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What does CFS mean?

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What is CFS?

CFS is "Covered Full Service"

CFS Definition / CFS Means

The definition of CFS is "Covered Full Service"

The Meaning of CFS

CFS means "Covered Full Service"
So now you know - CFS means "Covered Full Service" - don't thank us. YW!
What does CFS mean? CFS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the CFS definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'covered':
· CBJCovered Blow Job (with condom)
· MPCFSMultiple Point Covered Full Service
Other terms relating to 'full':
· BBFSBare Back Full Service
· FBSMFull Body Sensual Massage
· FBSTFull Body Sensual Touch
· FMAFull Metal Alchemist
· FMJFull Metal Jacket
· FMVFull Motion Video
· FOFFull of Fail
· FOS<-- Click To View
· FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
· FSBMFull Sensual Body Message
· FULL MONTYWhole way, whole thing
· GROKFully understand
· HOME BASEFull sexual intercourse
· LLTTFLiving Life To The Fullest
· MPCFSMultiple Point Covered Full Service
· NFRNude Full Reverse massage
· YFOS<-- Click To View
Other terms relating to 'service':
· BBFSBare Back Full Service
· CASClose Air Support
Confidence, Appearance, Swagger
Creativity, Action, Service
· CSRCustomer Service Representative
· DDOSDistributed Denial of Service (network attack)
· DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
Department of Health Services
· DNSDomain Name Service
Did Not Start
· DOSDisk Operating System
Denial Of Service (attack)
Dad Over Shoulder
· DSSDepartment of Social Services
· EASEnd of Active Service
· EMSEmergency Medical Service
· FREEBIEItem or service one gets for free
· GMAILGoogle web email service
· GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Services
· IISInternet Information Services
· IRSInternal Revenue Service
· ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
· ISPInternet Service Provider
· MI6Military Intelligence Service 6
· MMSMultimedia Messaging Service
· MPCFSMultiple Point Covered Full Service
· NCISNaval Criminal Investigative Service (TV show)
· NHSNational Health Service
· PBSPublic Broadcasting Service
· PSAPublice Service Announcement
· QANTASQueensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service
· SASSpecial Air Service
· SLAService Level Agreement
· SMSShort Message Service
· SNAIL MAILRegular postal service
· SP2Service Pack 2
· SSIDService Set Identifier
· TOSTerms Of Service
· UPSUnited Parcel Service
Uninterruptible Power Supply
· USPSUnited States Postal Service


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