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What does NUB mean?

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What is NUB?

NUB is "Someone who should know better"

NUB Definition / NUB Means

The definition of NUB is "Someone who should know better"

The Meaning of NUB

NUB means "Someone who should know better"
So now you know - NUB means "Someone who should know better" - don't thank us. YW!
What does NUB mean? NUB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the NUB definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'someone':
212Speak with someone
:-PEmoticon Of Someone Sticking Their Tongue Out
BOON Someone who has been a NOOB for ages
COPYCATSomeone who copies someone else
CREEPERSomeone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
CUTESomeone/thing that is attrative in an innocent way
DESISomeone from the Indian subcontinent
DOWNERSomeone or something that brings the mood down
FLAMEInsult someone over the internet
GOLD DIGGERPerson who loves someone just for their money
JOANINGPutting someone down, making fun of
JOCKERSomeone who copies another's style
MULEPerson who carries something for someone else
PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
RE-GIFTPass an unwanted gift on to someone else
RICK ROLLTrick someone with a link to Rick Astley video
SAFESomething or someone good
SCHEMIESomeone from a council estate
SIWSomeone Is Watching
SIWOTISomeone Is Wrong On The Internet
SNITCHPerson who tells on someone
SOMSWSomeone Over My Shoulder Watching
SPEDSomeone who needs special education
SPRUNGObsessed with someone, in love
SVSSomeone Very Special
SWIMSomeone Who Isn't Me
SWIYSomeone Who Isn't You
TOKERSomeone who smokes marijuana
USERSomeone who uses other people to gain an advantage
WANNABESomeone who wants to be what they are not
WASTE MANSomeone who is a waste of time and space
Other terms relating to 'should':
BOSBoyfriend Over Shoulder
DOSDisk Operating System
Denial Of Service (attack)
Dad Over Shoulder
GOSGirlfriend Over Shoulder
Game Of Soldiers
HOSHusband Over Shoulder
HSIKHow Should I Know?
ISHKI Should Have Known
JTUSKJust Thought You Should Know
MEHIndifference, equivalent to shoulder shrug
MOSMom Over Shoulder
MUGSHOTHead and shoulders picture
PLOSParents Looking Over Shoulder
POTSParents Over The Shoulder (parents watching, I can't really talk)
PWOSParents Watching Over Shoulder
S/BShould Be
SHKShould Have Known
SHOULDAShould have
SHWEShould We
SOMSWSomeone Over My Shoulder Watching
TSBTTruth Should Be Told
They Suck Big Time
WOSWaste Of Space
Wife Over Shoulder
WSICWhy Should I Care?
YSKYou Should Know
Other terms relating to 'know':
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AIKRNAll I know right now
AKAAlso Known As
ASAIKAs Soon As I Know
AUOI don't know
AYKAs You Know
B4YKIBefore You Know It
BBKBoy Better Know
BKABetter Known As
BWDIKBut What Do I Know?
BYKIBefore You Know It
BYKTBut You Know That
DAMHIKDon't Ask Me How I Know
DAMHIKTDon't Ask Me How I Know That/This
DIKUDo I Know You?
DIKYDo I Know You?
DKDon't Know
DKDCDon't Know, Don't Care
DKFSDon't Know For Sure
DKYDon't Know Yet
Don't Kid Yourself
DNDCDon't Know, Don't Care
DNKDo Not Know
DNODon't Know
DNTKDon't Need To Know
DONNOI don't know
DUNNODon't Know
DYKDid You Know
DYKTDid You Know That?
DYKWIMDo You Know What I Mean?
EOTWAWKIEnd Of The World As We Know It
FAIKFor All I Know
FKAFormerly Known As
FMTKFYTFOFor Me To Know, For You To Find Out
FYKFor Your Knowledge
G2KGood To Know
GOKGod Only Knows
GTKGood To Know
H2IKHell If I Know
HAISTKHow Am I Supposed To Know?
HDYKHow Do/Did You Know?
HIIKHell If I Know
HSIKHow Should I Know?
IAKI Already Know
ICYDKIn Case You Didn't Know
IDEKI Don't Even Know
IDEKYI Don't Even Know You
IDEWTKI Don't Even Want To Know
IDKI Don't Know
IDKEI Don't Know Either
IDKWI Don't Know Why
IDKWTDI Don't Know What To Do
IDKWYMI Don't Know What You Mean
IDKYI Don't Know Why
IDNI Don't kNow
IDNKI Do Not Know
IDRKI Don't Really Know
IDUNNOI Don't Know
IDWKI Don't Wanna Know
IDWTKI Don't Want to Know
IHDKI Honestly Don't Know
IJDKI Just Don't Know
IJWTKI Just Want To Know
IKI Know
IKE same as DUDE
I Know, Eh
IKHI Know, Huh?
IKHYFI Know How You Feel
IKMI Know Man
IKMTYI Know More Than You
IKNI Know Not
IKRI Know, Right
IKTFI Know The Feeling
IKTRI Know That's Right
IKWUMI Know What You Mean
IKWYDLSI Know What You Did Last Summer
IKWYLI Know Where You Live
IKWYMI Know What You Mean
IKYI Know You
ILYKI'll Let You Know
IMKIn My Knowledge
IMWTKInquiring Minds Want To Know
INCYDKIn Case You Didn't Know
INORITEI Know, Right?
INTKI Need To Know
IONOI Don't Know
IRDKI Really Don't Know
ISDKI Simply Don't Know
ISHKI Should Have Known
ITIKYI Think I Know You
ITKIn The Know
IYDKIf You Didn't Know
IYKWIMIf You Know What I Mean
J2LUKJust To Let You Know
J2LYKJust To Let You Know
JICYDKJust In Case You Didn't Know
JLMKJust Let Me Know
JLUKJust Letting You Know
JLYKJust Letting You Know
JSUKJust So You Know
JSYKJust So You Know
JTLUKJust To Let You Know
JTLYKJust To Let You Know
JTUSKJust Thought You Should Know
JWTKJust Wanted To Know
JWTLYKJust Wanted To Let You Know
KENKnow (Scottish)
KHUFKnow How You Feel
KHYFKnow How You Feel
KWIMKnow What I Mean?
KWISKnow What I'm Saying?
LMKLet Me Know
LYKLet you know
MERPMeaningless word for when you don't know what else to say
MOTKUMaster Of The Known Universe
MTUKMore Than You Know
MTYKMore Than You Know
N2KNice To Know
Need To Know
NAHMEANYou know what I mean
NALOPKTNot A Lot Of People Know That.
NAMEANDo you know what I mean?
NAWMKnow What I Mean?
NIKNow I Know
NKNo Kidding
Not Known
NKANo Known Allergies
NOKNot Okay
No One Knows
NTKNeed To Know
NYKNot Yet Known
Now You Know
OGKOnly God Knows
PLMKPlease Let Me Know
SHKShould Have Known
SIDKSorry, I Didn't Know
SNYKSo Now You Know
SYKSo You Know
TAKSTexas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
TEOTWAWKIThe End Of The World As We Know It
TFLMKThanks For Letting Me Know
TFM2KAU2FOThat's For Me to Know And You To Find Out
TFMTKThat's For Me To Know
TLYKTo Let You Know
TMKTo My Knowledge
TMSIDKTell Me Something I Don't Know
TTBOMKTo The Best Of My Knowledge
U.O.E.N.OYou Don't Even Know
UAKYou Already Know
UARKYou Already Know
UDKYou Don't Know
UDWKYou Don't Wanna Know
UKTYou Know That
UKWIMYou Know What I Mean
UKWURYou Know Who You Are
UNOYou know
UOENOYou Don't Even Know
WLYKWill Let You Know
WTKWant To Know
YAKYou Already Know
YANOYou Know
YDEKYou Don't Even Know
YDKYou Don't Know
YDWTKYou Don't Want to Know
YIKYes, I Know
YKHIIYou Know How It Is
YKIMSYou Know It Makes Sense
YKTRYou Know the Rest
YKWYou Know Who
YKWIMYou Know What I Mean
YKWISYou Know What I'm Saying?
YKYLMYou Know You Love Me
YNKYou Never Know
YSKYou Should Know
Other terms relating to 'better':
BBKBoy Better Know
BFBBetter From Behind
BKABetter Known As
BLNTBetter Luck Next Time
BLTNBetter Late Than Never
BOLTOPBetter On Lips Than On Paper
BSTSBetter Safe Than Sorry
BTNBetter Than Nothing
BYTMBetter You Than Me
G3G One better than G2G
GR9 Better than GR8
HYFBHope You Feel Better
NBBNever Been Better
NBTDNothing Better To Do
THABTOTwo Heads Are Better Than One
TNBThere's Nothing Better
TOPPERPerson who always has a better story
TSTBThe Sooner The Better

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Top Ten most popular slang look ups today 
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7.  ONG  8.  4YEO 9.  360
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