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What does LLAB mean?

This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of LLAB (LLAB acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

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What is LLAB?

LLAB is "Laughing Like A Bitch"

LLAB Definition / LLAB Means

The definition of LLAB is "Laughing Like A Bitch"

The Meaning of LLAB

LLAB means "Laughing Like A Bitch"
So now you know - LLAB means "Laughing Like A Bitch" - don't thank us. YW!
What does LLAB mean? LLAB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the LLAB definition is given.
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Other terms relating to 'laughing':
Big Smile
ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud
BAGLBust A Gut Laughing
CBLTHCan't Breathe Laughing Too Hard
CSLCan't stop laughing
DOFLDying On Floor Laughing
FOCLFalling Off Chair Laughing
FOFLFalling On Floor Laughing
FOMCLFalling Off My Chair Laughing
HAFLHeart Attack From Laughing
IALI Ain't Laughing
I Actually Laughed
ICSLI Couldn't/Can't Stop Laughing
KMLKilling Myself Laughing
KMSLKilling Myself Laughing
L2MSLaughing To Myself
LALLaughing A Lot/Little
LALBLaughing A Little Bit
LATMLaughing At The Moment
LAULaughing At You
LBMOLaughing My Butt Off
LBSLaughing But Serious
Pounds (weight)
LBVSLaughing But Very Serious
LHAOLaughing His/Her Ass Off
LHHLaughing Hella Hard
LILaughing Inside
LIMBLaughing In My Brain
LIMHLaughing In My Head
LIMMLaughing In My Mind
LIRLLaughing In Real Life
LISLaughing In Silence
LLAMF<-- Click To View
LLF<-- Click To View
LLHLaughing Like Hell
LLS<-- Click To View
LMAOLaughing My Ass Off
LMBAOLaughing My Black Ass Off
LMBOLaughing My Butt Off
LMCOLaughing My Cats Off
LMFAO<-- Click To View
LMFOLaughing My Face Off
LMHOLaughing My Head Off
LMPOLaughing My Pants Off
LMSOLaughing My Socks Off
LMTOLaughing My Tits Off
LOFL<-- Click To View
LOILaughing On the Inside
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LOLINGThe act of laughing out loud
LOLOLLots Of Laughing Out Loud
LOMALaughing Out My Ass
LOOLLaughing Outlandishly Out Loud
LOTILaughing On The Inside
LOVLLaughing Out Very Loud
LQILaughing Quietly Inside
LQLLaughing Quite Loudly
LQTMLaughing Quietly To Myself
LQTMSLaughing Quietly To Myself
LQTYLaughing Quietly To Yourself
LRLLaughing Really Loud
LSFH<-- Click To View
LSHLaughing So Hard
LSHICLaughing So Hard I'm Crying
LSHIDMTLaughing So Hard I Drop My Taco
LSHMBHLaughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSMIHLaughing So Much It Hurts
LSTMLaughing Silently To Myself
LTMLaughing To Myself
LTMQLaughing To Myself Quietly
LTMSLaughing To Myself
LWPLaughing With Passion
LYAOLaughing Your Ass Off
NLMNo Laughing Matter
NOZNitrous oxide (laughing gas)
OTFLOn The Floor Laughing
PIMPLPee In My Pants Laughing
PIMPLEPissing In My Pants Laughing Ecstatically
Small spot
PMLPissing Myself Laughing
PMPLPeeing My Pants Laughing
PMSLPissing myself laughing
PSMLPissing Myself Laughing
Quietly Laughing
RAWLRoll Around While Laughing
ROFFL<-- Click To View
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAORolling On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
ROFLMBORolling On the Floor Laughing My Butt Off
ROFLMFAO<-- Click To View
ROFLOLRolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud
ROLFRolling On Laughing Floor
ROTFRolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLMFAO<-- Click To View
ROTFLOLRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTGLRolling On The Ground Laughing
SLOLSeriously Laughing Out Loud
SMHLShaking My Head Laughing
TLOLTruly Laughing Out Loud
TOLThinking Out Loud
Thinking Of Laughing
Other terms relating to 'like':
420 FRIENDLYPerson who likes smoking pot
AUSTRALIAN KISS Like a FK but down under
BCE Before Common Era (like BC)
BFFLEBest Friends For Like Ever
BGLBig Game License, likes fat people
BILF<-- Click To View
BLGBoys Like Girls (band)
BLS<-- Click To View
BRODABro Who Is Like Yoda
BUTT PIRATEMan who likes anal sex with another man
CHOOBHigh level player who acts like a noob
DEALINGActing like boyfriend/girlfriend
Selling drugs
DFLIDon't Feel Like It
Enjoy, like
DILF<-- Click To View
DILLICDoes It Look Like I Care
DILLIGADDo I Look Like I Give A Darn?
DILLIGAF<-- Click To View
DILLIGAS<-- Click To View
DYLDo You Like...?
E>Heart like <3
ELI5Explain Like I'm 5
FILF<-- Click To View
FREEBSD Free Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS)
GILF<-- Click To View
GLAGGiggling Like A Girl
GLUGuys/Girsl Like Us
IDFLII Don't Feel Like It
IDLI Don't Like ...
IDLII Don't Like It
IDLTI Don't Like That
IKLYI Kinda Like You
ILF<-- Click To View
ILTI Like That
ILYLASI Love You Like A Sister
IRLYI Really Like You
IYQI Like You
JLTJust like that
LAMF<-- Click To View
LDOLike Duh, Obviously
LHYWLike Hell You Will
LICLike I Care
LIGAF<-- Click To View
LIGAS<-- Click To View
LIKE Introduction to a quote
same as UM
LILABOCLife Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
LLAMF<-- Click To View
LLCLimited Liability Company
Laughing Like Crazy
LLF<-- Click To View
LLHLaughing Like Hell
LLS<-- Click To View
LMSLike My Status
Last Man Standing
LNIBLike New In Box
LULABLove You Like A Brother
LULASLove You Like A Sister
LYLABLove You Like A Brother
LYLAFLove You Like A Friend
LYLASLove You Like A Sister
LYLCLove You Like Crazy
LYLMBLove You Like My Brother
ME GUSTAI like (Spanish)
MEETERPerson who likes to look at fat men
MEMEAn idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc
MILF<-- Click To View
MLYPMuch Like Your Post
NILF<-- Click To View
NOLYNo One Likes You
OSLTOr Something Like That
OTL like ORZ stick figure on hands and knees
Out To Lunch
OWLINGCrouching and staring like an owl
PANTHERWoman who likes older men
PLUPeople Like Us
RIYLRecommended If You Like
RLABRoll Like A Buffalo
SILF<-- Click To View
SLAPSounds Like A Plan
SLFSounds Like Fun
SOD<-- Click To View
SWEATLike, love
SWPLStuff White People Like
TILF<-- Click To View
TILIITell It Like It Is
TOMBOYGirl who behaves like a boy
TQMTe Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
VJ Video Jockey (like DJ with lights and video)
WHITEWASHAct like a white person
WILF<-- Click To View
WLTMWould Like To Meet
WYLWhatever You Like
WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark?
WYLASOMWTCWould You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment?
WYLIONWhether You Like It Or Not
WYLSCWTWWould You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
YQI Like You
Other terms relating to 'bitch':
BABBad Ass Bitch
BFHBitch From Hell
BINTGirl, tart, bitch
BMSBitchy Men Syndrome
BNBitch Nigger
BPBitch Please
BWABitch With Attitude
DBABDon't Be A Bitch
FB<-- Click To View
FBBFaceBook Bitch
FBGM<-- Click To View
FDPSon of a bitch in Portuguese (filho da puta)
FITCH<-- Click To View
FYB<-- Click To View
GBRGotta Bitch Rolling
GMFB<-- Click To View
HBICHead Bitch In Charge
HTBHate The Bitch!
LABLife's A Bitch
MFB<-- Click To View
MOBMoney Over Bitches
Hostile Creature (Gaming)
PABPunk Ass Bitch
QYBQuit Your Bitching
RABRandom Ass Bitch
SBWSlut Bitch Whore
SLUBSlutty bitch
SOABSon Of A Bitch
SOBSon Of a Bitch
STFUB<-- Click To View
SUKABitch (Russian)
SWBSkinny White Bitch
WAABWeak As A Bitch
YABYou Are Banned
You're A Bitch
Young Available Bachelor
YSBYou Stupid Bitch

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