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What does JUNK mean?

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Other terms relating to 'junk':
· EDJEnergy Drink Junkie
· JUNKIEAddict
· TATTattoo
Rubbish, junk
Other terms relating to 'rubbish':
Something great
· PANTSRubbish
· SUCKSIs bad, is rubbish
Other terms relating to 'male':
· AMOGAlpha Male Of Group
· BASKETClothed male genitals
· BIWMBisexual White Male
· BULLERHomosexual male
· BWMBisexual White Male
Bear With Me
· CMNFClothed Male Naked Female
· DWMDivorced White Male
· GAMGay Asian Male
· GBMGay Black Male
· GWMGay White Male
· IMSIrritable Male Syndrome
· M/FMale/Female
· MAABMale-Assigned At Birth
· MANWHOREMale version of SLUT
· MBMMarried Black Male
· MCPMale Chauvanist Pig
· MFFMale and two Females
· MFM2 Males and a Female
· MGMMale Genital Mutilation
· MMF2 Males and a Female
· MORFMale or Female
· MPREGMale Pregnancy, A Term Used In Fan Fiction
· MSFMale Seeking Female
· MTFMale To Female
· MWMMarried White Male
· OPPAOlder brother, male friend
· POOFTERMale homosexual, gay man
· PUTOMale prostitute (Spanish)
· PWMProfessional White Male
· SBMSingle Black Male
· SGWMSingle Gay White Male
· SHEMALEWoman with a penis
· SHIRT LIFTERHomosexual Male
· SWMSingle White Male
· SWPMSingle White Professional Male
Other terms relating to 'genitalia':
· BOXFemale genitalia, vagina
· GEEFemale genitalia
same as OMG
· MONKEYFemale genitalia
Other terms relating to 'heroin':
· BROWNHeroin
· CHEESEDrug, starter heroin
· DOG FOODHeroin
· DOPEHeroin
Cool, awesome
· HOPHeroin
· HORSEHeroin
· SMACKHeroin
· TARNot very pure heroin
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JUNK Definition / JUNK Means

The definition of JUNK is "Rubbish" or "Male genitalia" or "Heroin"

The Meaning of JUNK

JUNK means "Rubbish" or "Male genitalia" or "Heroin"
So now you know - JUNK means "Rubbish" or "Male genitalia" or "Heroin" - don't thank us. YW!
What does JUNK mean? JUNK is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the JUNK definition is given.
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What is JUNK?

JUNK is "Rubbish" or "Male genitalia" or "Heroin"


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