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What does NUTS mean?

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What is NUTS?

NUTS is "Crazy, mad" or "Testicles"

NUTS Definition / NUTS Means

The definition of NUTS is "Crazy, mad" or "Testicles"

The Meaning of NUTS

NUTS means "Crazy, mad" or "Testicles"
So now you know - NUTS means "Crazy, mad" or "Testicles" - don't thank us. YW!
What does NUTS mean? NUTS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the NUTS definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'nuts':
LMN Lick My Nuts
LMNO Leave My Name Out
Laughing My Nuts Off
NARDS Testicles, nuts
NUTZ Nuts, crazy, insane
Other terms relating to 'crazy':
5150 Police code for crazy person on the loose
730 Crazy
APE Mad, crazy
BARKING Mad, crazy
CAZ Crazy in a nice way
CRAY Crazy
CRAY CRAY Really crazy
CRUNK Crazy and drunk
CUCKOO Mad, bonkers, crazy
CWB Crazy White Boys
DIZZY Crazy, mad
GAGA Crazy, infatuated
GOKIL Crazy (Indonesian)
HAM Crazy
Hard As a MF
HYPH Hyperactive, crazy
LLC Limited Liability Company
Laughing Like Crazy
LYLC Love You Like Crazy
NUTCASE Crazy person
NUTZ Nuts, crazy, insane
RACHET Crazy, nasty
Other terms relating to 'testicles':
BAWS Testicles
GOOCH Area between testicles and anus
NACKERS Testicles
NADS Testicles
NARDS Testicles, nuts
TUNK Penis and testicles area


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