDL To Do List
· TDM Team DeathMatch
· TDOT Toronto
· TDS Technical Dificulties
· TDTF Too Drunk to Function
· TDWP The Devil Wears Prada (Band)
· TDY Temporarily Deployed for a Year
· TE AMO I love you (Spanish)
· TEAL DEER same as TLDR
· TEC Tec 9 handgun
· TECH Technician
· TEE T-shirt
· TEEF Steal
· TEEN Teenager, teenage
· TEH The
Used to emphasise the next word
· TEHO To Each His/Her Own
· TEK Tek-9 machine pistol
· TEKKERS Technique (in sport)
· TELNET Network Virtual Terminal Protocol
· TEMP Temporary (worker, file, etc.)
· TEN Person with a perfect body
· TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
· TERRIBAD Terrible and Bad, awful
· TEVS Whatever
· TEXT An SMS message sent between cell phones
· TF2 Team Fortress 2 (Game)
· TFA Thanks For Asking
· TFC Team Fortress Classic (game)
· TFCD Time For Compact Disc
· TFFW Too Funny For Words
· TFI Thanks For the Information
· TFIOS The Fault In Our Stars
· TFL Tip For Life
Transport For London
· TFLMK Thanks For Letting Me Know
· TFLMS Thanks For Letting Me Share
· TFLN Texts From Last Night
· TFM Total Frat Move
· TFM2KAU2FO That's For Me to Know And You To Find Out
· TFMTK That's For Me To Know
· TFP Thanks For Playing
· TFRM Thanks For Reminding Me
· TFS Thanks For Sharing
· TFT The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III)
Thin Film Transistor
· TFTA Thanks For The Add
· TFTC Thanks For The (Geo)Cache
· TFTD Thought For The Day
· TFTI Thanks For The Info
· TFTL Thanks for the Link
· TG Thank God
Too Good
· TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally
· TGE Misspelling of 'the'
· TGFG Thank God For Google
· TGFI Thank God For the Internet
· TGFL Thank God For Life
· TGFT Thank God For That
· TGI Thank God It's ...
· TGIA Thank God I'm Alive
· TGIAF Thank God It's Almost Friday
· TGIF Thank God It's Friday
· TGIM Thank God It's Monday
· TGIO Thank God It's Over
· TGIT Thank God It's Thursday
· TGOD Taylor Gang Or Die
· TGP Thumbnail Gallery Post
· TGTBT Too Good To Be True
· THA The
· THABTO Two Heads Are Better Than One
· THANG Thing
· THANQ  Thank You
· THANX Thanks
· THAR There
· THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana
· THE BOMB Really cool
· THE NICK Prison
· THICK Well proportioned, not fat or skinny
· THIS I agree
· THIZZ Ecstasy
· THIZZING Tripping on Ecstasy
· THIZZLE Esctasy tablet
· THN Then
· THNX Thanks
· THO Though
· THOT same as HOE
· THOU You
· THRASH Thrash metal (music style)
· THREAD Topic On A Message Board
· THRU Through
· THT  That
· THTH To Hot to Handle
· THUG Violent criminal
Person struggling to make something of their life
· THUMBNAIL Small version of a picture
· THUMBS DOWN Sign of disapproval
· THUR There
· THURR There
· THWU To Hell With You
· THX Thanks
· TI Texas Instruments
Rapper from Atlanta
· TI AMO I Love You (Italian)
· TIA Thanks In Advance
· TIAB To Infinity And Beyond
· TIC Tongue in Cheek
· TID Take It Down
· TIDY Cool, good
· TIE Take It Easy
· TIEF Thief, thieve
· TIEM Misspelling of 'time'
· TIF That Is Funny
· TIFF Argument, disagreement
· TIFN That's It For Now
· TIGHT Close
· TIIC The Idiots In Charge
· TIL Until
Today I Learned
· TILII Tell It Like It Is
· TIM Time Is Money
· TIME Tears In My Eyes
· TINA Crystal Meth
· TINAG This Is Not A Game
· TINALO This Is Not A Legal Opinion
· TINAR This Is Not A Recommendation
· TING Thing
· TINSTAFL There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch
· TINWIS That Is Not What I Said
· TIOLI Take It Or Leave It
· TIPSY Slightly drunk
· TIRF That/This Is Really Funny
· TIS It Is
· TISA That Is So Awesome
· TISNF That is so not fair
· TITCH Small person
· TITCR This Is The Credited Response
· TITF Take It Too Far
· TITT Throw In The Towel, give up
· TIX Tickets
· TJA Hi (Swedish)
· TK Team Killer
· TKD Taekwondo
· TKM Te Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)
· TKO Technical Knock Out
· TKS Thanks
· TKT Don't worry (French)
· TL Talk Later
True Love
Team Leader
· TL;DR same as TLDR
· TL;DW same as TLDW
· TLA Three Letter Acronym
· TLC Tender Loving Care
· TLD Top Level Domain
· TLDNR Too Long; Did Not Read
· TLDR Too Long; Didn't Read
· TLDW Too Long; Didn't Watch
· TLGO The List Goes On
· TLI Too Little Information
· TLK Talk
· TLND True Love Never Dies
· TLOL Truly Laughing Out Loud
· TLTR Too Long To Read
· TLYK To Let You Know
· TM Text Message
Text Me
· TMA Take My Advice
· TMAI Tell Me About It
· TMB Text Me Back
· TMBG They Might Be Giants (band)
· TMBI Tell Me 'Bout It
· TMD Damn in Chinese
Too Much Detail
· TME Too Much Effort
· TMF Too Much Forehead
· TMH Touch My Hand
· TMI Too Much Information
· TMK To My Knowledge
· TML Thank Me Later
Text Me Later
· TMLT To My Last Tweet
· TMM Tell Me More
· TMMS That Made Me Smile
· TMN Touch Me Not
· TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
· TMO Tomorrow
· TMP Tactical Machine Pistol
· TMR Tomorrow
· TMRW Tomorrow
· TMS Too Much Swag(ger)
· TMSIDK Tell Me Something I Don't Know
· TMT Too Much Tuna
· TMTC Too Many To Count
· TMTH Too Much To Handle
· TMTOWTDI There's More Than One Way To Do It
· TMTS Too Much Too Soon
· TMTT Too Much To Text
· TMW Tomorrow
· TMY Tell Me Why
· TMZ Thirty Mile Zone (celebrity news site)
· TNA Total Nonstop Action
· TNB There's Nothing Better
· TNBM True Norwegian Black Metal
· TNF That's Not Funny
· TNG The Next Generation (Star Trek)
· TNL To Next Level
· TNLN Took Nothing Left Nothing
· TNO Trust No One
· TNOP Totally Not Our Problem
· TNOT Take Note Of That
· TNSL Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
· TNSTAAFL There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
· TNT Til Next Time
· TNTM That's News To Me
· TNX Thanks
· TO Time Out
· TO BOOT As well, also
· TOAO The One And Only
· TOASTIE Toasted sandwich
· TOC Table Of Contents
· TOD Time Of Death
Time Of Day
· TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language
· TOEIC Test Of English for International Communication
· TOFT Take One For the Team
· TOFTT Take One For The Team
· TOFU Bean curd
· TOH The Other Half
· TOKE Inhale marijuana smoke
· TOKER Someone who smokes marijuana
· TOL Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Of Laughing
· TOM Time Of Month
· TOMBOUT Talking About
· TOMBOY Girl who behaves like a boy
· TOMO Tomorrow
· TOMOZ Tomorrow
· TON One hundred
· TONG Asian gangster
· TONK Strong, muscular
· TOOC Totally Out Of Control
· TOODLE Goodbye, toodle-pip
· TOOL Person of low intelligence, a fool
· TOON Online character in RPG
· TOOTLES See you later, goodbye
· TOOTSIES Toes, feet
· TOPPER Person who always has a better story
· TOPS Wonderful, fantastic
· TOS Terms Of Service
· TOT Small child
· TOTB Think Outside the Box
· TOTD Tip Of The Day
Tweet Of The Day
· TOTE Carry
· TOTES Totally
· TOTES PRESH Totally Precious
· TOTEZ Totally
· TOTGA The One That Got Away
· TOTM Time Of The Month
· TOTS Totally
· TOTT Think on These Things
· TOTUS Teleprompter Of The United States
· TOTZ Totally
· TOUCH Beat, kill, rob
· TOUCHE Said when admitting opponent has made a good point
· TOW The Other Wiki (Wikipedia)
· TOWIE The Only Way Is Essex
· TOY Thinking Of You
· TP Toilet Paper
Town Portal (diablo 2)
· TPAM The Person Above Me
· TPB The Pirate Bay
· TPE Total Power Exchange
· TPK Total Party Kill
· TPO Time, Place, Occasion
· TPS Totally pointless stuff
· TPT Trailer Park Trash
· TPTB The Powers That Be
· TQ Thank You
· TQM Te Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
· TR Triple Rainbow
· TR00 True, loyal
· TRA Bye
· TRAW Thick, Rich And White
· TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks
· TRDMF Tears Running Down My Face
· TREE Marijuana
· TRG Tiny Rascal Gang
· TRICKIN Spending money on a girl
· TRIFE Trifling, unimportant
· TRILL True and Real
· TRIP Experience when using a hallucinogenic drug
· TRIPPING Under the influence of drugs
· TRM That Reminds Me
· TROL Police patrol
· TROLL A deliberately provocative message board user
· TROLLING The act of being a TROLL
· TROLOL LOLING at somebody who is TROLLING
· TROTW The Rest Of The World
· TROUT Older man looking for a younger woman
· TRU True
· TRU DAT That is True, I agree
· TRUFAX True Fact
· TRYNA Trying To
· TSA Transportation Security Administration
· TSB True Story Bro
· TSBT Truth Should Be Told
They Suck Big Time
· TSF That's So Funny
· TSIA Title Says It All
· TSK Sound of annoyance
· TSM Thanks So Much
· TSN The Sports Network
· TSP Teaspoon
· TSTB The Sooner The Better
· TSTL Too Stupid To Live
· TSUP same as SUP
· TT Telegrahic Transfer
Till tomorrow
· TT4N Ta Ta For Now
· TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge
· TTC Trying To Conceive
· TTD Textually Transmitted Disease
· TTEOT Till The End of Time
· TTFAF Through The Fire And Flames (song)
· TTFL Ta Ta For Later
· TTFN Ta-Ta For Now
· TTFW Too Tacky For Words
· TTG Time To Go
· TTGG Time To Go Girl
· TTH Trying Too Hard
· TTIUWP This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
· TTIWWP This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures
· TTJASI Take This Job And Shove It
· TTL Thank The Lord
Time To Live (network cache)
· TTLY Totally
· TTM Talk To Me
· TTML Talk To Me Later
· TTO Time To Own
· TTOTM That Time Of The Month
· TTP To The Point
· TTR Time To Relax
· TTT Third Tier Toilet (bad school)
· TTTE Thomas The Tank Engine
· TTTH Talk To The Hand
· TTTT These Things Take Time
· TTTTY Time To Talk To You
· TTUL Talk To You Later
· TTUS Talk To You Soon.
· TTUT Talk To You Tomorrow
· TTUTT To Tell You the Truth
· TTY Talk To You
· TTYF Talk To You Forever
· TTYIAB Talk To You In A Bit
· TTYITM Talk To You In The Morning
· TTYL Talk To You Later
· TTYM Talk to You Ma
· TTYN Talk To You Never
· TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon
· TTYS Talk To You Soon
· TTYT Talk To You Tomorrow
· TTYTT To Tell You The Truth
· TTYVS Talk To You Very Soon
· TT_TT Crying
· TUDE Bad attitude
· TUFF Rugged
· TUL Tell You Later
Text You Later
· TUNE Flirt
· TURF Area, part of the neighborhood
· TURN UP Get Hyped, Excited, Wild
· TURNT Hyped Up
· TUVM Thank You Very Much
· TUX The penguin Linux mascot
· TVD The Vampire Diaries
· TVM Thanks Very Much
· TW Trigger Warning
· TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name
· TWD Texting While Driving
· TWEAKED High on drugs
· TWEEKER A methamphetamine user
· TWEET A post on Twitter
· TWEETER Person who posts on Twitter
· TWF That Was Funny
· TWFAF That's What Friends Are For
· TWHS That's What He Said
· TWID That's What I Do
· TWIHARD Die-hard Fan Of The Twilight Saga
· TWIMC To Whom It May Concern
· TWISTED High and drunk
· TWIT Foolish person
That's What I Thought
· TWITA That's What I'm Talking About
· TWITCON Profile picture on Twitter
· TWITTER A social networking site
· TWITTER JAIL Having reached your tweeting limit
· TWLOHA To Write Love On Her Arms
· TWOC Taken Without Owner's Consent
· TWONK Idiot, fool
· TWOP Television Without Pity
· TWOT Total Waste Of Time
· TWS Typical Woman Syndrome
· TWSS That's What She Said
· TWT Time Will Tell
· TWTMC To Whom This May Concern
· TWU That's What's Up
· TWYL Talk With You Later
· TWYMS That's What Your Mom Said
· TX Thanks
· TXT SMS message
· TY Thank You
· TYB Try Your Best
· TYBG Thank You Based God
· TYFAYS Thank You For All Your Support
· TYFE Thank You For Everything
· TYFYT Thank You For Your Time
· TYG There You Go
· TYJ Thank You Jesus
· TYL Text You Later
· TYLJ Thank You Lord Jesus
· TYM Thank You Much
· TYMBI Thought You Might Be Interested
· TYPO Typing mistake
· TYS Thank You Sir
· TYSM Thank You So Much
· TYSVM Thank You So Very Much
· TYT Take Your Time
· TYVM Thank You Very Much
· T^T Crying
· T_T Crying
· U You
· U.O.E.N.O You Don't Even Know
· U.U Expressing sympathy
· U2 You Too
· U2B YouTube
· U2U Up To You
· UA4I You Asked For It
· UAC User Account Control
· UAE United Arab Emirates
· UAK You Already Know
· UAN Universal Access Number
· UARK You Already Know
· UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
· UB2 You Be Too
· UB3R Uber, very
· UBD User Brain Damage
· UBER  Ultimate, best (German for above)
· UBRS Upper Black Rock Spire (WOW)
· UC&P Up Close and Personal
· UCAP Up Close and Personal
· UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
· UDA Ulster Defence Association
· UDI Unidentified Drinking Injury
· UDK You Don't Know
· UDS Ugly Duckling Syndrome
· UDWK You Don't Wanna Know
· UEFA Union of European Football Associations
· UES Upper East Side (of Manhattan)
· UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship
· UFF Expression of annoyance
· UFG Up For Grabs
· UFO Unidentified Flying Object
· UG Ugly
· UG2BK You've Got To Be Kidding
· UGC User Generated Content
· UGG Ugly
· UGGO Ugly person
· UGGS Brand of boots
· UGH Expression of disappointment or disgust
· UH Expression of hesitation
· UHF Ultra High Frequency
· UHM same as UH or UM
· UHQ Ultra High Quality
· UHT Ultra High Temperature
· UHU Misspelling of HUH
· UI User Interface
· UID User Identification
· UIN Unique Identification Number
· UK Are You OK?
United Kingdom
· UKT You Know That
· UKWIM You Know What I Mean
· UKWUR You Know Who You Are
· UL Upload
· ULM You Love me
· ULT Last