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What does DRAG mean?

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of DRAG (DRAG acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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What is DRAG?

DRAG is "Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint" or "Dressed as a woman"

DRAG Definition / DRAG Means

The definition of DRAG is "Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint" or "Dressed as a woman"

The Meaning of DRAG

DRAG means "Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint" or "Dressed as a woman"
So now you know - DRAG means "Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint" or "Dressed as a woman" - don't thank us. YW!
What does DRAG mean? DRAG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the DRAG definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'drag':
D&DDungeons and Dragons
DBZDragon Ball Z
DKP Dragon Kill Points (MMORPGs)
Other terms relating to 'inhale':
TOKEInhale marijuana smoke
VAPEInhale vapor from E-cigarettes
Other terms relating to 'smoke':
420 WEED, Pot
Time to get high, smoke marijuana
BAKESmoke marijuana
BLAZESmoke Weed
BUNSmoke marijuana
BURNTOut of it, having smoked too much pot
CYPHTo Share A Smoke
KRAMSmoke weed
POT HEAD Person who smokes WEED
SWEDSmoke Weed Every Day
TOKEInhale marijuana smoke
TOKERSomeone who smokes marijuana
Other terms relating to 'from':
50Police (from Hawaii Five-O)
881Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation)
AFCAway From Computer
AFKAway From Keyboard
AFPAway From Phone
AFRLAway From Real Life
AFROHairstyle from Africa
ANFAWFOSAnd Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ATTYAtomizer from electronic cigarette
AUSSIEA Person From Australia
BFABBorn From A Boombox
Back For A Bit
BFAMBrother From Another Mother
BFBBetter From Behind
BFTPBlast From The Past
BLADBrother/friend (from 'blood')
BLUDMate (from blood brother)
BUTT DIALAccidentally call from a phone in your pocket
DEDDead from joy, hilarity etc
DESISomeone from the Indian subcontinent
DVDRIP Video copied from a DVD
FFFAFit From Far Away
FFL Falling From LOLing
FFTLFrom First To Last (band)
FNOFrom Now On
FRAKSwear word from Battlestar Galactica
FTAFrom The Article
FTBOMHFrom The Bottom Of My Heart
GAFIAGet Away From It All
GAFMGet Away From Me
GFETEGrinning From Ear To Ear
GOGPerson from north Wales
HAFLHeart Attack From Laughing
HFFAHot From Far Away
HIATUSA Pause From Something
A Break From Something
HTHFYSHope To Hear From You Soon
IPOD MP3 player from Apple
JAPJewish American Princess
Person from Japan
KAFMKeep Away From Me
KIWIA person from New Zealand
A small brown bird from New Zealand
LDLink Dead (Disconnection From Internet)
LFMFLearn From My Fail
LGFBLooks Good From Behind
MANCPerson from Manchester
MASH UPSong made from bits of other songs
MAUI WOWIEMarijuana, weed from Hawaii
MBFAM My Brother From Another Mother
MEXLow grade marijuana from Mexico
MSFAMMy Sister From Another Mister
NRFBNever Removed From Box
PHBPointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert)
REDNECKUnsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA
SAFMStay Away From Me
SCHEMIESomeone from a council estate
SCOUSERPerson from Liverpool
SFAMSister From Another Mister
STATImmediately (from Latin statim)
TAFFPerson from Cardiff or Wales generally
TAFWTime Away From Work
TFLNTexts From Last Night
TITexas Instruments
Rapper from Atlanta
ULTLast month (from Latin ultimo)
VAPEInhale vapor from E-cigarettes
VERLANFrench reverse slang (from l'anvers)
WDYWFMWhat Do You Want From Me?
WEFWith Effect From
WFHWorking From Home
WUFWhere are you from?
ZIMBOPerson from Zimbabwe
Other terms relating to 'cigarette':
ATTYAtomizer from electronic cigarette
CAMELBrand of cigarettes
DOOBIEMarijuana cigarette, joint
GPCGeneric Pack of Cigarettes
Get/Post/Cookie (web pages)
JOINTRolled marijuana cigarette
KOOLSMentholated cigarettes
MENTHOLMint flavored cigarette
NEWPORTCigarette brand
PINNERThin marijuana cigarette
PMCPost Meal Cigarette
SHERM Cigarette dipped in PCP
SKINSCigarette papers
TV teen drama
SPLIFA cigarette of tobacco and cannibis
ZIG ZAGCigarette paper
Other terms relating to 'joint':
DOOBIEMarijuana cigarette, joint
Split the cost
JOINTRolled marijuana cigarette
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
Image file format
ZOOTSpliff, joint
Other terms relating to 'dressed':
GQGentlemen Quarterly (magazine)
Suave, well dressed man
HOOCHIFIEDDressed Provocatively
WAVYWell dressed
Very nice
Other terms relating to 'woman':
10Perfect looking woman
BBBWBig Beautiful Black Woman
BBWBig Beautiful Woman
BIDDYGirl, woman
Young woman
BOILERUgly woman
BOMBSHELLVery attractive woman
BUREGirl, woman
BUTTERFACEA Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
BW Beautiful Woman
Black and White
COALBURNERWhite woman that dates black men
COUGAROlder woman looking for a younger man
COUGEROlder woman looking for a younger man
COWOffensive term for a woman
FOXSexy, attractive woman
HAGUnattractive old woman
HOLLAUsed by a man to express interest in a woman
HOOCHIEOver made up woman with trashy dress sense
KITTENWoman who dates older men
M4WMan looking for a woman
MBWMarried Black Woman
MOTORBOATINGNuzzling a woman's chest whilst making a noise
MUD DUCKUgly woman
MUDSHARKWhite woman dating black men
MUNTERUgly woman
NWNCNo Woman, No Cry
OLD BAGGrumpy old woman
Other Woman
Oh, Well
PANTHERWoman who likes older men
PIGEONWoman using a man for personal gain
PUMAWoman who dates younger men
RATCHETUndesirable, coarse woman
RHINOOlder man looking for a younger woman
SWANKCool, classy
Single Woman And No Kids
Second Wife And No Kids
TROUTOlder man looking for a younger woman
TWSTypical Woman Syndrome
VIXENAttractive woman
W4MWoman looking for a man
WMWoman Marine
WSMWoman Seeking Man
Wind-Up Merchant
WWWhite Widow (strong marijuana)
White Woman
YATGril, woman
Where You At?
YELLOW BONELight-skinned black woman

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Top Ten most popular slang look ups today 
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7.  DK 8.  NUNYA 9.  COA
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