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What does DING mean?

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of DING (DING acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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What is DING?

DING is "Just hit new level in RPG"

DING Definition / DING Means

The definition of DING is "Just hit new level in RPG"

The Meaning of DING

DING means "Just hit new level in RPG"
So now you know - DING means "Just hit new level in RPG" - don't thank us. YW!
What does DING mean? DING is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the DING definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'ding':
DINGBATStupid person, idiot
Other terms relating to 'just':
DYJHIWDon't You Just Hate It When...
FGJFor Great Justice
FIG JAM<-- Click To View
GJWHFGirls Just Wanna Have Fun
GOLD DIGGERPerson who loves someone just for their money
HJNTIYHe's Just Not That Into You
IJAFIt's Just A Fact
IJDKI Just Don't Know
IJGI Just Giggled
IJKI'm Just kidding
IJLI Just Laughed
IJSI'm Just Saying
IJWTKI Just Want To Know
IJWTSI Just Want To Say
J2LUKJust To Let You Know
J2LYKJust To Let You Know
J4FJust For Fun
J4LJust for Laughs
JAFJust A Friend
JAFA<-- Click To View
JAMJust A Minute.
JAPANJust Always Pray At Night
JASJust A Second
JATJust A Thought
JATQJust Answer The Question
JBHJust Being Honest
JBUJust Between Us
JBYJust Be Yourself
JDIJust Do It
JDLRJust Doesn't Look Right
JFFJust For Fun
JFNJust For Now
JFTJust For Today
JFTRJust For The Record
JFYJust For You
JFYIJust For Your Information
JGBJust Got Back
JGHJust Got Home
JGIJust Google It
JGLJust Get Lost
JICJust In Case
JICYDKJust In Case You Didn't Know
JJJust Joking
JKJust Kidding
JKL Just Kidding Loser
Just Kidding, LOL
JLMKJust Let Me Know
JLTJust like that
JLUKJust Letting You Know
JLYKJust Letting You Know
JMJust Messing
JMAJust Messing Around
JMHOJust My Humble Opinion
JMLJust My Luck
JMOJust My Opinion
JMSJust Making Sure
JMTJust My Thoughts
JNJust Now
JOOCJust Out Of Curiosity
JPJust Playin'
JPAJust Playing Around
JSJust Saying
JSMNJust Shoot Me Now
JSUJust Shut Up
JSUKJust So You Know
JSYKJust So You Know
JTBJust Too Bad
JTLUKJust To Let You Know
JTLYKJust To Let You Know
JTOLJust Thinking Out Loud
JTOYJust Thinking Of You
JTTYJust To Tell You
JTUSKJust Thought You Should Know
JWJust Wondering
JWASJust Wait And See
JWGJust a Wild Guess
JWTKJust Wanted To Know
JWTLYKJust Wanted To Let You Know
JWUJust Woke Up
JWWJust Was Wondering
LJBFLet's Just Be Friends
NMJCNot Much Just Chat
NMJCUNot Much, Just Chillin', U?
NOSANo Sir, just kidding
SICLatin sicut (just as) - apparent mistake
SNIPEBid on eBay just before the auction ends
TANJThere Ain't No Justice
YJLTGYou Just Lost The Game
Other terms relating to 'level':
.BIZTop level domain for business
.COMTop level domain for commerce
.EDUTop level domain for education
.GOVTop level domain for governments
.MILTop level domain for the military
.NETTop level domain originally for network providers
.ORGTop level domain for non-profit organizations
CHOOBHigh level player who acts like a noob
GOMLGet On My Level
SLAService Level Agreement
SLDSecond Level Domain
TLDTop Level Domain
TNLTo Next Level

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