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What does NM mean?

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of NM (NM acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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What is NM?

NM is "Never Mind" or "Nothing Much" or "No Message"

NM Definition / NM Means

The definition of NM is "Never Mind" or "Nothing Much" or "No Message"

The Meaning of NM

NM means "Never Mind" or "Nothing Much" or "No Message"
So now you know - NM means "Never Mind" or "Nothing Much" or "No Message" - don't thank us. YW!
What does NM mean? NM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the NM definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'never':
BBNBe Back Never
BLTNBetter Late Than Never
HOLLANDHope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
INKI Never Knew
INWLYI Never Wanna Lose You
LURKRead a forum but never post
LURKERForum follower who never posts
NBBNever Been Better
NCBNever Coming Back
NEGUNever Ever Give Up
NGUNever Give Up
NGUNSNever Give Up, Never Surrender
NHOINever Heard Of It
NHTBNever Heard That Before
NIAMYNever In A Million Years
NIDNever In Doubt
NIMLNever In My Life
Not In My Lifetime
NLYGNever Let You Go
NONNow Or Never
NPONever Pull Out
NRFBNever Removed From Box
NSDNever Say Die
NVMDNever Mind
NVRMNever Mind
NWLYNever Wanna Lose You
ONMOh, Never Mind
OWNMOh Well, Never Mind
TLNDTrue Love Never Dies
TTYNTalk To You Never
WNDITWBWe Never Did It This Way Before
YNKYou Never Know
YNWAYou'll Never Walk Alone
Other terms relating to 'mind':
BOOMMBored Out Of My Mind
DMDon't Mind
Doesn't Matter
Direct Message
DMIIDDon't Mind If I Do
DMMDon't Mind Me
DMTADirty Minds Think Alike
DYMDo You Mind
Do You Mean
FYMFree Your Mind
GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
IHYDMI Hope You Don't Mind
IMWTKInquiring Minds Want To Know
IYDMIf You Don't Mind
LIMMLaughing In My Mind
MSIMindless Self Indulgence (band)
MYBMind Your Business
MYOBMind Your Own Business
MYODBMind Your Own Damn Business
NVMDNever Mind
NVRMNever Mind
ONMOh, Never Mind
OOMMOut Of My Mind
OOSOOMOut Of Sight, Out Of Mind
OOYMOut Of Your Mind
OTMOf The Moment
One Track Mind
OWNMOh Well, Never Mind
PMIGBOMPut Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth!
Other terms relating to 'nothing':
AONAll Or Nothing
As Of Now
BDNBusy Doing Nothing
BLAHNothing to say
BTNBetter Than Nothing
DNDoing Nothing
IGNTSI've Got Nothing To Say
LBDNLook Busy Doing Nothing
NBTNothing But Trouble
NBTDNothing Better To Do
NOUTNothing (northern UK)
NTDNothing To Do
NTRNothing To Report
NTSNothing To Say
Note To Self
NTSHNothing To See Here
NVNGNothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
TNBThere's Nothing Better
TNLNTook Nothing Left Nothing
TNSLTook Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
VEGSit around and do nothing
YASNYYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
ZILCHNothing, zero
Other terms relating to 'much':
14344I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)
2MIToo Much Information
AMAPAs Much/Many As Possible
BBMLBe Back Much Later
BU2MBeen Up To Much?
BURNTOut of it, having smoked too much pot
DTMDoing Too Much
Dead To Me
IAWTCSMI Agree With This Comment So Much
IHYSMI Hate You So Much
ILUSMI Love You So Much
ILYSDMI Love You So Damn Much
ILYSMI Love You So Much
ILYSMBI Love You So Much Baby
ILYSMMI Love You So Much More
ILYVMI Love You Very Much
IMUSMI Miss You So Much
IMYSMI Miss You So Much
LSMIHLaughing So Much It Hurts
LUSMLove You So Much
LYSMLove You So Much
MCLMuch Clown Love
MLMuch Love
MLYPMuch Like Your Post
MUCHOMuch, very
MUSMMiss You So Much
MUVMMiss You Very Much
MYSMMiss You So Much
N2MNot Too Much
NMJCNot Much Just Chat
NMJCUNot Much, Just Chillin', U?
NMUNot Much, You?
NSMNot So Much
NTMNot Too Much
Nothing Much
SHMILYSee How Much I Love You
SMFTSo Much For That
SPINSEffect of drinking too much
TKMTe Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)
TMDDamn in Chinese
Too Much Detail
TMEToo Much Effort
TMFToo Much Forehead
TMIToo Much Information
TMSToo Much Swag(ger)
TMTToo Much Tuna
TMTHToo Much To Handle
TMTSToo Much Too Soon
TMTTToo Much To Text
TQMTe Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
TSMThanks So Much
TUVMThank You Very Much
TVMThanks Very Much
TYMThank You Much
TYSMThank You So Much
TYSVMThank You So Very Much
TYVMThank You Very Much
WMPWindows Media Player
With Much Pleasure
WTMIWay Too Much Information
WTTMWithout Thinking Too Much
YTTMYou Talk Too Much
You Talking To Me?
Other terms relating to 'message':
4CHANInternet message/image board
CYDMCheck Your Direct Messages
DMDon't Mind
Doesn't Matter
Direct Message
EOMEnd Of Message
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
IMInstant Message
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
LAMLeave A Message
LMAMLeave Me A Message
M2AFMessage To All Friends
MM2 Message Mode 2 (CS)
MOTDMessage Of The Day
Match Of The Day
Monosodium Glutamate
NEFPerson who posts pointless messages on forums
NFMNo Further Message
NWSNot Work Safe - for messages/sites containing adult content
PMPrivate Message
Post Meridiem (afternoon)
PMBPrivate Message Box
PSMPersonal Short Message
SEXTSend suggestive text messages
SMSShort Message Service
STEXTSexy text message
TEXTAn SMS message sent between cell phones
THREADTopic On A Message Board
TMText Message
Text Me
TROLLA deliberately provocative message board user
TXTSMS message
YGPMYou've Got Private Message

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