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What does BFH mean?

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of BFH (BFH acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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What is BFH?

BFH is "Bitch From Hell"

BFH Definition / BFH Means

The definition of BFH is "Bitch From Hell"

The Meaning of BFH

BFH means "Bitch From Hell"
So now you know - BFH means "Bitch From Hell" - don't thank us. YW!
What does BFH mean? BFH is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BFH definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'bitch':
BABBad Ass Bitch
BINTGirl, tart, bitch
BMSBitchy Men Syndrome
BNBitch Nigger
BPBitch Please
BWABitch With Attitude
DBABDon't Be A Bitch
FB<-- Click To View
FBBFaceBook Bitch
FBGM<-- Click To View
FDPSon of a bitch in Portuguese (filho da puta)
FITCH<-- Click To View
FYB<-- Click To View
GBRGotta Bitch Rolling
GMFB<-- Click To View
HBICHead Bitch In Charge
HTBHate The Bitch!
LABLife's A Bitch
LLABLaughing Like A Bitch
MFB<-- Click To View
MOBMoney Over Bitches
Hostile Creature (Gaming)
PABPunk Ass Bitch
QYBQuit Your Bitching
RABRandom Ass Bitch
SBWSlut Bitch Whore
SLUBSlutty bitch
SOABSon Of A Bitch
SOBSon Of a Bitch
STFUB<-- Click To View
SUKABitch (Russian)
SWBSkinny White Bitch
WAABWeak As A Bitch
YABYou Are Banned
You're A Bitch
Young Available Bachelor
YSBYou Stupid Bitch
Other terms relating to 'from':
50Police (from Hawaii Five-O)
881Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation)
AFCAway From Computer
AFKAway From Keyboard
AFPAway From Phone
AFRLAway From Real Life
AFROHairstyle from Africa
ANFAWFOSAnd Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ATTYAtomizer from electronic cigarette
AUSSIEA Person From Australia
BFABBorn From A Boombox
Back For A Bit
BFAMBrother From Another Mother
BFBBetter From Behind
BFTPBlast From The Past
BLADBrother/friend (from 'blood')
BLUDMate (from blood brother)
BOFHBastard Operator From Hell
BUTT DIALAccidentally call from a phone in your pocket
DEDDead from joy, hilarity etc
DESISomeone from the Indian subcontinent
DRAGInhale smoke from cigarette or joint
Dressed as a woman
DVDRIP Video copied from a DVD
FFFAFit From Far Away
FFL Falling From LOLing
FFTLFrom First To Last (band)
FNOFrom Now On
FRAKSwear word from Battlestar Galactica
FTAFrom The Article
FTBOMHFrom The Bottom Of My Heart
FTFA<-- Click To View
GAFIAGet Away From It All
GAFMGet Away From Me
GFETEGrinning From Ear To Ear
GOGPerson from north Wales
GTFAFM<-- Click To View
HAFLHeart Attack From Laughing
HFFAHot From Far Away
HIATUSA Pause From Something
A Break From Something
HTHFYSHope To Hear From You Soon
IPOD MP3 player from Apple
JAPJewish American Princess
Person from Japan
KAFMKeep Away From Me
KIWIA person from New Zealand
A small brown bird from New Zealand
LDLink Dead (Disconnection From Internet)
LFMFLearn From My Fail
LGFBLooks Good From Behind
MANCPerson from Manchester
MASH UPSong made from bits of other songs
MAUI WOWIEMarijuana, weed from Hawaii
MBFAM My Brother From Another Mother
MEXLow grade marijuana from Mexico
MIRF Mother I'd Run From (opposite of MILF)
MSFAMMy Sister From Another Mister
NRFBNever Removed From Box
PHBPointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert)
REDNECKUnsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA
SAFMStay Away From Me
SCHEMIESomeone from a council estate
SCOUSERPerson from Liverpool
SFAMSister From Another Mister
STATImmediately (from Latin statim)
TAFFPerson from Cardiff or Wales generally
TAFWTime Away From Work
TFLNTexts From Last Night
TITexas Instruments
Rapper from Atlanta
ULTLast month (from Latin ultimo)
VAPEInhale vapor from E-cigarettes
VERLANFrench reverse slang (from l'anvers)
WDYWFMWhat Do You Want From Me?
WEFWith Effect From
WFHWorking From Home
WUFWhere are you from?
ZIMBOPerson from Zimbabwe
Other terms relating to 'hell':
4377 Hell in LEET
81Hells Angels (HA 8th and 1st letter)
AYYOHi, hello
BAHBored As Hell
BHBe Happy
Bloody Hell
Big Head
BOFHBastard Operator From Hell
BOMBSHELLVery attractive woman
BTHOBeat The Hell Outta
BTHOMBeats The Hell Outta Me!
BWTHBut What The Hell
CTHUCrack The Hell Up
FH<-- Click To View
G'DAYGood Day, hello
G2HGo To Hell
GTFH<-- Click To View
GTHGo To Hell
GTHOGet The Hell Out
H2IKHell If I Know
HELLAReally, very
HEYHello, hi
HFN<-- Click To View
HGBHellogoodbye (band)
HIIKHell If I Know
HNHell No
HTHHope That Helps
How The Hell
HYHell Yes
HYFR<-- Click To View
ITEAlright? (Hello)
IYAHiya, hello
JAMBOHello (Swahili)
LHLiving Hell
LHHLaughing Hella Hard
LHYWLike Hell You Will
LLHLaughing Like Hell
Little One
NIHAOHello (Chinese)
NWIHNo Way In Hell
OHIMOh Hell, It's Monday
OHNOh Hell, No!
ORITEAlright, hello
RIHRot In Hell
SLMSalaam (hello)
SLTSalut, hello
STHUShut The Hell Up
SYIHSee You In Hell
THWUTo Hell With You
WDHWhat Da Hell
WITHWhere In The Hell
WTFH<-- Click To View
WTHWhat/Where/Who The Hell
WTHAYWho The Hell Are You?
WTHCWho The Hell Cares?
WTHDTMWhat The Hell Does That Mean?
WTHIGOWhat The Hell Is Going On?
WTHITWhat The Hell Is That?
WTHIWWYWhat The Hell Is Wrong With You?
WTHRUWho The Hell Are You?

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