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What does HL mean?

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of HL (HL acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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What is HL?

HL is "Half Life (game)"

HL Definition / HL Means

The definition of HL is "Half Life (game)"

The Meaning of HL

HL means "Half Life (game)"
So now you know - HL means "Half Life (game)" - don't thank us. YW!
What does HL mean? HL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the HL definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'half':
333Half evil
HANDLEHalf a gallon of liquor
Nickname, alias
HBPHalf-Blood Prince (Harry Potter)
MMHMeet Me Halfway
MOHMy Other Half
OHOther Half
TOHThe Other Half
Other terms relating to 'life':
1UPExtra life in a game
42The answer to life, the universe and everything
AFRLAway From Real Life
AKMLAvada Kedavra My Life (Harry Potter)
ALGAin't Life Grand
ALIHALAt Least I Have A Life
ALOTBSOLAlways Look On The Bright Side Of Life
BALLINPlaying basketball
Living the good life
BBFLBest Buds For Life
BDOMLBest Day Of My Life
BF4LBest Friends For Life
BFF4LBest Friend Forever For Life
BFFLBest Friend For Life
BFFLTDDUPBest Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
BIFFLBest Internet Friend For Life
BLDBad Life Decision
BM4LBest Mates For Life
BMFLBest Mates For Life
BMLBless My Life
Get A Life
GLDGood Life Decision
GLIRLGood Luck In Real Life
GOOMLGet Out Of My Life
HAGLHave A Good Life
HANLHave A Nice Life
HMLHate My Life
IHMLI Hate My Life
ILMLI Love My Life
IRLIn Real Life
IYLIf You're Lucky
It's Your Life
LGOLife Goes On
LILABOCLife Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
LIRLLaughing In Real Life
LITSLife Is Too Short
LMIRLLet's Meet In Real Life
LMLLove My Life
LNFLife's Not Fair
LOMLLove Of My Life
LOYOLLive Out Your Own Life
LPTLife Pro Tip
LTLLiving The Life
MIRLMeet In Real Life
MLIAMy Life Is Average
MLIBMy Life Is Bro
MLIGMy Life Is Great/Good
MLIMMy Life Is Magic
MLSMy Life Sucks
NALNeed A Life
NIMLNever In My Life
Not In My Lifetime
NSFLNot Safe For Life
OLTLOne Life To Live
PLDPoor Life Decision
QOLQuality Of Life
RFYLRun For Your Life
RLReal Life
RLFReal Life Friend
SCALLYLow life, trailer trash
SMLScrew My Life
Story of My Life
SOMLStory Of My Life
TFLTip For Life
Transport For London
TGFLThank God For Life
THUGViolent criminal
Person struggling to make something of their life
WDOMLWorst Day Of My Life
WTMLWelcome To My Life
WULLNPWishing You Long Life And Prosperity
YATLOMLYou Are The Love Of My Life
ZECHEnergy, life
Other terms relating to '(game)':
AOKAge of Kings (game)
All OK
AOMAge of Mythology (game)
AQAdventure Quest (game)
BF2Battlefield 2 (game)
C&CCommand and Conquer (game)
COD4Call Of Duty 4 (Game)
COGCoalition of Gears (game)
CZCondition Zero (game)
DDRDance Dance Revolution (Game)
DOWDawn Of War (game)
Dow Jones Industrial Average
EQEverQuest (game)
FFRFlash Flash Revolution (game)
For Future Reference
FFXFinal Fantasy 10 (game)
GMODGarry's Mod (Game)
GOWGod of War (Game)
Gears of War (Game)
H3Halo 3 (Game)
KOLKingdom Of Loathing (Game)
KOTHKing of the Hill (game)
KOTORKnights Of The Old Republic (Game)
L4DLeft 4 Dead (game)
L4D2Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
MGOMetal Gear Online (game)
MGSMetal Gear Solid (game)
MTGMagic: The Gathering (game)
MW2 Modern Warfare 2 (game)
MW3Modern Warfare 3 (game)
PQParty Quest (game)
Q1First Quarter
Quake 1 (Game)
RDRRed Dead Redemption (Game)
RPSRock Paper Scissors (game)
SCStarCraft (game)
Silent Chuckle
SOFSoldier Of Fortune (Game)
SSBBSuper Smash Brothers Brawl (game)
SWGStar Wars Galaxies (game)
SWTORStar Wars: The Old Republic (game)
TF2Team Fortress 2 (Game)
TFCTeam Fortress Classic (game)
UOUltima Online (game)
WH40KWarhammer Forty-Thousand (game)
WICWomen, Infants and Children
World in Conflict (game)

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Top Ten most popular slang look ups today 
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